Sister Eilynaera Willowbrook




Priestess (current), Blood Knight/Paladin (formerly)












Tarreil (father), Alyss (mother), Jaelen (brother), Ildriea (sister-in-law)


Vralia (formerly)


Aelthan (formerly)

Physical TraitsEdit

Eilynaera is quite a lean elf, though it is evident that she is developing a more muscular form. Her body is well on its way to becoming toned from her recent training. She is clearly quite young, having reached womanhood in recent years, however she has fully developed in this time, displaying ample breasts, and a generally curvy form. She stands at average height for a woman of her race. Being new around the battlefield, she is as of yet, unscarred, but occasionally has cuts and bruises.

Her face is rounded and gentle, with a button nose, and full lips. Her ears are long for her kin, and her eyes are a light jade in colour, seemingly she hasn't been as exposed to fel magic as most. Her long blonde hair hangs at her shoulders, often covering her eyes, especially when out of combat. In battle she tends to tie it back. Her eyebrows of the same colour, seem well-maintained.
Around her neck, is a silver necklace, adorned with her family crest.


Eilynaera still practices the art of tailoring, in the footsteps of her mother.


Eilynaera was raised in a humble home in Quel'Thalas, just outside Silvermoon City. Her mother was a seamstress, and made fine clothing from linens and wool. When she managed to obtain silk, or mageweave, which she could rarely afford, it was argued that she made the finest gowns in the kingdom. Growing up she often found that the talks at the dinner table often went in favour of discussing military tactics, or recent skirmishes. Her father, Tarreil, was a respected warrior of the quel'dorei forces, and his enthusiasm for his occupation had soon rubbed off on his son, Eily's older brother, Jaelen. Her brother was sure to enlist as a ranger as soon as he was able, which eventually led to him leading his own squad in the Second War. Eilynaera's father was deployed far sooner than Jaelen, however, given his wider experiences of conflict. For the most part, the men fought different battles for the duration. Upon their return both were relatively unharmed, though her father found himself with a notch cut from his left ear, courtesy of a troll's knife.

Eilynaera was, for the most part, uninterested with the fighting in the south, and instead was content to busy herself in sewing robes and dresses at her mother's side. She would go out in the evenings, to drink wine, and socialise with her friends. Being from a family of average wealth and lacking connections to higher nobility, she wasn't often invited to the balls and functions of the upper class. Instead, they would settle for the finely furnished inns of the city centre. Her curious nature and underplayed beauty, often caught the attention of the city's male inhabitants, a feeling that was sometimes mutual.

That was, until, a female elf of around her age came to her mother's small premises, to request her garments be mended. The girl, Vralia, introduced herself as a priestess of the Holy Light, and struck up conversation with Eily. The pair soon bonded when Vralia started making more frequent visits to get her clothes mended, or order new robes, finding the family's skill to be of her liking. In the evenings they would go out and enjoy themselves, while in the days, Eily often found herself accompanying the priestess to her lectures. The girls would make a weekly pilgrimage to Quel'Danas, to bask in the energies of the Sunwell, and pray to the Light. While Eilynaera never made the leap to join the priestly order, she always held the worship of the Sun, & Light, in high regard.

With the Second War over, Jae would often bring home some of his friends from within the squad he controlled, the males of which, were constantly trying to win her affection with gifts and boastful stories. The exception to this was Jae's closest friend, Aelthan, despite the fact that he would often tease her in gentle tones, and flirt with her if the pair were alone, he never pressed further with his motives. Given Eilynaera's curious nature this led to her looking for excuses to spend more time with the ranger, with the pair eventually entering a romantic liaison. Of the females, Eily only ever managed to truly connect with Ildriea, with whom she started to spend a lot of time with, be it sitting in the square deep in conversation, or enjoying the evenings, alongside Vralia. When Ildriea and Jaelen came to embark on a relationship together, it caused the girls, and the two male rangers to spend most of their time in each other's company.

Following the Scourge invasion, Eilynaera found herself orphaned and homeless, her family's small lodgings trampled into the plagued soils of the Dead Scar along with so many other ruins. In the clean-up, organised by their Prince, only her mother's corpse had been recovered. Eilynaera saw the only fate her father and Jae could have met, was the same on she saw forced upon her friend, Vralia, raised into undeath in service of the Scourge. While Aelthan managed to survive the assault, their relationship didn't. With Kael'thas' return from the cold northlands, preaching of their salvations within his grasp, Aelthan maintained a suspicious stance. Privately, he claimed that they were being decieved into joining the ranks of evil forces, much like their pact with the naga, but Eily rebuked him, accusing him of treason to the throne of Silvermoon. From there, even their friendship became extremely rocky, neither speaking to the other for a long while.

Upon the return of Grand Magister Rommath, who promised them that their "Sun King" had founded a kingdom of eternal paradise for them, he brought with him gifts, as proof of his claims. The first, were strange jade crystals with a fiery glow, which he used to light the city. In time, the sin'dorei began to notice that these strange objects, also somewhat sated the pangs of magical addiction they'd all been feeling. But even with the arcanist's reassurance, Eilynaera grew doubtful. Her once sapphire eyes, had taken on a menacing, green hue, and whenever she was around the crystals her addiction seemed to worsen. Instead, she started to lust the power they held, as did many of her kin. Her concerns were realised, when she overheard a member of the Magisterium, slurring nonsense about sucking energy from a being of pure Light, in order to power the so-called "Blood Knights" she was hearing whispers of. Swallowing her pride, she had waited at the Farstrider headquarters in order to voice her worries, with Aelthan. When they spoke, the ranger comfirmed many of her qualms, as they spoke in hushed tones, though she left on bad terms once again, branding him a hypocrite when she learned he was living with a female Master of the Blood Knight Order.

Following the second invasion, this time by their own prince, and the events of Quel'Danas that followed, Eilynaera felt a strange sensation pass over her, and her veins seemed to fill with that same warmth she had felt before, as well as power, and strength, and hope. She sensed that the Light seemed to be coursing through her body. She later found out that many of her kin had experienced the same, and in an official announcement to his people, as so many of them faithfully were now, Loth'remar declared that the Sunwell had been restored, and slowly, but surely, the rumours spread throughout the city of what had transpired there, including the sacrifice of the naaru, and the visions of Velen. But the largest thing of note was Lady Liadrin's return. With her new knowledge, and dedication, she intended to take the Order in a new direction, embracing the Light, rather than dominating it, giving various lectures on the topic. With the Order newly recruiting, due to the lack of them, anywhere but Northrend, and this new direction, or rather old one, falling into the sway of the paladin lifestyle, Eilynaera Willowbrook, eagerly enlisted.

She later investigated the death of her former lover, as part of her duties to the Order, and discovered it to be murder, orchestrated and hidden by members of the Magisterium still loyal to the deceased Kael'thas Sunstrider. She was forced to abandon Silvermoon before she had the chance to release this information, as she was being pursued by agents within the city. One night, camping close to the border of the Plaguelands, she was captured by a wandering patrol of high elves from Quel'Danil Lodge. But her life was spared as a member of their party was able to identify her; Jaelen Willowbrook. Her brother had returned to the quel'dorei holdings, in order to recruit remaining elves into the midst of the Silver Covenant, to bolster their forces in Northrend. Seeing his sister had become a blood elf, those he had grown to despise, saw his beliefs conflicted, and he took her to Dalaran with him, along with those he recruited. He helped her find a small apartment in the centre of Dalaran, where the racial tensions weren't as pronounced, and made frequent visits to her, bringing their father with him, much to all of their delight and relief, as well as Ildriea, who he was still involved with. She remained there, until the final push began against the Lich King, with her enlisting her help to the Argent Crusade as a healer.

Criminal RecordEdit

One case of drunk and disorderly.

Associated FictionEdit

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