Elani image
Elani in Zangarmarsh.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Faction Alliance
Health Healthy
Status Alive

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

A short, youthful Draenei. Elani is quite timid and almost always has a smile on her face. Her skin is a bright blue common among her people. Elani devotes herself completely to tending the sick and injured regardless of race, or background. Generally uses very limited amounts of magic in her art, she prefers to allow injuries and illnesses to heal naturally as much as possible.

Tends to stutter or mumble around people she doesn't know.


Elani is a holy priest and loathes fighting in any shape or form.


Elani does limited work for her fathers mercenary unit, generally limited to meeting contacts and tending minor injuries.


Born on Draenor shortly after the Draenei settled there, she was raised in a sheltered enviroment, after seeing an anchorite tending to a wounded hunter in the village she was raised in, Elani decided that she would follow the path of the Light and dedicate herself to the healing arts. After a few centuries of training, the Orcs began their demon influenced campaign of genocide against the Draenei, her parents Ormel and Alahnna immediatley sent her to take refuge in Shattrath city and she remained there continueing her studies until the Orcs sacked Shattrath, shortly before the battle she was sent away again, to take refuge in Zangarmarsh.

After her parents survival of the battle of Shattrath she spent months helping to nurse her near crippled father back to health, years later when the Naaru returned to the Draenei with the Tempest Keep, she was brought along to reclaim it from the Blood Elves who had stormed it. When the Draenei took control of and teleported away on the Exodar, she was there and escaped the crash relativly unharmed. However, she believed both her mother and father to have perished in the crash, and after continueing her training, sought to honour their memory by lending her healing to the new allies of the Draenei in the Alliance.

Many months later she was found by her father in nethergarde keep, and informed of her mothers death. She left the keep and began travelling with her father and seeking even further knowledge in the healing arts. On a fateful trip to Stormwind she encountered her now husband, one Daaritu Stormcaller. After months of courting the couple were married in Dalaran, by Khayri.

Elani now resides in Stormwind on a rented boat with Daaritu and continues her training as a healer.


Refuses to fight under any circumstance, uses her magic to shield herself from potential threats.

Does not hate and has in fact, treated the wounds of members of the Horde in the past. Is also extremely tolerant of Death Knights.

Is trusting beyond the point of being naieve.


  • I seek to preserve life, Demons seek to destroy it. It is in their nature, and it makes them the only creatures in existance I can truly hate.*
  • I do not see your vaunted *Glory* in battle, I see the men and women screaming, bleeding and dieing, crying for aid. I see this and I tell you, there is no glory to be had. Only misery.*
  • *Someday, I will walk the streets of Orgrimmar and wave to passing orcs, they will smile and we will greet each other, there will be no animosity. I believe this with all my heart. Peace, is within our reach. We need only take a hold of it and not let go.*

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