Name Edit

Elraynah 'Ray' Dawnmantle.

Physical Traits Edit

A tall, slender Night Elf with muscular arms and legs. The racial markings on her face appear to have had other markings tattood over them. Her silver hair tumbles down her back and will no longer cooperate when she tries to tie it back, she has given up trying to tame it and allows it be at one with the wind. She may appear hard-faced, with few smiles, but she feels that emotions should not be worn on the surface for all to see. Her facial expressions usually consist of frowns or appear neutral, without feeling.

Guild Edit

Dead of Winter Elraynah has formed an alliance with this guild, primarily consisting of fellow Kaldorei, although she still feels on the edge of things. She hopes, with time, to be accepted and be more accepting.

Occupation Edit

Priestess of Elune. Although Elraynah willingly performs errands for her Kaldorei superiors she believes that everything that is asked of her and everything that she does is guided by the hands of Elune. She is utterly devoted and can often be found deep in prayer, no matter what task she has in-hand.

Family Edit

No known relatives, Elraynah considers all of the priesthood to be her sisters and brothers.

Background Edit

Elraynah chose to tread the path of a hunter and, although she always felt something was missing, she became adept at her role. After the death of her beloved pet, at the hands of an Orc, she sank into a kind of madness and remained this way for several centuries. At the end of this dark time in her life Elraynah began to experience some very lucid dreams which roused her from her self-imposed solitude. Upon travelling to the temple in Darnassus she came to realise that the priesthood was where she belonged and she has begun her life over again, never forgetting her pain but learning to live with it.

Whilst spending more time in Darnassus she came to hear of a group of Kaldorei who wished to band together for a common purpose. She received a letter from the leader ship of the Dead of Winter and joined them at their first meeting. Elraynah shares their desire to defend and hopefully even to win back Kaldorei terroritory which has been stolen from them and wants to make her race one to be feared once again. She believes that many have forgotten the might of her people, some of those sadly belonging to her own race.

Elraynah is generally a quiet individual. She feels words are important and should not just be thrown haphazardly into the wind. There are things she would like to discuss with those that she has banded with, but is not yet ready to offer her opinions or desires to these relative strangers. She listens and takes in many of the conversations she hears over the runed bark she carries although she keeps her comments to herself.

Personal Notes Edit

Since the loss of her pet Elraynah has become increasingly lonely and as such she always seeks the company of others.

The Player Edit

My other characters are:

Hordies: Zalinjia of The Barrens - Troll Priestess, Salali - Tauren Hunter, Draaksha - Troll Priestess, Ethete - Tauren Druid, Marresh - Orc Warrior .

Alliance: Kelnairia - Night Elf Druid, Maralah - Night Elf Death Knight

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