"You insist on mastering magic, but magic is no one's slave. Treat magic as a partner, as I do, and you too may reach enlightenment."

Introduction to the Elven MagusEdit

Telling time art by scott m fischer

Telling Time by Scott M Fischer (co. Wizards of the Coast)

Elven sorcerers channel eldritch energies with nothing more but a pinch of will and inspiration, wizards are expert in ancient lore, but none of them understands magic as thoroughly as Elven Magi do. They are a product of a millenia-old arcane tradition and a natural course of developement in a society that embraces the arcane in all ways it can manifest. By combining sorcerous and wizardly abilities, the magus can empower herself in ways that leave the greatest human archmages in shock and awe.

This path that unites the sorcerer and wizard cannot be embarked just on a mere whim. Elven Magi always recruit from elves who were already devoted to study and mastery of the arcane: born sorcerers who wished to learn more about the nature of their powers and understand them or wizards who discovered innate magical ability. Whatever the cause, they are driven souls that wish no more and no less than complete understanding of magic in all its forms and traditions.

As the name implies, this path is open to anyone of High or Blood Elven heritage with a bright, open mind and a penchant of arcane. One does not need to be a full-blooded elf, mind - half-elves, and their offspring up to second generation (one-eight elven blood) have been reported to embrace the path of the Elven Magus. It is suspected that humans might be able to become Elven Magi, but few humans learn magic the elven way and even fewer have enough patience to explore both wizardly and sorcerous abilities.

The Path of the Elven MagusEdit

Elven Magi possess a fascination with magic and lore even greater than most wizards. They see arcane not as a tool, but a natural part of themselves. It is a part of the world they live in, not an implement to exploit and discard when not needed anymore. Everything they do, everything they see and everything they learn is examined and analyzed as it relates to magic first, all concerns second. Such outlook leads them to great power, but they know some secrets still elude their grasp. A side effect, oddly, is a great peace and balance of mind.

Elven magi are generalists by heart, attempting to master all schools of magic instead of just one, but some decide to devote more focus on elemental spells in order to better protect themselves and others. Still, regardless of the specialization, a hallmark of an Elven Magus are spell far more powerful "than they should be able to cast", sometimes leading to others placing him higher in the mental hierarchy than he really is.

As he progresses, the Elven Magus does not only gain understanding, expanded knowledge and sheer spellpower, but also pinpoint control of the effects of spells. A skilled Elven Magus can for example fan the flames into something resembling a dragon's breath instead of just shooting a Fireball, send a cluster of arcane missiles at once instead of releasing them in a series of pulses, or invoke Frostbolts with nothing but a word and gesture, impossible to interrupt.

Suggested Representative ClassesEdit

Mage - any spec, but Arcane seems to be most suitable

Elven Magi of The Sha’tar Edit

Edanna Kal'es

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