Elyssa Wintersbite
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Full name: High Divinist, The Lady Elyssa Wintersbite.

Other names: The Lady. Justice's hope. Light Blessed. Divine Lady. Shadow walker.

Age: Roughly 184 just moved in to her middle years.

Race : Sin'dorei


Height: 6ft3

Eyes : Natural pale green.

Hair : Long, thick and a deep cherry red, slightly wavy when wet, Either held up on her head in a bun with ornate clips, or hanging down her back, reaching almost her rear.

Body build:

Standing tall for even a woman of her kin, Elyssa looks at you with a calm and even gaze. Her light fel green eyes darting over your form as she takes in every detail.

Her skin is pale and smooth, unblemished and almost perfect and soft to touch. She hates that she is so pale, as she is quite often found blushing and her pale skin gives this away. Just because her skin is unblemished doesn't mean that this woman hasn't had her fair share of battle wounds, but that she is an exceptional healer.

On the right side of her neck is a mark, not a scar or a wound from battle, but a mark, the skin seems to pulse with a magic of some sorts, about an inch across the mark when looked at closely is made up of a coil, in the darkest red taint on her skin.

The high neck lines of her robes hide the mark from anyone, the fabric clinging to her curves as she moves, each robe and out fit that adorns her body seems to be tailored to fit her alone, proving that she either has skill with a needle and thread or the money to spend on expensively made robes.

Piercings: Her ears.


Lord Kale Wintersbite. Master Herblist - Father - Dead

Lady Jacqueline Wintersbite. Priestess of the Sun. - Mother - Dead

Brothers :

Sarcellus – Blood Knight.

Tobaz – Missing. Presumed dead.

Haleras – Working within the Convocation of Elrendar with Elyssa.

Sister :

Lyphera – More commonly known as Sethe. An inquisitor.

Son :

Decado Wintersbite - dead


Lord Lestat Seraphis Daniar. - Partner – lover.

Sorlain Amaran – Possibly her best friend, normally found bickering with one another and sometimes even fighting.


Gaiale Sun Soilder.

Occupation and Hobbies:

Elyssa is a Priestess of the Sun, and has training within the following.

Trained in :

  • Surgeon
  • Battle medic.
  • Broken bones specialise
  • Currently developing a more complex healing method. -still in test

stages. Herbal Medicine Elyssa is also a teacher, any spare time that she has she is found up at the Spire, passing on her knowledge, and teaching the novices how too use the light to heal.


  • Tailoring
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Herbs
  • History
  • Exploration
  • Hand to hand combat.

Brief History: Born in to a noble family, Elyssa would seem not to want for anything growing up. Because of this she has constantly sought to prove her self.

( to be added )

Random facts, you may or may not know about her.

  • As of late she has a huge hate for deep water.
  • She wears four simple Silver bands.
  • She tests everyone.
  • She dislikes any other race that isn't hers – this is gradually

changing thanks to the Thunder Axe war.

  • She can be quite rude and snobbish, and dislikes people that wear

next to nothing in the city.

  • Wintersbite is -NOT- her true last name. But one that she has


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