Eraluhn Are'daren the Exiled Edit

Name(s) Edit

Eraluhn 01

Eraluhn, dressed as normal.

  • Shadow Lord Eraluhn Are'daren the Exiled
  • Shadow Lord of The Shadowed Moon
  • 'The Exiled One'

Appearance and Personal Information Edit

  • Age: 28,749 years
  • Height: 7'11"
  • Weight: 472 lbs

A colossal being, standing at a height of almost eight feet, this Eredar is not to be taken lightly. Garbed in ancient necromantic jewelery, such as a necklace that features the skull of his father, and rings created from the remains of his tortured victims, the formidable appearance of Eraluhn keeps those that would dare interrupt his dark studies at bay.

Race and Class Edit

Eredar Necromancer (Draenei Death Knight by game mechanics)

Guild Edit

The Shadowed Moon

Family Edit

Historical Background Edit

(( DISCLAIMER: Once the Draenei left Argus, nothing is known of what became of the planet. This is completely fictional and is not backed up officially by the World of Warcraft Lore. I used my imagination. )) (( WARNING: Wall of text may damage eyes. Please take necessary precautions. ))

Once a notable sorcerer of Argus, Eraluhn spent most of his time perfecting his arcane arts. Amongst the city of Mac'Aree he grew, learning to live and to love as all Eredar had. Life was a dream... until that day. That dreadful day. The day Sargeras caught sight of the planet Argus... the day the entire Eredar race was doomed to extinction...

Sargeras came to the three leaders of the Eredar; Archimonde, Kil'jaeden and Velen, offering them great powers in reward for their loyalty. Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, eager fools filled with a hunger for greed and power, accepted the offer, whereas Velen who had had a vision, fled, naming his followers "The Draenei", or in this tongue, "The Exiled Ones".

Eraluhn was disgraced by how swiftly his race had collapsed. On one side he had the corrupt fools, the Man'ari, and on the other were the traitorous Draenei, who abandoned their homes. This would not do.

Eraluhn sought to rally all Eredar who had declined Sargeras' gift and had not fled with the Draenei to form his own order, The Shadowed Moon. Formed to defend the grand planet of Argus from the destruction of Archimonde, Kil'jaeden and the burning legion, their very name spelled failure.

Eager to drive the Man'ari from their homes, the Shadowed Moon sought ways to improve their abilities. Eraluhn worked a spell that could control the movements of a corpse, thus being able to raise the dead as his allies to fight back. He quickly sought to teach his allies his new found ability and, although the found it extremely disrespectful, they all agreed it was necessary to defeat the Burning Legion.

Over their many years hidden in the ruins of Mac'Aree, perfecting their talents and raising an army of many thousands, the order lost their sanity, sacrificing blood and flesh in dire attempts to extend their powers to control, manipulate and, more importantly, to create vast, imaginative flesh abominations.

Once the group believed their army was large enough, which was nearly four hundred years later, they emerged from their hidden dungeon below the great city and fought back the Man'ari Eredar. The demon's skin had changed colour, and their appearances differed from various mutations from Sargeras' gift. They fought a bloody battle, attempting to make their may to the grand central citadel of Mac'Aree.After many long, blood filled days, the Shadowed Moon emerged victorious at the base of the citadel. With only a handful of his army left, Eraluhn charged in, where he met two familiar faces; Archimonde and Kil'jaeden.

After exchanging pleasantries, Eraluhn summoned the remainder of his forces, and attempted to use a new spell he had been working on. He tried to summon the very essence of his own undead army to feed himself with energy. Shrouded in a cloak of darkness, with the tortured souls of thousands of undead Eredar swarming around him, Eraluhn tried to unleash the energy upon Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. His plan failed, and backfired.

Eraluhn 02

Eraluhn, dressed for battle.

The vast amount of energy did not kill Eraluhn, surprisingly, but rather formed a large vortex, a rift through time and space, which absorbed Eraluhn and placed him upon a grassy knoll in the middle of Lordaeron, Azeroth, thirteen years before the Plague of Undeath was unleashed.

Affiliations Edit

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