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Erenil Bloodrobe

Erenil in his Bloodrobe


Erengos 'Erenil' Degali, Advisor to Commander Roclya Te'ar Stellaflame.

Physical TraitsEdit

Shorter than most Elves and very pale as well. Erenil stands at about 5ft 6, and has blue-black hair of which the style and length vary depending on what he feels like doing with it at the time. His eyes are the familar bright green of the Blood Elves, but can become a deep blue if he decides to show them that way.

Erenil's skin is covered in bright green Runes, which are mainly visible on his hands, but are present everywhere. His handsand arms are the only place where their glow is visible, the rest appearing faintly etched in to his skin unless he charges them with fel energy.

He currently appears as a roughly 17-year-old Elf[feedback note: elves had rediculey long life spans the so he shold be about 110 if he has just recently became a adult], but has been known to revert to the closest he can get to his actual relative draconic age, which is about ten years old, while still taking an Elven form. He is actually around two-hundred and thirty eight years old.

Race and ClassEdit

A Blood Elven Warlock, as far as most can tell, but to the select few whom he trusts, a Draconic Warlock.


Obsidian Corporation. Previously Dalaran Wizard, the Void, The Hand of Dalaran and the Corrupted Hand.


Erenil is a scribe, his enthusiasm for books and knowledge showing. He is also a herbalist, a hobby that he tries to keep a secret, seeing as 'picking flowers' is not an appropriate hobby for a Warlock, as he puts it. Erenil also has an affinity for First Aid, mainly due to the years spent patching his Dad up as well as a love of cartography, mapping all of the places him and Erond have visited on their travels.

Currently, he is spending time as a Librarian for the Kirin Tor, based in the tower at Amber Ledge in Borean Tundra, overlooking his previous home of Coldarra.

Family Edit

  • Brood Parents - Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder; Malygos, the Spell-weaver.
  • Adoptive Father - Erond Degali
  • - Kaelei, Civilian of the Algarians; Vereesha 'Ree', Farstrider of Silvermoon City.
  • Brothers - Arcanagos, formerly Malygos' emissary to the Medivh; Lamino, an Elf whom Arcanagos' sould took refuge in recently, who is still counted as a brother among them; Erond Jnr, Erond's young son.
  • Cousins - Yerisormi, Azlendor and Azeral Dawnblade, Taerai, Orromis, Kamanae Duskrunner, Farlen, Keizaur, Ulas.
  • Partners - Keihran, Kaithus.
  • Children (with Keihran) - Twins: Son, Errol (Errolgos), who appears as a baby male Elf in his humanoid form; daughter Khirana (Khiragosa), who appears as a baby female Tauren in her humanoid form.
  • Children (Adopted) - Vollendar, known as 'Volley'. Ward of Erenil's partner, Keihran.
Rabbit Kan

Erenil's best friend, Dragon Slayer Kanunasó Lumanoré. Admittedly being less than his usual self...


Erenil was hatched as Erengos, twin brother to Arcanagos. The two whelplings were, at the time of hatching, unaware that during the gestation period inside the egg, they had been experimented on by Lady Sinestra, consort to Deathwing, and were actually some of the few surviving members of the Twilight Dragonflight. Erengos lived happily in Coldarra with his kind, until one day when Malygos, his brood father, was attacked by a Demon. It was then that Erengos absorbed some of the Demon's essence, causing the runes that still mark his body to manifest themselves. After this, he grew to find a latent talent for the magics of the Warlocks, rather than of Mages. This worried the Dragons greatly and he was sent to Dalaran, for the Kirin'tor to decide what to do with him.

Although it was generally decided that the Kirin'tor would need to kill the little Dragon, Antonidas kept one headstrong Archmage back after the meeting. Nozdormu was also present and along with Antonidas they sent Erond Degal to watch over Erengos, who was then renamed Erenil. Years of being hunted by the Kirin'tor and standing by Erond's side have done nothing to dampen Erenil's pacifist, upbeat outlook on life.

More recently, Erond and Erenil have returned to Silvermoon City in Quel'Thalas, where they can be found, more often than not, at the centre of the biggest crowd that is yelling about how much it wants Erond dead. However, Erenil has remained loyal to the Mage and will only ever attack someone if there is actually the risk of them killing either Erond, or much more recently, Kanunasó Lumanoré, a Death Knight whom Erenil counts as one of his closest friends. Of course, if there is one thing about this Warlock to remember, it is that he will always be civil to others, trying to make more friends and allies where ever he goes. He has even been known to greet his enemies with a smile.
Lately, perhaps only in the eyes of those who know him very well, his increasing responsibilities - being a parent to Errol and Khirana, and voluntarily keeping an eye on his friends, as well as dealing with the death of Erond and the recent trouble with his friend Orromis and Orromis' son Farlen - are taking their toll on Erenil.

Even closer to the present, Erenil seems to have relaxed slightly again. He seems happy with Kaithus, and has settled in with a new group of people whom he seems to be especially close to - Kaithus, Ash'Raum Bloodshadow and Rhori Angelus.

Family BackgroundEdit

Erenil is the adopted son of Erond Degali. The Degalis have been known for their somewhat antisocial behaviour, often being drunk, causing fights and sleeping around, as well as abusing their affinity with magic. Erond is no exception, and although he seems like an unfit role model, he has taught Erenil one thing above all else: do not copy Erond.

There is one thing certain about his famillial connection with Erond that he is certain about, and that his friends tend to have noticed. Erenil will follow Erond to the ends of Azeroth if the needs be, even if Erond should fall into the service of the Lich King or the Burning Legion.

Eren and Erond over Coldarra

Erenil in his Drake form, with Erond (Eldin) riding, shortly after they left Dalaran for the first time.

Personal NotesEdit

Erenil has a taste for Gnome, it being his favourite meat. He often shies away from his Draconic heritage, but when he doesn't, there is still no real need for concern, as he is still in his whelping stage. Erond doesn't really think that Erenil will grow out of this stage, saying that he is a 'Domesticated Dragon' now.

Personally, Erenil jokingly calls himself 'The worst Dragon ever', as he has never shown an affinity for flying, and tall heights make him dizzy. He even once said laughingly to Keihran, "What Dragon is afraid of heights? Seriously?" He has actually only flown properly twice in his life, both before he and Erond came to Silvermoon. The first was when the Kirin'Tor came close to catching them, and they ran in desperation through the Portal to the Outlands. Seeing the Pitlord that stood before them and the mages close behind them, Erond implored Erenil to try and change form and he did, flying them safely out of Hellfire. They ended up in the skies over Shadowmoon, where the mages were chasing them on Gryphons, and Erenil took a fireball to the chest, crashing to the ground.

One last note would have to be that Erenil is an utterly hopeless insomniac, to the point where he will sleep once a week at the most, and even then for only a few hours. He often uses a glamour to hide the physical signs of his fatigue, but this tends to slip whenever he yawns.

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