Ergadaar Sunpaw
Ergadaar and the tail of his tiger
Vital statistics
Title Ergadaar of Silvermoon
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Class Hunter
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Affiliation Horde
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Location Silvermoon City
Status Alive
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Ergadaar Sunpaw of Silvermoon. Of all his titles Erga loves this one the most because it shows his loyalty to his homeland and people. In Erga’s case it seems that “nomen est omen” because Sunpaw is his real last name and it suits well to a hunter.


If Erga was a human, he would be around 30 years of age.

Race and classEdit

Sin'dorei hunter.


Dragon Slayers.


Miner and jewelcrafter, a farstrider.

Physical appearanceEdit

Erga is in average height, slim but muscular the way years as a hunter and an archer can make a man. He has been said to be “pretty in manly way” and he is quite obsessed with the way he looks. He loves especially his long, thick hair which he never dyes but let it be natural blond, almost white. He usually ties his hair to keep it away from his face. His skin is pale and his eyes used to light blue before they got their green glow. Erga loves his mail armor except the helm which he never wears because it would flatten and mess his hair. When he is off duty he usually wears black and red cloth or leather clothes, sometimes also blue ones.


Erga is a joyful fellow with a good sense of humour and is always willing to help other people – if you happen to catch him when he is having a good moment. Unfortunately he has his bad moments, too. A modern shrink would probably call Erga bipolar but in Azeroth he is just moody and a little bit unstable sometimes. He is quite clever and knows himself better than he let people to know so he is aware of his weaknesses but isn’t very willing to do anything to get rid of them. He rather listens to his feelings than his common sense and that may lead him to act quite irrational way sometimes. When being worst he can be arrogant, immature, selfish and over-dramatic. He can fall down to depression, pity and hate himself and refuse to talk anyone or even to see anyone. But he can also be quite opposite and a good company with his bright nature and verbal skills, although he usually isn’t very social with total strangers. That’s more because of him being quite shy than him being actually arrogant. Erga doesn’t make friends easily due to his lack of trust to people in general but if someone manages to gain his trust, Erga is probably one of the most loyal person she/he will know. Erga can be very generous and loving but even with the person he loves most he doesn’t always hold back his moodiness and dark side.

Faiths and beliefsEdit

Erga was raised to be loyal to his family, to the royal family, to his homeland and people and that still affects him a lot. He was never very interested in magic and therefore the fall of the Sunwell and finding a new source of magic wasn’t a big deal for him. He has accepted the use of fel magic as a way to survive and green crystals floating in Silvermoon doesn’t bother him nor does his green eyes. His loyalty to Sunstriders is still strong and he calls Kael’thas as “prince”, although he sees Lor'themar the true leader of his people. Whatever happened to Kael’thas wasn’t his fault but he was forced to do what he did by being betrayed by humans and their allies. That way of thinking has lead Erga to hate and despise the alliance but also his own kinds who didn’t follow the path of becoming sin’doreis. He doesn’t appreciate the rest of the horde, either, regarding the other races being more or less barbarians in general, although he looks up to some individuals, or at least think them as equal to him. He appreciates especially Thrall, seeing him as a great war chief. Also lady Sylvanas Windrunner has his loyalty but that’s because of their families knowing each other in the past.

Erga believes in existence of gods and also the light priests and paladins use but he doesn’t worship or pray anything. As a farstrider he shares many of their ideas and grudges but he is probably too self-centered, for example, to judge actions of the Blood Knight Order. In general he thinks that his race was born to be better than any other races and therefore their actions can’t be wrong. Being part of the horde is also a way of surviving, he accepts that but he says he doesn’t have to be comfortable with it. So no-one ever hears him saying “for the horde” but perhaps “for Quel’Thalas”. He speaks perfect orcish but refuses quite often to speak it but prefers his own mother-tongue as much as possible.


Erga has no family left and he is not married but he is in relationship with a person he loves more than anyone or anything (even more than he loves Silvermoon), calling his love as “my everything”.


Erga is the youngest child and only son of Illyria and Leondaar Sunpaw, and was born after five daughters. His parents were both from noble families and their marriage was re-arranged in purpose to get a son, an heir. Erga’s parents never learned to love each other but he considers his childhood as a happy one although he was raised quite “old-fashioned” way. His parents were both magic-users and in order to make also Erga as one, his family moved from Silvermoon to Kalimdor when Erga was just a child – his father didn’t want Erga to get any bad influences from other kids but being able to learn everything from his parents.

Erga’s childhood was quite a lonely one. He didn’t have any friends and he wasn’t able to go to school. He was taught by his father and pampered by his mother and sisters, and that still affects him a lot, although the life has taught him a lot, too. He easily thinks he is better than others, he sees “a wife” as someone who fulfils man’s need and “love” something that usually doesn’t combine with the wife. In public he tries to be the way he was taught by his father but in private he can admit he hasn’t quite succeeded in living the way his father wanted him to live, especially concerning pre-marital sex and drugs.

When Erga got older he had lots of argues with his father concerning his future career. Erga didn’t want to be a priest nor an alchemist like his father had decided for him already before he was born but he wanted to be a hunter. He got along with animals and the idea of freedom he combined with being a hunter fascinated him, not to mention the fact that as a hunter he would be out of the strict control of his father. When he was almost an adult man his father sent him to Silvermoon in purpose to learn things his father wasn’t able to teach to him in his path to become a powerful magic-user, a priest. Erga hadn’t given up his own hopes and when arriving Silvermoon he never met the priest trainer but went to the hunter trainer instead. As the result of his rebellious behaviour his family didn’t contact him for few years.

First years as a young hunter were not easy for Erga. He was eager to learn ways of hunter and that was quite easy for him, being taught by an older trainer who was perhaps more father to him than his real father ever was, encouraging him and letting him to control his own life. But he wasn’t used to company of other people and he sure wasn’t ready to face people’s dishonestly and pure cruelty. He has said that he was just an innocent boy when he arrived Silvermoon but his innocence was soon gone. He was easy to fool because he didn’t expect people to behave the other way he has been taught to behave; he didn’t recognize manipulation nor pure lies in his will to believe that people were the way they seemed to be. It was a hard lesson to learn but he learned it, become more cynical, more cautious and also learned to play the same games than the others had played with him.

After few years Erga had settled to Silvermoon permanently and had learned to love the city the way he still loves it, admiring its beauty and also the imagination of the people who created it. His relationship with his father got better when he joined The Farstriders after completing his training as a hunter. His father appreciated Windrunners’ family and also The Farstrider organization and seeing his son as a part of it made him talk to Erga again, although he hadn’t given up the idea of still seeing Erga as a priest. Erga also got engaged with a woman his father had chosen for him, a girl from a noble family like Erga himself. Erga wasn’t in love with her and he even wasn’t very interested in her but thought she would be as good as anyone since he needed to get married anyway. In fact, the young couple hardly knew each other but it didn’t bother them nor their families.

All in all, Erga was quite happy with his life but it all changed when the Scourge attacked Silvermoon. Erga wasn’t there when it happened but far in the south, in Stormwind where he was having a good time with humans in purpose to travel and learn the ways of other races before settling down as a husband. It was his father’s idea and he sure didn’t have anything against it, although his father probably had meant other kind of learning Erga was actually doing. He left Stormwind before the news about what was happening in Quel’Thalas reached the city so when he returned Silvermoon thinking he was returning for his wedding there was no Silvermoon. He knew his family had arrived the city to organize the wedding with his in-laws-to-be but the only one he was able to find was the body of the woman he was supposed to marry. Erga buried her and went for searching his family, asking about them from everyone he was able to find alive and digging the ruins. After two weeks he heard a rumour that his family had survived and joined prince Kael’thas. That was all he ever got to know, he doesn’t know if it is true but he believes his parents and sister are all dead by now.

Erga had always been a little bit eccentric, due to his childhood and personality, but losing his family, home and also the few friends he had made something snapped in his head. He lost his faith and his will to live, which made him to leave The Farstriders and turn even more into himself. He didn’t see any future, he felt he wasn’t able to follow any orders or rules and the sight that had welcomed him when he had returned Silvermoon haunted him in his dreams. At his darkest moment he decided to end his life and the only thing that prevented him from doing it was the fact he didn’t figure out the best way to do it. Even when wanting only to die he loved his looks far too much to leave an ugly corpse behind.

During the years since Silvermoon’s fall Erga become bitter. He developed hate against humans and their allies which he claimed to be traitors and been causing only bad to his race. He has regrets about lots of things he didn’t do, blaming himself, for example, not being in Silvermoon during the Scourge attack and therefore not being able to help and protect the city and his family, not being able to love the woman he was supposed to marry and not being able to live the way his father wanted him to live.

Lately, during last 12 months, things have gotten better. Finding someone special to love has given Erga more faith in future and life itself. He tries to cope with his past and looks forward, and he has even joined back The Farstriders, feeling important to defend his homeland again the way he can. He can be found often in Silvermoon, walking along the streets or sitting somewhere, watching people passing by. He doesn’t seek other people’s company much but stays a bit aside, looking perhaps more arrogant than he actually is.


  • I must have a hot bath (Erga loves bathing)
  • Everybody loves me! (he actually doesn’t believe in that)
  • Do not touch my hair (hair-addicted)
  • I had to learn to cook after realizing I would never get married (he is an excellent cook)
  • Arthas was a human (about his hate against humans)
  • We must not turn our back to the other races because we can always benefit from them (tells a lot about his attitude toward the horde in general)

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