Erika Louise Fayne
Erika Fayne image
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Alliance / Stormwind
Health n/a
Level n/a
Status In training
Location Changes


Eríka (Shameless I know, but Erika was taken.)

Physical TraitsEdit

She is fairly short at 5"3' She is very pretty, her face retains no wounds or visual indication of battle. Her hair is lush blonde and falls halfway down her back. Her body is not frail, nor skinny but she is also not fat or overweight, she is a little over her ideal weight.




During her noble upbringing her tutor taught her all about herbs and the pigments they can provide for making ink to write with. She was also very adept at writing, her tutor showed her how to harness the power of words on parchment with the aid of magic. (Herbalism and Inscription in case you didn't get it)


  • Erika has a very extended noble family.
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Mother - Countess Erin Fayne (Formally Erin Hernon)
  • Father - Count Rendar Fayne
  • Brother - Kiren Fayne
  • Brother - Gar Fayne (Missing assumed alive)
  • Brother - Fredrick Fayne (Wife - Yvonne Fayne)
  • Neice - Emilia Fayne (Daughter of Fredrick)
  • Grandmother - Betrice Hernon (Deceased - Natural causes (Mother of Erin Fayne))
  • Grandfather - Franz Hernon (Deceased - Assassinated in his sleep (Father of Erin Fayne))
  • Grandmother - Illia Fayne (Deceased - Natural causes (Mother of Rendar Fayne))
  • Grandfather - Rolan Fayne (Father of Rendar Fayne)
  • Aunt - Countess Millella Fayne
  • Uncle - Count Jack Fayne (Brother of Rendar Fayne)
  • Cousin - Arnold Fayne
  • Aunt - Countess Millie Gerald (Sister of Rendar Fayne (formally Millie Fayne))
  • Uncle - Count Brovin Gerald
  • Cousin - Stefan Gerald
  • Cousin - Viola Gerald
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • (Any of these can be played by other people if they so wish?)


Erika was the fourth born offspring of Erin and Rendar Fayne. She was brought up in a noble fashion, she was privately tutored in her own home and lived in a large mansion. Her father was a hero amoung the alliance for his deeds on the frontline against the horde, he now serves in Northrend against the scourge. Her mother was the beautiful daughter of Beatrice and Franz Hernon she fell for Rendar one summer when the armies of Stormwind returned to the capital, they got married a year later and over time gave birth to 3 sons and a daughter. Erika always looked up to her 3 older brothers, they took great care of her and protected her, even when Gar disappeared one night. Kiren and Fredrick continued to keep Erika close to them. While they trained with sword and shield to follow in thier father's footsteps, Erika would be forced to watch on being told that women of noble upbringing can never be seen swinging a sword around!

Erika soon turned to her tutor for help, for she was a mighty mage and Erika knew she too could be like her brothers and fight the evils of the scourge if she was able to use magic, and so she begged and pleaded with her tutor who eventually caved and agreed to take Erika under her wing as an apprentice. After many months of extreme teaching behind her parents backs, Erika mastered the basics of arcane combat. Erika's tutor, having taught her the basics thought it would be good to send her into the world to increase her knowledge past books and words and into experience, so she can develop her skills and become powerful enough to join her brothers and father on the frontlines.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Fayne household is well recognised for its skilled fighters and beautiful women. For centuries the females of the Fayne household have grown to be exceptionally beautiful in a special way, many potential courters have sought after them but are usually chased away by the males of the household who are all trained in combat with special technique passed down the Fayne generation for centuries. The select few that serve the Fayne household are usually of the top class in their professions, the Fayne household retains it's wealth from the countless millions Rendar and his sons make from frontline combat. This coupled with the many investments they have made by hiring Azeroth's wisest market dealers.

Criminal RecordEdit


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