EvilRP is a community existent both on the Horde and the Alliance for people that want to increase the standard of evil roleplay aswell as promoting villainous roleplay. Wether it is crime orientated or politic roleplay EvilRP generally supports it. Apart from a general home for player with characters it is also a place to brainstorm about events. People are always welcome to ask EvilRP for help and ideas regarding evil character creation or lacking an antagonist in a storyplot or event. It uses a forum and channel (evilRP channel) for communication.


Standard Of RoleplayEdit

Members of EvilRP try to provide an antigonist part in roleplay. However they will try to avoid common 'RP pitfalls' such as poweremoting or senselessly assaulting or robbing others, thereby upholding a certain standard. Generally EvilRPers have a thought out character and have a good motivation why their character could be perchieved as being evil.

Promote Evil RoleplayEdit

At it's founding (28th October 2006) EvilRP members found that there was a lack of antigonist and evil roleplay. The community tries to show the fun of evil roleplay in the hopes others will be inspired to participate in evil roleplay aswell.


The EvilRP community has always had a small playerbase ever since it's founding. It is a solid group and very open to newcomers and their ideas. Once in a while EvilRP is asked to play a part in a event or story, take part in a discussion or help set up a certain project. Overall EvilRP members are, unlike their characters, kind and engaged persons.


EvilRP has no official form of membership, the channel maintains a drop-in/drop-out system and registering at the forums is not required, though appreciated. Membership is generally 'achieved' by being interested and active in EvilRP matters, such as events and working out ideas. Membership presents no special rights.

Current MembersEdit

A short list of current players followed by main characters.

  • Jil
  • Kelenar
  • Yazby

Contact InformationEdit

EvilRP uses the evilRP channel (joined by typing /join evilRP) on both Horde and Alliance aswell as a shared forum . EvilRP contactpersons are Alastor, Eyel and Sebastyn.

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