Eyel Scoffleton
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Alliance
Health Deceased
Level -
Status Deceased
Location Unknown
Eyel Scoffleton was the last line of an once proud house. Driven by his urge to reclaim his lost heiritage, he had found his path to the darker sides of life. He was one of the most influential underworld masterminds within the Alliance, shifting between political circles and criminal organisations. The man's name was but a shadow, reckognised by many, known by few. This was because of his avoidance of direct confrontations and involvement into matters. Eyel managed to hold some level of influence, either through agents or himself, in a large portion of organisations and played them out against eachother to benefit himself. He bound his loyalty only to himself and his quest to reclaim what he deemed is rightfully his. Although he was the cold, cruel businessman at heart, he had some long lost sense of honor and pride. It was because of this mangled code of honor that he thought himself better than his underworld associates, who he deemed nothing more than plain criminals.

Full Name and Title Edit

Eyel Scoffleton, former Baron of Uplands.

Background Edit

The man's history his vague and unknown. Historians are still rounding up the details.

All that is known of Eyel Scoffleton was that he was a decendant of Scoffleton line. His father, Eyan Scoffleton', used to be a proud man and was a capable ruler, although he was far from loved by the people who lived in the Uplands. There are old records found of several protests against Baron Scoffleton in Strahbrad archive. His wife, Altheala Brombourgh, was from higher standing but through, supposedly, good diplomatic relations Eyan arranged the marriage. Sofar a conclusive reason that explains why Altheala's father accepted the marriage proposal has not been found. She gave birth to two sons, Eyel and five years later Ereyan. A midwife's journal hints at the conclusion that the second Scoffleton son was unintentional.

Due to still unknown reasons the Scoffletons suddenly lost a huge portion of their wealth. Several letters written by Eyan describe the dire situation the Scoffletons found themselves in. Eyel's father had to take loans with dramatic interest rates. Around this time records show that Eyel arrived in Dalaran and subscribed to take training in the Arcane, which would have taken years of commitment. Strangly enough only fourteen months later a shipping log from a Gilneas' merchant cog shows that a Mister E. Scoofield set sail to Stormwind. Although historians are not sure that E. Scoofield was in fact Eyel Scoffleton, the similairities do rise suspicions. It is however known that Eyel stayed in an inn, not far from Stormwind, for a week, roughly two years after his acceptance at Dalaran School of Arcane.

Then it gets quiet and the trail goes cold. For years nobody hears from the oldest son of Eyan and Altheala Scoffleton, who by now, have been seperated because of the Second War. Altheala's escorted caravan is found ravaged and Altheala is missing, likely taken by Orc raiders. His father could no longer pay for the priviledge to refuse enlistment. Due to sloppy administrative work there is no way of telling wether or not Eyan Scoffleton has been killed during the war.

Twelve years later, Eyel is now around thirtyfour years old, a Goblin slavetrader in Ratchet sells a E. Scoffleton to an Ogre gladiatorschool. Presumably this is Eyel's brother, Ereyan Scoffleton, who had mysteriously vanished after his father and mother left home. In the town of Lakeshire there is an account telling of an R.S. Brombourgh taking a seat in the town's council. However the only R.S. Brombourgh known to history is Randealath Satlea Brombourgh, the brother of Altheala and uncle of Eyel and has been recorded dead for more than six years. Therefore scholars suspect it was in fact Eyel, using his uncle's initials and familyname, who took a seat in the council, although not all experts share this statement. Why Eyel suddenly switched from using names similair to his own to his mother's familyname is still unknown. One explanation would be that his mother's name held more power and influence or that using the name Scoffleton had become to dangerous.

After remerging in Lakeshire, Eyel remained surfaced, although there are no more sudden changes to his life. According to the town's registery he owned a house for nine years after moving to Stormwind. However, the last known data linked to Eyel Scoffleton informs us that he has sold and left his home in Stormwind and has, yet again, gone under the radar.

Guild Edit

Used to be an leading member of Society, although that held no In Character meaning. Has lead several crime orientated gangs and been the mind behind several cultish orders, most notably the Black Hand and the Order of the Black Sun. Eyel is used to having a leading role in an organisation. Only once did he agree to serve a master himself resulting in the founding of the Grey Lion. He has tried to unite the few crimelords and powerful cultleaders into a larger organisation, dubbed the Shadow Haven Alliance, this however failed due to disagreements and infighting between the various groups.

Current guild or organisation status is unknown.

Occupation Edit

Eyel is trained in the arts of diplomacy and negotiation. He is also a trained Warlock. Although his intial career was that of a mage, his search for power lead him to becoming a warlock.


Eyel uncovering the secrets of Ahn Qiraj with the help of mercenaries

He has become quite adept at hiding his energies from the Draenei and Night Elves who have no love for demons or warlocks.

Family Edit

  • Father, Eyan Scoffleton (missing)
  • Mother, Atheala Scoffleton (presumedly diseased)
  • Brother, Ereyan Scoffleton. Last seen at an Ogre gladiator ring.

Stories Featuring Eyel Scoffleton Edit

Eyel Scoffleton featured only in stories written by Eyel.

Quotes Edit

"The plan is simple: Corrupt then manipulate, then do it all over again."

"No 'hero' will dare to cross me, hell they don't even know who I am or what I want."

"Trust me."

"Why is it that everytime I get close to success someone thinks they can screw up my perfect plan!"

"Heroes? Only idiots are more annoying, like you screwing up my carefully planned plans!"

Alignment Edit

Eyel's alignment is Neutral Evil, leaning towards Lawful Evil.

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