Farniro Darkwind (Greatwind)
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Undead Blood Elf
Faction Scourge
Health 10000
Level 76
Status Undead
Location Northrend


Farniro Darkwind (Greatwind). The father of Crimson Greatwind was turned during the attack of Quel'Thalas. The Night Farniro, the rangers and Knights went to head off the Scourge in the forest, it the Night Farniro lost his soul. Crimson waited back home for his father very much awake in the middle of the night. Farniro returned the darkness and necromantic energies pulsing around him. Crimson did not see his father's face when this man came into his room and quickly escaped out the front window into the forest.

The boy was chased with his father yelling after him before finding a bush to hide in. Farniro leaves cursing his son before walking off in the rain. Soon after the Scourge layed seige to Silvermoon as Crimson stayed hidden in the forest, alone and scared.

Farniro arrived back at Quel'Thalas as a cultist of the Scourge, spying on the living. Until caught by Sithren Strifeheart the Blood Knight master. Sithren defeated Farniro and called upon aid of others within Silvermoon and slain him, burning his corpes near the front gates. Farniro vowed revenge that day.

Over time Farniros spirit dwelled around Quel'Thalas and his son. Attempts to posses his own son were successfull sometimes but temporary. Farniro needed his own body, eventually the Lich King answered. A few months before the attack on Azeroth by the Scourge Farniro lead part of kel'Thuzads armies into Quel'Thalas, but was held at the passageway between the Ghostlands and the Eastern plageulands by Sithren Strifeheart and Alaister Vigil. Farniro was defeated, the living he coverted into Scourge were taken back and cured of his curse.

Naxxramas vanished and arrived back in Northrend. Farniro was granted the full powers of a Death Knight, his mind became a hive of power and thoughts. The Elf was ordered to return back to the Eastern plaguelands on Archeus with Darion Mograine and the Lich King himself. Already been given knowledge of Darions betrayal Farniro pitied to the Ebon Knights from the very begining awaiting there pathetic realisation.

As the Lich King returned to Northrend Farniro stayed and recruited Knights from Ebon Hold and even some arrived from Northrend to join his army <Darkwinds Scourge>



Farniro can be brought back to life by the power of the Lich King. The best way to defeat Farniro would be to burn his body to ash's so he is forced to retreat and regenerate his power. Any other methods Farniro will return, but each time maybe weaker than the last. Who knows. The limit on the numbers of times people have killed Farniro in a row is 2.

Having a great knowledge of the Death Knights powers, his command over Ice and Unholy energies are unmatchable by any within the Scourge lower than the Necromancers of Naxxramas. Farniro's swordsmanship is excellent, priding himself in life as his best trait he has not dwindled since being reborn.


"Kneel or die, either way you shall serve"


"Pathetic living, when will they learn that i cannot be killed"


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