Farthing Dar
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Alliance
Level 80
Status Active
Location The Sha'tar RP Realm of course!


Farthing leads a pretty simple life, no parents eaten by the scourge, no criminal record. And no superpowers beyond those of a Priest. He grew up in Stormwind, but moved on to Aldrassil later to start his Priest training. The reason for starting this in Aldrassil is to many unknown.


Farthing is a freelance helper, sometimes he travels from town to town just to spread word about something, sometimes he gets called out to fight Horde and sometimes he will be ask to conquer Dungeons, or Raids!


Farthing is trained in the Disciplined way, because of the surviving techniques he learned it will not be that hard for him to get away, but a down point on this is that he has a low ability to play offensive to his attackers, that is why he usually fights together with his fellow Rogue friend when it come's to battles.


"Know your place."


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