Feanon Aza´lar Settan Kunisada.
Vital statistics
Gender Male.
Race Kaldorei.
Faction Alliance - Horizon.
Level 80
Status Alive.
Location Currently in Northrend.


Feanon Ar´d Aza´lar Settan Kunisada.


Colonel of Horizon.

Grand Master Goblin engineer.

Hunter and tracker, extraordinare.

Physical TraitsEdit

While shorter than most of his race and gender, he still possess a imposing figure to most, due to his rather muscuclar body. Though not bulky, his body still has a defined structure.

His hair is pale green to the colour, and is draped across his back like a mane, aswell as sporting a gruff beard, one which he is proud off.

He used to carry an eyepatch over his right eye, but when he realised most of the population on Azeroth ( And Draenor ) did aswell, he removed it and now carries a couple of heavily-modified Engineering googles over his forehead instead. His body is not very scarred, nor is it scar-free, his body has a few marks here and there after a life time of training and hardships.


Not much is known of the background of the ever so suspicious characther that is Feanon. Even he has trouble keeping track of when and what he has experianced.

The exact date when he was born is unknown, as he claims to be everything ranging from 1000 to more than 10,000. At the (Claimed) age of 500, he has claimed himself to be a skilled martial artist, a proffesional hunter and tracker, aswell as having himself a steady relationship with a girl named Jolarina Shadowstep. Although his joy would be shortlived, as most of his family was horribly murdered by a unknown force, as he describes it having: Fangs like sharp daggers, horns as thick as stumps and claws as sharp as ten swords.

From that moment, as which Feanon claims to be the sole survivor, he lived and trained on his own in the silent forest of what is now known as Felwood. He would continue to do so undisturbed by the flow of time until the fateful invasion of the Burning Legion, which left his homeland scarred and forever corrupted by fel magic. He met up with the forces under the command of Illidan Stormrage, and joined with them in the task of routing out the Legion out of the woods. He would continue to fight for them until Illidan himself was banished from the Kaldorei lands for his horrid transformation using the twisted Skull of Gul´dan.

After that, he travelled with the Kaldorei forces of Malfurion and Tyrande, to make their last stand at Nordrassil, the world tree. Although he was present at the battle, his contribution to the final victory was little, if naught. He had been stationed at a far outpost, an outpost where the Legion never did come upon. He could see the decent, and the defeat of Archimonde from this location, although due to the bright light coming from the implosion of the Eredar warlock blinded him for a moment, thus he missed the actual defeat.

4 Years after the battle of Hyjal.

Feanon wandered the lands, protecting it from the demons who had remained since the invasion. He tried to adjust himself to beign mortal, but it just wasn´t that easy. He had been living in an immortal stage for all of his life, and why should he give it up now? When he had heard the word of Archdruid Fandral attempting to regrow the world tree, he packed his few belongings and left for Teldrassil. Upon landing on the shores of the new world tree, he was stunned be the beauty of his new capital city, Darnassus. He was amazed about how quickly the other of his kind had adjusted to beign mortal, as if they didn´t bother with it at all.. Well, apart from the Arch druid and some other like-minded fellows.

He stumbled around the town for days, just staring at the glory of the city. He stopped briefly at Shadowglen and Dolanaar, for some meditation aswell as doing some work for the Kaldorei people. In his time in these places, he learned the tounge of the Alliance, Common. And also studied some minor history of his allies. He then took the next boat to Auberdine, where he also stopped for some time and learned about the Nagas and their twisted ancestry, an ancestry which he was both shocked, and angered to hear about.

Feanon spent about a year in his own lands, seeking to perfect his Common and his studies before even attempting to get on the boat going to the Eastern Kingdoms, the home lands of the Alliance. He would stand at the pier, watching how travelers from every distant corner of the Eastern Lands would come to see the Kaldorei society, to learn their history.

Finally, that day came. He picked up his belongings, he took all his money and bought himself some armor and weaponry, as he had heard he had to traverse the "Wetlands" before coming to the safety of the Dwarven lands. He also bought himself some warm clothing, as a dwarven traveler had told him that the nights in Dun Morogh could freeze ones eyebrows off, although he lacked such, Feanon took the precaution.

He landed in Menethil Harbor, one of the largest port cities in the world. Ships going to every direction of the world would daily pass trough here, the sights and smells hit him like a wall; How could people live like this? Auberdine was a port town, yes. But this.. There was fish in every direction, salted fish, dried fish, fresh fish. The tavern was crowded with sailors and merchants alike, while inside the tavern, asking for directions he was witness to no less than three thefts. When telling one of the local sentries, he was told that "Better yer aint seen anythin´"

He took the road by feet, traveling for days before reaching the border station of Loch Modan, where upon he stumbled across the Mountaineers, the guard forces of Khaz Modan, which he even at this day admires for the stalwart defenses, and their stout dedication to their King and country.

He only remained here for a short while, before taking to the city of Ironforge, which he simply just couldn´t stand. His first trip was 5 seconds inside the gates, before charging out: He couldn´t stand the noise and feeling of being inside a cavern. After a days spent at Kharanos, he decided to check more of the city out, even venturing as far as into the Tinker town. This technological marvel of a city block. He was dragged into the Deeprun Tram due to a march of a gnomish milita going into Gnomeregan, the gnomes lost city. And it was when he saw these train wagons, his love for engineering was awoken inside of him: Never before had he seen such love put into something so cold, and loveless. It was as if the machines was alive, willing to serve the Alliance. He was stunned at the speed they moved, but at the same time the safety they provided. A part of him wanted to destroy this abomination of nature, as it was created by the parts of the mountains. But another part of him wanted to seek the creators of this wonder, and have a long conversation about how it was built, why and the possibilites of building such trams at more sights in the world.

He then arrived at Stormwind, the human city. And saw the strong masonry of the albaster walls and the smokes rising from the chimneys all over the city. As with the other towns he had visisted, he was very intrested in the architecture of humans. It would not take long, before one of the many town cries told him to seek out a guild, to get himself onto his feets, to get himself friends in this new world.

And so he did, he spent many days and nights in the city, almost depleting all of his gold. Until, he found a man named Martin Northwall, advertising for a militia named Horizon, he spoke to the man and was ready to find out more. He was enlisted as a recruit, and meet with the Commander, named Revane shortly after.

After that, he rose trough the ranks quickly, aswell as being tested for his devotion and faith many times, until today; He now stands as the Colonel of that same milita, which he has been a part of for almost two years now, he is looking forward to seeing what the next day brings him, unlike a few years back, when he feared the upcoming day as he could perhaps fall over and die of old age.

Family RecordEdit

Hasharan Ar´d Kunisada: Father. Desceased.

Joni Kunisada: Mother. Desceased.

Tarin Kunisada: Brother. Desceased.

Ranaralia Kunisada: Brother. Desceased.

Koriala Aza´lar Kunisada: Grandfather. Desceased.

Ilaron Kunisada: Uncle. Desceased.

Jaillinaria Kunisada: Sister. Desceased.

Jolnaria Kunisada ( Former Shadowstep. ): Fiancée. Desceased.

??? Kunisada: Unborn child of Jolnaria and Feanon. Desceased/Unborn.

Criminal historyEdit

None. ...So far.


" Me? Fighting? Are you insane? "

" If you expect me to pay for that, you are gravely mistaken my friend.. "

" You. Me. My boomstick. Now. " (( Innuendo realized. ))


Feanon´s age could range anything from a few hundred years, to up to 10,000! Since he is never really clear about it.

His love for machines and technology once got him into building a blimp with a fellow engineer. Sadly, the cooperation ended after they aquired the frames needed for the engine.

His favorite food is Kimchi. He dislikes meat of any sort though.

He normally doesn´t touch alcohol. Though he seems to have developed a taste for Port wine.

He´s terrified of relationships, as all of them so far has ended in death for the other part, or long term depression.

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