Warrior of Darkness, by Thomas Baxa (co. Wizards of the Coast)

"Lord of Deceit! Lord of Lies! Kil'jaeden, with your sly skill, your dark power - my soul is yours to command! Galtak Ered'nash!"

Felsworn introduction

Fel-sworn (spelled Fel-Sworn many of the times, also called Felsworn) is a prestige class taken by some members of the Burning Legion. The servants of the Burning Legion are a myriad of darkly motivated men and women, servants of some demonic will.

The fel-sworn are those who have begun to transform due to their exposure to the energies of the Burning Legion. Their bodies have warped and twisted to take on a new shape as their souls become more and more evil. While they might start out resembling normal members of their race, their demonic features develop until they are terrifying beings, half humanoid and half demon.

Some mutations include the ability to see in the dark or breathe fire. Other fel-sworn have been known to grow wings, talons, fangs, horns, or scaly hides. Some have even grown in size.

Their ranks are often formed of former warlocks or those who have been exposed to fel poison or spells using fel energy.

The path of the Felsworn

Most of those who have become slave to the burning legion have dones so by following mystical paths that are not only perilous for one's body, but also for one's soul, as warlocks may bind them to their will and they become more twisted and more evil as time passes.

Suggested representative classes

  • Warlock - As the entire Warlock class works with Fel this is a good class for Felsworn, however, other classes might work as well

Felsworn of the Sha'tar

The names of the great.

Roleplaying tips

Remember that Warlockery and Fel is frowned upon in most Azerothian societies. If even normal looking Warlocks have to hide their activities (like the Warlock in Murder Row who only has his demon out at night), a Felsworn with mutations would have to hide even more. Showing your face in public is almost asking to be run out of town.

Get a warlock master.

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