Fingon is a (relatively) young night elf of approximately 2030 years of age. He is a pathfinder of the The Lightsworn order, and Alliance scout and marksman.


Archer Fingon

Fingon is an avarage night elf male by height (6'9"), slenderly toned and more wiry by body-type, rather than bulging with muscle, built for speed rather than strength. His long white hair is most often tied on a high ponytail. He fatures weather-beaten pale violet skin, which implies he spends a lot of time outdoors, and no notable facial scars. Sharp, hawk-like facial features. Narrow, silver eyes. Regardless of his young age, he has slightly furrowed brow, most likely due to much frowning. Thin eyebrows turn slightly upwards towards the outer ends, giving him rather severe expression most of the time.


Early life in Ashenvale and the second coming of the Legion Edit

Fingon Wolfsgrace earned his name by befriending the wolves of Ashenvale. Before that he had went by his father's name, Silvertalon. Dhaenes Silvertalon was a druid of the Talon, and his wife, Fingon's mother, Aríara Frostwing was a sentinel.
Fingon was born and raised in the woodlands of Ashenvale, where ranger Lindaar Everwander trained him to become his heir as the ranger of Ashenvale's forests. From Lindaar Fingon learned everything he knows from tracking to befriending wild beasts, and it was Lindaar who taught Fingon how to handle a bow.
When not roaming in the wild, young Fingon spent his time with the sisters of Nightseeker, Nessa and Aradhel Nightseeker. Nessa was the beauty-queen of the pair, but it was the mischievous trouble-maker Aradhel that Fingon found himself loving, even though she always dragged him along to trouble.
Two thousand years or so passed for Fingon with little trouble, until the night elves came to confront the orcs and the rest of the world outside their forests. Serving as a scout for Night elven army, Fingon saw the green-skinned monsters cut down his homeland tree by tree. But then, an enemy much more devilish made a return; the Burning Legion had come back to bring Azeroth to it's end, and Fingon's folk had to unite with foreign forces of humankind, their allies, and also the orcs to vanguish the Legion.
During that war Fingon lost his parents to the demons, becoming one of the many orphans of war. Young by elven standards but old enough to take care of himself, Fingon returned to Astranaar alongside sisters Nightseeker and young wolf Fingon had saved from the ravaged woods. Altough later on Fingon would leave from there to explore and find out about this Alliance his kin was now part of, in his heart he always felt Ashenvale was his home.

The Shadowhunters

Slowly gaining trust in humans, dwarves and the rest of the Alliance, Fingon found a home away from home in Elwynn and the surrounding lands. Learning to eventually respect humans for their hardiness and enterprise, Fingon dared to join a force called Shadowhunters, formed to fight the undead and what ever evil in Duskwood, and elsewhere. It was there where Fingon would meet the people who would affect the course of his very destiny: veteran of war hailing from Lordaeron, Grummar Firebeard, valiant knight commander Elsinor of Westfall, nimble explorer Druzius Crossfade, honourable paladin Gaebriel of Sunshine, mysterious Kenon Keshtor and many others.
Sceptic about the Light at first, Fingon eventually realized it's powers were true, and not so different from that of Elune's. Fighting in it's and his Goddess' name Fingon sunk his arrows and his blades into many an enemy, forming an efficient team with his wolf companion Rumil and Grummar, grizzled and foolhardy warrior. Never had Fingon guessed he would be calling a human being his best friend, his brother in arms.

The Burning Crusade begins and the fall of the Shadowhunters

But even darker times loomed ahead... Demons began pushing trough the Dark Portal and towards Azeroth. And at this darkest hour, Shadowhunters fell apart after commander Elsinor was called to follow a different path. Lacking a leader, the order scattered, but not it's members; by gallant Gaebriel, ever so faithful to the Light, a new order was raised, order of Lightsworn. Alas, Fingon chose different path.
His fate in the Light now lost, Fingon chose to follow Grummar, who had become bitter himself and wouldn't believe in the future of Lightsworn. After laying down the tabard of Shadowhunters and making promise to remain brothers within their hearts, Fingon nonetheless turned his back at his former friends to ride away with Grummar, their hearts resentful. In his mind, Fingon cursed the Light who's power wasn't enough to keep their band of brothers united, when in truth it was Fingon who had lost his faith.
Bidding farewell to his dear Aradhel, Fingon, with Grummar at his side, stepped trough the portal. And valiantly they fought, teaching the pawns of Legion to cower at the sight of their team. It was during those times in Outland that Fingon found Altruis the Sufferer, demon hunter who would play key-role in the next twist of Fingon's fate.

Beginning of demon hunter training

Fingon had, and still has, respect for Illidan Stormrage. Fingon can't deny his crimes, but neither can he deny that he wields great power, power he has used to fight Azeroth's common enemy. In Fingon's eyes, Illidan is a fallen hero, but hero nonetheless. Yet as Altruis and the forces of Shattrath demanded Illidan to be hunted down, Fingon had to make a choice. Fingon chose to assault Black Temple and help the broken and the draenei take back their holy place, and defeat Illidan. To this day, Fingon questions whether he had done the right thing, for turning against someone he couldn't help but admire went against what he felt was right.
His hatred towards the Legion and his naive admiration towards Illidan drove Fingon to ask Altruis the Sufferer to train him in the ways of demon hunter. Fingon thought he was willing to make personal sacrifices to become the ultimate weapon against demons. But, for not everyone sees this path as acceptable one, Fingon had to consider whether he was ready to become shunned, like the person who was his source of inspiration, in order to dedicate his life for fighting the Legion. His training and preparation continued for years to come.

Losses and regrets and new hope within the Light

After Fingon's return from Outlands, Aradhel's, who had so far been Fingon's only romance, death led Fingon to slump deeper into the thoughts of revenge. Aradhel was killed in the Eastern Plaguelands by the Scourge, and Fingon silently cried her name in the northern fields of battle in his journey to avenge her horrible death. However, Grummar is no longer with him either. With his mind rend by the moral question of Illidan's defeat, his love and childhood friend dead and buried, Fingon found himself lone and weak, and would regret turning his back at Gaebriel and the others whose faith was stonger than his. He wanted to make amends with them, but this did not sit well with Grummar who had become mad by age and constant living on strife, who knows. Grummar, calling the people of Lightsworn good-for-nothing show-offs who did nothing but parade around, doing nothing to truly fend off evil, blamed Fingon for betraying their friendship. Fingon has not seen Grummar since, but if the warrior left to fight the Scourge up north, there's little change he's alive, for there's no trace of him anywhere, no record of him in books of any Alliance army. Fingon is ready to give up searching for his friend. With new-found allies at his side, yet lonely within, Fingon has battled in the north. Against the undead stood the Argent Crusade, and many times Fingon had witnessed the power of the Light, received a reminder of it's might. Fingon's stubbornness began to crumble. So far he had sunk himself into the war, gained false solace from the thrill of battle, but upon the fall of the Lich King, the war came to it's end. There's still Legion which is all but defeated completely, but Fingon knew he had to face his own mistakes sooner or later. How ever reluctantly he admitted it, Fingon couldn't have survived without his friends in the Lightsworn at his side. Returning South, Fingon sought to re-join Gaebriel and the Order of the Golden Chalice.

The Shattering and CataclysmEdit

Much happened in the years between Lich Kings fall and the raise of Deathwing. Fingon fought many an enemy alongside the Lightsworn, whom he now calls his brothers and sisters in arms once again. Fingon's personal life was also turned upside-down by some of his new social interactions, giving his life new meanings beyond battle. This led him to re-think about traversing the path of demon hunter.

Upon the Shattering Fingon returned among his own folk, however keeping in contact with the Lightsworn was easier as well when the Order had to change their location to shores of Kalimdor. Fingon fights first and foremost for his homeland and the kaldorei people, but he keeps his Lightsworn brethren close and in his mind and his prayers.

End of demon hunter training, beginning of a new pathEdit

When Fingon's demon hunter training finally came to its end, his shan'do deeming him ready for the Binding Ritual, Fingon hunted down a specific satyr, named Phrixus, whom he knew was responsible for his father's death during the Third War. Fingon sought to force the satyr to lend his powers for him to be used against the Legion as a revenge, and bind their souls together. Fingon's old mentor and general in kaldorei forces, Ranger-General Zyer Bruin had never accepted Fingon's demon hunter aspirations, and feared Fingon couldn't remain sane if he binded with a demon who he had so much personal grudge towards to, and rallied the Lightsworn to go to Shadowmoon Valley. There they interrupted the ritual just as Fingon was about to gouge his eyes with a fel blade to gain the spectral sight, battled the released satyr Phrixus and ultimately defeated him.

Fingon was brought back to Lightsworn's base in Theramore Keep, where he recovered over a few weeks, but the whole demon hunter episode continues to be a sore spot for him, and he's not sure what he actually would have wanted to be the outcome of the Ritual and the battle with Phrixus. He then sough another purpose for himself, another calling, hoping to find his place.

Eventually Fingon chose to appeal to Zyer Bruin, asking him to become his teacher once more, and teach him the way of druids. Fingon now hopes to follow in his father's footsteps by choosing druidism over the less glorious calling of demon hunter, with Zyer as his shan'do. Fingon still utilizes all the information and skills he managed to learn during his demon hunter training, however, and wishes not to forsake his trusty bow either, nor waste his skills in bladedancing, so the amount of druidic magic he'll be able to assimilate will be little, or take very long time to gather as he seeks to upkeep his other skills as well.

TL;DR Version

Trained as a ranger to watch over the woodlands of Ashenvale. Served as scout during the Third War, and after losing his relatives in the war, traveled to Eastern Kingdoms to explore.

As he learnt to trust humans and the rest of the Alliance, he joined the order of Shadowhunters, a sect of Night Watch of Duskwood. Upon Shadowhunters disbandment, entered the Dark Portal with only his wolf companion and a human friend at his side to fight in the Outlands as a band of lone mercenaries.

Entered demon hunter training under the tutelage of Altruis the Sufferer during his stay in the Outlands.

After a relative peace was acquired in the Outlands, sailed to Northrend to serve as scout and marksman in Valiance Expedition.

As his demon hunter training continued, he re-joined his former friends from the Shadowhunters in their new order, the Lightsworn, to serve as a blade and a spy.

Fights for both the Lightsworn as well as the Kaldorei forces in the conflicts of Cataclysm, but first and foremost for his own people.

Withdrew from the path of demon hunter after the demonic binding ritual was interrupted on the last minute by his friends in the Lightsworn and his former mentor, Ranger-General Zyer Bruin. Fingon still has mixed feelings about whether quitting was the right choice.

In search for new purpose and direction in life, Fingon turned to Zyer Bruin in hopes of learning druidism from him. He's now learning his first steps on the path of druids, hoping to follow in his father's footsteps instead of the less accepted way of demon hunters.


Fingon relies on speed and element of surprise in combat. He is proficient with both bow and dual wielding swords.
He usually opens the battle with ranged attacks, preferably before his enemies can spot him. To guard oneself from ranged attacks is essential to not to die before the battle even starts.
Once engaged in melee, Fingon is vulnerable for attacks due to his light armor, but can hardly be hit by a slow opponent because of his elusiveness. Fingon's fighting style is aggressive, but if one can deflect his fast and offensive attacks, it shouldn't be too hard to find a gap in his defense and execute a deadly retaliation strike.
Fingon may underestimate his opponents and fall for a deception; pretending to get fatigued or lose one's balance and then doing a surprise attack may get him caught off-guard.
Fingon doesn't avoid using dirty tricks during a fight, so one should stay sharp to not get tripped up or blinded by dirt.

Weapons and armorEdit

Fingon wields two ethereum blades, both with slightly different enchanced qualities, named Bargain and Betrayal by himself, as well as an elven made longbow. For armor he prefers a special type of leather.

  • Bargain: A phase blade, able to surpass certain types of armor (excluding Enchanted Thorium, Enchanted Leather, Arcanite, Saronite, Elementium, Elunite, and other magically enforced materials).
  • Betrayal: Has the ability to siphon limited amount of magical energy, and unleash it back on im pact. Any type of magical energy can be drained. If siphoned amount of energy surpasses the limits of the blade, the energy is delivered in form of damage (damage type is same as the type of magic drained) at the wielder. After the blade has drained energy, it is stored within and delivered on next impact at any target it hits.

  • Rhok'Dora: For ranged weapon Fingon carries a composite recurve bow, named Rhok'Dora, "Longbow of Truth", named by himself. The bow is made from Ashenvalean yew and Shadowhorn stag horn, decorated with carvings resembling feathered wings.
  • Armor: Fingon's leather armor is crafted from warp stalker hide, providing medium protection from physical attacks and allowing unrestricted moveability. The hide has peculiar striped pattern, the coloration is dark and allows stealth in darkness, the stripes adding additional camouflage in certain natural environments. Warp stalker hide is said to retain its phasing abilities if skinned right, and after many failed attempts, Fingon finally managed to skin and sew together an armor that allows him to warp short distances and hide in parallel realms akin to a warp stalker, but this comes with a risk; staying too long between two dimensions risks the leywalker getting lost and caught between the realms forever.


Fingon, as a ranger and an elf, is well attuned to animals, and prefers to have beastly companion to support him. The beasts live half-wild, mostly providing themselves when not needed, but would come to the aid should the elf call to them, more akin to friends than pets, as is appropriate for relationship between a kaldorei and creatures of the wild.


  • Dhaenes: a goshawk named after Fingon's father, given to him by his former mentor Lindaar Everwander as hunting companion. Fingon uses Dhaenes mostly as aid for scouting and as a messenger, as well as in hunt.
  • Dora: A female hippogryph, bred and trained for war. A gift from Fingons commander, Ranger-General Zyer Bruin, who rides Dora's littermate, Drassil.
  • The talbuk

    Piercer is a feisty talbuk, thus making a perfect team with its master.

    s: During his stay in Outlands, Fingon grew fond of talbuks as mounts, gathering himself a small herdful in his stall over time. In the chaos of the Second Sundering, the herd scattered as Fingon let them free from the stables before it was flooded. Fingon managed to find Piercer, his first and most loyal talbuk, as it had returned to the ruins of Menethil to look for its master. Fingon hopes to find the rest of the herd someday, who likely now roam free in the Wetlands, if not dead. Fingon currently uses Piercer alongside Dora as a mount, depending on situation.
  • Fang: Exceptionally smart squirrel. Fingon has trained the little fellow to pick locks and steal specific things from peoples pockets on command. Fingon swears the squirrel has sense of humor.
  • Pendeormu


  • Rumil: A "Ghostpaw" alpha wolf from Ashenvale. Fingons first true animal companionship. Fingon spent time with Rumils pack before the Third War while studying their life, planning on taking one of its pups for companion, but as the demons ravaged the forests, Rumil was last survivor of his pack. Fingon nursed the wolf back to health and the two of them were partners in hunt and war since then, till the days just before Cataclysm, when Rumil died of old age.
  • Starfall: Before choosing talbuks for his preferred mount, Fingon rode the saber cat which used to belong to his mother before her death. Being a seasoned night elf sentinel mount, the feline served well before retiring.


  • "Anu'dora." (for truth)
  • "The whole world can call him a betrayer, but to me, he will always be a hero."
  • "I didn't sneak... You just didn't listen."
  • "I hate games."
  • "Did you inherit your beard from your mother?!" (Fingon and Xerm arguing)
  • "Too many mages."
  • "I'm all ears."


  • Fingon is an experienced skinner, and can also work the leathers into standard equipment. He has quite some knowledge in herbs and plants, and knows how to brew either poisons or medicines, but only of the most common sort. Fingon also has minor skills in carpentry, mostly carving small statues of little practical use, or making his own arrows.
  • Being a ranger, Fingon is an experienced survivalist and knows how to fare out in the wild. Crafting traps, tracking and killing down an animal and camouflage are his best assets.
  • Fingon can play flute somewhat, and carries with him a self-crafted wooden flute, although he rarely plays.
  • Despite his young age and exposure to foreign cultures, Fingon seeks to uphold kaldorei traditions when ever possible. He is still less traditional than most elves in the sense that he's more accepting towards other Alliance races, yet still with a lingering sense of kaldorei superiority.
  • Fingon loves seafood and enjoys fishing.

Personal notesEdit

Character soundtrack Edit

General character theme: Sonata Arctica -Peacemakerthumb|left|400px

Fingon's Burning Crusade wrap-up: Papa Roach -Getting Away With Murderthumb|left|400px

Aradhel's and Fingon's song: Nightwish -Kiss While Your Lips Are Still Red thumb|300px|left

Return to the Lightsworn: Clannad -Almost Seems Too Late to Turn


The "Sayaad" storyline:

Fingon and his father's theme/druid training theme: Lebo M -He Lives in You


Rumours and HearsayEdit

  • Fingon owns a fruitshop.
  • Fingon smokes Fel Weed with dwarves.
  • Fingon likes leatherpants.
  • Everytime Fingon smiles a gnome dies.

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