Flash-Frozen Flower.

Cold wind of the Northrend run trough her hair, leaving chilling sensation on pale skin. Telina Sunfury, also known for Argent Crusade members as 'sister Astha' walked along the road, going between Crytsalsong forest trees, hiding somewhere far away in the mountains. Wind moans were messing up with soft rustle of her cloak and robes, with quiet falling of the red-yellow leaves.

- get some...soul shards...from you..

She twitches her ears, listening to the wind – where from it brought his voice? Her slighty watering blue eyes notice something strange near the Great Tree – for some reason Ancient Keeper acts aggressive. She mounts up her riding wolf, Rynn, and heads there, now absolutely sure that wind brought words from that place. Wolf growls, making a big circle around the Keeper, before priestess lets out quiet «Ath, Rynn», making a rider to stop. Few seconds she just watches Admiral draining soul out of a Keeper, before notices that ancient creature gains more power, as it looses health – anger can make a strong even of a weak one. Astha bites her lower lip, not sure if she should help – destroying Keepers isn't something she'd like to take a part in. Quiet sigh can be heard in a while, as priestess dismounts and makes a short light pass with a hand in the air – protecting Admiral with brightly glowing shield.

- I'll heal you trough...Don't stop.

She smiles shortly, as notices his gaze over the shoulder, and continues prayers chanting – power, coming of those, appears in the World as golden light at her hands, that then surrounds Admiral with healing spell - renewing, protecting. Astha smiles again, closing eyes and fully concentrating on healing. Minute...One more...Time passing by – slowly or not, she haven't noticed. But with earth tremble under her feet, she understands that it's over and opens eyes, looking at fallen Keeper. Shakes head slightly, moving now closer to it.

- Don't you...feel pity..for it?

- Don't you ask, you know the answer...Had enough time to understand what for I feel pity and what not.

Priestess smirks with slight bitter, before bowing down and tearing off two frozen flowers – flash freeze made those to stay beautiful for an eternity..Who knows if even a sun of the Silithus can melt this ice. She carefully takes one of the flowers to robes tab, then moves back to her wolf. Only for few seconds she stops near Admiral, looking up at him with sad glance.

- Why haven't you chosen at least one of those demons...

She shakes her head then, as gesturing for giving no answer, and with quick, but still soft, move takes him by hand and leaves second frozen flower in his palm, before mounting up and riding away, disappearing in the evening mist, that came down from the mountains this time.

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