Call of Heroes Edit

For thousands of years we have been on the very verge of utter anihilation and total destruction. For thousands of years we have had to hide and find what shelter we could to live long enough to see the rising sun of the following morning. Now, the time has come to rise up and take back what was once ours; Argus. To do this, however, we first need our previous home; Draenor.

Thanks to the fellow commrades of the Alliance, we are stable and have survived, even so much as to drive the Legion back. Our heroes of the Aldor managed to push back the Night Elf Traitor, Illidan, to his Temple-Fortress in Shadowmoon and as far as we know, managed to finally slay him. As for the traitor Kil'jaeden, the Shattered Sun, aided by yet more of our heroes managed to lay siege to the Sin'dorei Sunwell and take it, back banashing him in the process. Now is our chance! Nothing stands in our way now.

To enter Argus will be a task beyond our proportions at the moment, but to begin with, we shall show the vile Demons of Sargeras' forces who is in command and who now is the master of Draenor. The Orcs turned on us in the past. The Sin'dorei took the Tempest and we only managed to escape with our lives. However, with the aid of our comrades and Heroes, we shall destory their bases in Draenor and finally take back what was ours! Hopwfully, one day in the future, we could use this as a base to find our way back to Argus... hopefully.

I call on you, comrades of the Exiled and comrades of the Alliance of Azeroth to fight against the Legion who are now lost without command! We shall take back Draenor!

OOC Edit

One night (Maybe two) where we are going to gather up and assault some of the big bases in Outland. This will include places such as the Manaforges in Netherstorm, blowing them up and killing all within. This could include laying waste to the Hellfire Citadel in Hellfire Penninsular to exact revenge on the Felblood who stabbed the Draenei in the back those years ago. This could even include a raid on Tempest Keep to finally take back the mother-ship of the Exiled ones!

Anyway, in initial ideas for the moment on maps and such, so pop me any ideas and so on and i'll get to work!

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