Frazbil Phineas Arcaneafuze
Frazbil Phineas Arcaneafuze image1
A gnome and his lab
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Faction Alliance
Health Old, but quite fit and healthy
Location His lab and home are located in the hills of Dun Murogh

A eccentic mage inventor whos age is still not really known, but we know he is very old. However he still acts as though he is twenty. Often seen Tinkering away, or talking to himself (much to others ittitation). He often gets opening annoyed when his inventions do not work. But past this he is a kind loving gnome who really just wishes to make friends in this big world, harboring no hatred for any race or anything, he is easy to talk to once you get past his eccentic exterior.

To most people he seems like you standard eccentric gnome inventor. But if you get to know him, and get to talk with him. You may realise he could be one of the smartest (but certantly not the wisest) people you have ever met. Frazbil has a thirst for knowledge that has been with him his entire life, Now peaked with the discovery of many other races and histroies.

Although he mainly focuses on technology and mechanics, he is also deeply interested in Magic, history, zoology, physics, Biology and chemistry. With his rather large home housing perhaps one of the largest libarys of the modern world. Spending most of his time, either in his lab resarching or inventing, Or out in the world studying various things and gathering new information.

Race and ClassEdit

Gnome Technomage


Although technically retired, he is always inventing or working on a new project. He also often ventures into unknown or out of the way places searching for items or information to aid him in his work.

Before the destruction of Gnomeregan, Have gathered a vast wealth by creating inventions that much of the world still uses today. Although not wanting to become famous, he sold these technologies under false names. He then served as a chef-engineer and tatictian in the alliance military. Then returned to gnomeregan, where he served on the gnome High council for several months. There are rumours he was asked to become the high tinker, but turned the position down.

Physical TraitsEdit

Although at first glance he looks venrable, withs a wrinkled face, and hardly ever walking (usally he uses his mechanostrider) he is susprisingly spry for his age, he says it is due to a rigorous daliy exercise regime, although is mostly because he is frequently running from angry robots or being caught on fire, as well as some clever magical intergration technology. He is approximatly a half inch taller then most gnomes however still complains that most tables are not "gnome friendly". He usally wares his purple bathrobe ontop of a skin tight flame retardant suit. He is always waring his "super-electro mega goggles V.296681-alpha" which grants him increased sight, such as seeing past illusions, X-ray vision and environment scanning abilities.

His neck reveals a bright red pinprick scar, caused by a serum he must frequently inject, which he guards in the small brown pouch securely fastened around his waist.


Born outside of gnomeregan, he was taken to the city on his thirty second birthday when he showed remarkable skills in engineering and magecraft. Becoming a well known inventor and scientist he worked on linking magic and technology into a harmony, rather then having them fight against each other. During a Inventors fair he met his future wife Tyi Crankspokle, when they lived many happy years together until he left to serve in the first and seconds wars, returning just before the invasion of the troggs. Although he escaped the city when the toxic radiation was released his wife was killed by marauding troggs. Driven mad by the loss of his wife and a infection from the deadly radiation. He stole a gyrocopter and flew west until he crashed in the continent of Kalimdor. After many years of living alone in the forest as a mad vagabond. Until he saw the crash of the exodar, he then traveled across the sea to azurmyst where he was caught by the draenei in the exodar. One draenei offered to care for the gnome. Listening to his madened ravings until he was able to use his skills in healing and herbalism to develop a cure for the madeness Frazbil suffered from.

Now cured from his madness, he seeks to reclaim his life. returning to his lab in Dun Murogh, far enough from gnomeregan to escape the radiation and the troggs, he seeks to compleat his half finished inventions and discover more about the world that has opened up in the recent years.

IMG 2010

The XG-Arcanon accelerator arm


A list of the many inventions Frazbil uses everyday.

Frazbils Inventions


He owns a mechannokitty named clockwork controlled using soulbind technology that he developed himself.

He is also currntly constucting a secret creature called CH-1C-43N or "cluck" for short.


Frazbils home, although mansion is probably more precise, lies in northern dun morogh, Some in the mountians between the cities Ironforge and Gnomeregan. Its exact location is known by few. Construction began in Frazbils fifties, when he grew tired of living in the hustle and bustle of Gnomeregan, so recuiting several dwarfen explorers, he found a large cave network which he dicides would be sutable.

Construction began immediately and due to Frazbil allready making a name for himself, he had enough money to carve and mine out several caves, to create a entrance hall, sleeping a living chambers and a small lab.

For the many years after that, as Frazbils wealth increased, so did the size of his home. Mining downwards using advanced technology, he constucted a lift, which connected several floors together. Including; the entrance hall, which connected to his living areas, down to his large construction lab, when Frazbil built the largest of his inventions, His libary, which holds copies of every book Frazbil can get his hands on, as well as his labatory, which has been triple titanium reinforced, and has still melted a few times. Then down too the service levels of Frazbils home, where his own Arcane fusion power system powers his home, as well as other mechanical devices, that power various ventallation, lifts and teleporters. Also in the service levels, Is a recent construction of Frazbil's one that is romoured to utalise a combination of advanced arcanegeneering, and recovered titan technology. Little is know about it, except for its name Grand Lingustical Archivium and direct intellegence System, or as he calls it, GLAdiS

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