"When faced by a multitude of assailants, the Light shall fill your blades with swiftness and purpose. As the holy Light traverses throughout the heavens with astonishing speed, so shall Her sentinels strike down the enemy in am unceasing torrent of attacks."

The words from times past rang through Gaebriel's head, in unison with the sudden axe blow that sent him reeling before crashing down on the rocky earth with a great clatter of steel. Rolling sideways grimacing with pain, he barely managed to avoid the cloven hoof crashing down only inches from his head, sending pebbles and mud flying in his face.

"The Light favours the courageous and the selfless! As a Paladin of Light you shall relentlessly throw yourself upon the wicked and the impure, no matter how numerous or fearsome! You shall stand out as a beacon of hope, defending your brothers' lives at the risk of your own!"

Gaebriel's thoughts were dragged back into reality by an ear shattering otherworldly screech. As the gargantuan felspawn lifted his massive axe high above his head, slanted eyes were blazing with fire and thick, oily smoke wreathed the abomination in a veil of darkness.

"As a Bearer of Light, you shall fear no darkness! And through despair and defeat man might struggle, a knight shall never falter in the face of the enemy! This is our Oath, this is our destiny!"

Suddenly with his last remaining ounce of strength, Gaebriel sprang up to meet the enemy head on. Gritting his teeth against the stinging pain as he raised up his bruised left arm, bashing his shield full force at the incoming fel-infused weapon as it came crashing down. The abruptness of his charge brought Gaebriel off balance as he slammed into the hulking Legionnaire, toppling him over by the weight of his armour.

"And you shall show no trepidation nor respite in administering the Light's justice upon the foul and the unholy! For you are the hope on which our kingdom is founded, the vanguard of a better age! And you shall be unwavering in your faith and terrible in your wrath!"

Both of them rolled down the slight slope, an avalanche of small rocks and sand following in their wake. Casting off his shield and gripping Holy Retribution tightly in both hands, Gaebriel brought down his blade in an arc of light, and a terrible roar ensued followed by a spraying of black ichor. Again and again he brought down the blade, until he was utterly convinced that the malicious fiend moved no more.

Panting in exhaustion, Gaebriel leaned on his sword as he struggled to keep standing upright. In the valley below, more and more twisted silhouettes was amassing, and unearthly roars echoed across the mountainsides, accompanied by the stench of sulphur and smoke.

They are coming.....

"And all of you, my pupils, know this and hold it in your hearts, for I know that this terrible day shall arrive. Know that a time will come, when you must stand as one against an implaceable foe, and all will seem lost and defeated. Now take heed, my apprentices. Now take heed in what we are and what we fight for, and by the Light, nothing shall stand in our way."

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