Veteran of The First and Second wars, Garnek Blackcrawl have had a long life full of war and battles. Now wandering the lands of Kalimdor, he wonders for ways to return the Horde to its brutal roots from the weak and soft leadership of Thrall.

Garnek Blackcrawl
Garnek wandering in the wilds of Stonetalon..
Vital statistics
Title None at the moment, was once a Grunt.
Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Rogue
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Alignment {{{Alignment}}}
Affiliation Horde
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Location The Middle Kalimdor zones such as Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains and The Barrens.
Status Alive
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Name Edit

Garnek Blackcrawl

Physical Traits Edit

Having grown his hair and beard both pretty long, their once black color has already faded and turned to gray due aging. There are small scars all around his face but nothing larger stick to the eye. The whole figure of the orc looks old and seasoned giving the first impression of a aged and tired warrior.

Race and Class Edit

Orc, Rogue

Guild/Clan Edit

None at the moment, was once a member of the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

Family Edit

None alive.

Background Edit

It is not known exactly when Garnek was born but it is known that he was middle-aged when the slaughtering of the Draenei began in Draenor. He was with the orcs to drink the Blood of Mannoroth and was turned into a mindless killing machine. After the draeneis were dealt with, the Dark Portal was opened.

Blackrock mountain summit

The Blackrock Mountain

The First & Second War Edit

Garnek was sent with his clan, The Bleeding Hollow, trough and fought in the Front lines of The First War. Not a lot of his wartime actions are known, for the orcs were too blinded by their bloodlust to remember a lot from the time period. Yet, it is known that after the fall of Stormwind he charged north under the command of Kilrogg Deadeye, The Warchief of The Bleeding Hollow Clan. The main forces left him to guard the new Horde mainbase of Blackrock Mountain. Nothing special happened during his guarding times and he was able to get good rest. The reason why he was left here was his age; Garnek was already getting pretty old and was starting to show the signs of it. His rest ended soon enough when the Horde retreated back and the whole might of the Alliance army attacked the mountain. Even tough Doomhammer, The Warchief of the Horde, was able to defeat Anduin Lothar, the Horde ultimately lost and retreated.

The Capture and The Escape Edit

After the battle, Garnek was captured by the humans and sent to north with a prison caravan. When the caravan was resting in Wetlands, a group of merchaneries attacked them and slaved the ones they didnt kill, including Garnek. Dragged into a ship, they were taken over sea to the lands of Kalimdor. Near the coast of the Barrens, a storm rised and the ship crashed, killing most of its crew. During the chaos, Garnek was able to escape to the wilds of Kalimdor. From then on he wandered around the Middle-Kalimdor until years later when he met up with the New Horde.

The New Horde Edit

Glad for at last finding other orcs, Garnek joined the so called New Horde right away. It didnt take long for him to realise the true colors of the new 'Warchief'. When the human fleets of Kul Tiras arrived and Thrall hesitated of attacking them, Garnek was sickened. Why would the humans be spared?! They hadnt spared him and his friends in the two wars for sure. Disgusted, he chose to leave the New Horde and wander the wilds once more until there would be a faction worth of joining.

Stance against The New Horde Edit

It was impossible for Garnek to understand the peace with humans, but the recent additions of the Elves and Forsaken to the Horde completed it. Now, when ever possible, he sabotages the Horde troops and operations in the Wilds. Even his hate against the alliance fades under the feelings he got against the so called New Horde.

Quotes Edit

  • "The Humans never spared any of us.. Why would I ever spare any of them?"
  • "Maybe there will be a day when I rise again as a soldier of the Horde. Maybe there will be a day when the Horde will conquer this world. This day requires a Warchief with bravery and strenght. Thrall has neither."

Trivia Edit

  • Garneks wolf, who he named Shadowfur, was exiled from its own pack and hunted away from Mulgore to Stonetalon Mountains. Meeting with Garnek there, they bonded together for their similar fates, both wandering in unknown lands.
  • His completely black armor and two daggers were stolen from a member of the New Horde before he left.
  • Garneks knowledge of the Middle Kalimdor zones are near perfection thanks to his many years of wandering. If there is a special spot somewhere in there, Garnek probably knows about it. This information has also helped him to sabotage numerous Horde operations, using hidden forest paths and so on.

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