Garrot is Kall's imp, and her favoured minion. He is mischeivous, a prankster, gambles (with Kall's money). Finds adventuring boring and would rather sit in a tavern and sleep, preferably somewhere that causes inconvenience to other people.

Speaks Demonic, Common, and a little Gnomish.


Garrot. Just Garrot. Gets named Garrot the Small by some other demons. This is not an honourary.

Physical TraitsEdit

Is, indeed, marginally smaller than most imps. Has a few less ear piercings than normal, but has a tail piercing to make up for it. Gnarled features, and the usual scrawny build.


Garrot is a demon of a fairly young age, but not a child - having first being bound into subservience about five masters ago, not counting Axel for reasons which are explained a little further down. He doesn't remember very much about his previous masters, but does know Kall is nicer to him than they were - that said, that isn't very difficult, considering who his previous masters were.

Knows that Kall's father thought he was incompetent. He knows this because, upon summoning him, the young Axel immediately banished him and summoned another. It is then coincidence that it was Axel's daughter who next summoned him.

Garrot is - for want of a better word - bullied by other demons. It doesn't really affect him on an emotional level, having no emotions; it is the cause of various scars, so he tries to avoid the Twisting Nether as much as he can, although (as all demons) he has no choice about going there when he is unsummoned. He, being small and relatively unnoticeable, is therefore generally seen in the company of Kall rather than anywhere else.

Personal NotesEdit

A minion of Kall's.

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