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Geis Archrion (G-esh Ark-ree-on), is an infamous and dangerous Sin'dorei that has threatened Silvermoon and many organisations in the past. He grew to fame through being a significant leader in the chaotic organisation known as The Essence, lead by Monor 'Argendor' Felnor, where he lead a life of murder, villainy and power. Once The Essence had collapsed, Geis gathered the remaining members who would stand by him and aimed to continue The Essence's legacy as the Remnants of the Essence, but under different circumstances in order to bring The Essence's name to its true recognition in the eyes of Azeroth, and protect his growing family and devoted members.

Geis is extremely skilled in combat and stealth assassination. His talents grew from developing it from when he was young, living in the gutter streets of Quel'thalas. His weapons are two large daggers and is also proficient wit his fists and throwing knives. In gaining more power and skill in the art of the rogue,he learned to adapt to the shadows, disappearing into them completely and eventually gaining the skill to move through the shadows at will, even to translocate with ease; such talents have been what have kept him from capture and death for so long.

Geis' passion is in engineering. Having no talent for magic he researched into the newly found artform of mechanics and explosives. It is a skill he has developed well over the years, and can craft a large assortment of devices to benefit him in battle and in his travels. It is not known to many people that he also enjoys riddles and puzzles.

Appearance Edit

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Geis Archrion

Geis is infamously known to dress in slick black leather armour, tinted with a dazzling green from his Essence tabard. His hair is distinctively white with dynamic spikes, and the only visible part of his face is his stern green eyes, that echo the green highlight of his tabard. He wears a black mask at all times, unless a set of goggles, and is rarely sighted without it other than those he is close to. His build is well kept, displaying good muscle in his upper body and arms, as well as good tone in his legs. His gear is completely in his comfort with everything right where he wants it. His daggers remain latched to each hip, ready to be quickly drawn in defence or attack. He holsters sets of small throwing knives in his leg armour, just at his thighs; also on his belt he carries an assortment of tools, such as lockpicking devices and an army knife.

Geis Stalking

Geis' voice is manly and gruff, not always speaking plainly but describes in a rational yet sometimes cryptic manner. He often speaks firmly and with confidence, particularly to his inferiors, and doesn't often raise his voice but does so when enraged in some manner. Hidden by his armour he carries some life scars, the most notable being in the centre of his chest, and a long one running across his belly.

Guilds Edit

The Essence

Remnants of the Essence

Occupation Edit

Former officer of criminal organisation, The Essence.

Former leader of the underground organisation, Remnants of The Essence..

Now works primarily as an individual assassin.

Benefactor for a number of bars housing illegal activities.

Family Edit

Mother - Lutecia Lightbrooke (deceased)

Father -

Wife - Achaia Archrion (deceased)

Sons - Zoah Archrion, Kyoto Archrion

Daughters - Sorienna Archrion, Xai Archrion-Greatwind

Background Edit

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Realm History Edit

Criminal Record Edit

Imprisonment on five occassions, twice under Arcane Stasis, for charges throughout life of -

Serial murder

Conspiracy to murder and torture

Geis in Stasis 2

Geis under Arcane Stasis

Conspiracy to create weapons of mass destruction

High ranking organiser of infamous underground group, The Essence

Corruption of justice


Grand theft


Grievous Bodily Harm


Mana bomb schematic

Mana Bomb Schematic

Defilement of property


Trade of illegal substances

Resisting Authorities

Events ParticipatedEdit

The Captured Exarch

The End of The Essence

Warsong Defensive

Fiction Edit

Black Feather

The Disappearance of Geis Archrion

The Battle-Mage

Themes Edit

main theme: Nikopol - Iwasaki Tarou