Krell Frosthorn looked back upon the refugees he would cross the wastes of Northrend with, a group of ten of his own. Taunka. They were each given some form of weapon to defend themselves with, though none of them were particularly trained in battle they were all simple travelers leaving their village in the mountains of the Fjord to join the others in the camp in Dragonblight. The walk through the Grizzly Hills would take sometime but it was at least fairly safe. If any true danger came it would be upon Krell to do the most damage. He snorted and a puff of visible air came from his large nostrils. A calf ran up to him and grinned, it warmed his heart to see the young.

He quickly counted them again, and motioned of movement. The pack Kodos were placed in the center and the three calves were placed on one. There were four women, each carrying an ax fashioned from stone and wood and three men carrying large maces of wood. Krell himself carried his ancient spear, he held it for many years, it had tasted the blood of many foul creatures he prayed to the spirits of the forests that he would not need it today. The walk was long, and one of the younger ones was complaining about being hungry. Krell motioned a halt and went to find the kodo carrying the food supplies. It was gone. "Why did no one tell me?" Krell demanded his old voice calm and disciplined. "We- we saw nothing, sir." One of the women said, he recognized her as Haun her husband was a Shaman and was lost in a battle with the Scourge her daughter was one of the children riding the only kodo they had now. "Ronic," Krell summoned the fastest of the young males, a thin brown furred Taunka "Search for the missing Kodo it can not be far" and the boy went off.

Hours past and there was no sign of either the Kodo or Ronic. Reluctantly Krell ordered the party to move again, now with only nine. He prayed for the soul of Ronic. There was a noise in the forest, off the path and Krell tightened his grip on the Spear. They sped up now, knowing that there was danger. Krell turned his head to check on the party and noticed an other was missing. An other male. "Wh-Where is Korin?" Krell asked, there was no answer "By the Spirits, we have lost two good men and all our food for this journey already!" He shook his mane furiously "We must hurry before nightfall" again he heard a noise in the forest. An evil spirit perhaps? A ghost of one of the evil Giants.

Krell ordered they stop again, they found a bush containing some edible berries and told the remaining party to eat. Checking the group Krell noticed something horrifying. Two children were missing and so was the last of the men. The group panicked, no one had seen them leave, or cry out in pain. The children did not step off the Kodo. It was a mystery. Haun reassured the other women, and encouraged them to be on their guard, it would not of been easy for her to be so positive, her daughter was one of the missing children.

The calf Krell had seen at the start of their journey stood at his side. Krell now walked with the party in front of him, he would notice something this time. They stopped again to rest, they drank from a stream. There was flash of light, something shiny caught the light and one of the women fell to the ground bleeding. Krell examined her and noticed a star shaped weapon in her neck. "Be on Guard!" the three other women stood in position for battle. Something dropped from a nearby tree. Killed two of the women in a single strike of her round blade. She was elf. Krell ran and tackled her to the ground. He was ready to kill her. She vanished. Before his very eyes she was there, and then she wasn't. Krell knew she was still there. "Haun, take the child and continue... Haun?!" it was then he realized he was alone in the forest. The child was gone and as was Haun.

Krell waited for a while and decided he must of chased the woman off. Cowardice, killing innocents. Krell heard a twig break behind him and he turned lashing out with his spear. At nothing. He turned around, she was out there. An arrow flew and hit his spear sending the metal head flying. And before he could even turn he felt something sharp hit his back. He fell to the ground and faced the elf as he lay on his back. She grinned and vanished again. Leaving him bleeding in the dirt.

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