Giszle Grish VanWheelz
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Faction Alliance
Health Feeling good
Level 49
Status Alive
Location Southshore
Giszle G. VanWheelz is one of the most dubious characters to be found in the criminal underworld. The Gnome has had a few strange career movements in the past going from guardsman to assassin to trader. His appearance into the criminal scene began with the forming off a brotherhood for thieves, after some small successes, such as robbing a Gnomish bank, the brotherhood was disolved and Giszle went his own way again. His current occupation is unknown, though it will be without a doubt be lucrative.

Background Edit

Giszle Grish VanWheelz, born Giszlebeard Ammeckle Orpheutin Troglin Grish VanWheelz - Coppertwist, is the part of the VanWeelz - Coppertwist family, responsible for designing and manufacturing a large portion of the Alliance's warmachines. His mother, Ingotte "Lefty" VanWheelz, was the sister of the celebrated Head Engineer and Mekgineer Gingle Brattle Unti VanWheelz, owner of the family's enterprise. At his birth Giszle was destined to become new leader of the family firm. However Giszle didn't inherit the engineering capabilities his mother and her family had and wasn't really interested in a life in the tinkering industry. Giszle took a liking to his father Grum Coppertwist, who had been enlisted to fight for the Alliance and had a adventurous spirit. Although the VanWheelz family could have easily paid off the enlistment duty for Grum, as had happened for Giszle, Gingle didn't saw it fit to pay for a non-VanWheelz. Four months later news arrived that Grum was killed in the line of duty. Giszle still holds a grudge against his uncle and uses the name Gingle whenever he commits a public crime.

The Invation Of The Troggs Edit

With the attack of the Troggs Giszle's carefully planned future shattered apart. (The evacuation of Gnomeregan). Due to miscommunication, not partially due to Giszle himself, most of the VanWheelz family members were not aware of the posionous gasses that were released into the city of Gnomeregan. Giszle managed to escape the city without becomming infected and turning into a Leper Gnome. By not alerting his relatives to the incoming danger he had also sealed the fate of his mother. Although the fate of his family is unsure Giszle has never forgiven himself.

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