Glanac Ironheart "The Green Bard of Thelsamar"

Physical TraitsEdit

Glanac has a mithril grey beard, a crooked nose and bushy eyebrows.

Race and ClassEdit

Dwarf paladin


Stonefoot Clan


Previously a trader who travelled between Khaz Modan and Quel'thalas, Glanac retired from the old trade routes as a result of the Third War. Marrying his long time trading companion, Beldora, he and his new wife settled in Thelsamar.

Gradually, he has taken up blacksmithing and begun the long path towards becoming a Grand Master armoursmith. Passionate about armour, he hoards as much of it as he can in his private vault. Occasionally he reconnects with his trader heritage and sells pieces to those he deems fit.

Nevertheless, Glanac is a bard, first and foremost, and relishes the opportunity to spin his craft in front of a friendly, attentive audience. Some of his more popular ballads include Hogger is mine! and the Fishmonger's Wife, although Glanac currently considers Escape from Blackrock Depths his crowning achievement.


Beldora (wife)


Summary of your personal history.

Criminal RecordEdit

Currently a fugitive of Shadowforge City.

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