Character Background Edit

Full Name and Title Edit

Glenin Boomsprocket

Occupation Edit

Hired Assasain

Guild Edit

Deadly Aces

Family Edit

Glenin has no known living family.

Character History Edit

Glenin was born, like most Gnomes, in the city of Gnomeregan and was orphaned soon after his birth. Glenin had a rough childhod, living as a pickpocket on the city streets. During the Trogg invasion Glenin took the earliest possible escape route and hijacked a gyrocopter, using it as a swift means to escape from the city. Glenin spent nearly four years in Ironforge until the Dwarven city gaurd caught up with him and he was driven out of the city. Recently, Glenin hs been trained as an assasain and has joined the Deadly Aces.

Physicail Traits Edit

Height Edit

Glenin stands at just above three feet tall.

Weight Edit

Glenin weighs in at around three and a half stone.

Appearance Edit

Glenin carries an appearance typical of Gnomes. He has welly tended, bright green hair, kept in place by a thickly woven leather headband. He appears rather shifty and carries to short swords, a variety of explosives and various lockpicking tools on his belt. Glenin nearly always wears jet black, padded leather armour, accompanied by a pair of sturdy, soft-soled boots and tough, heavy-duty, blast proof gloves.

Criminal Record Edit

Numerous convictions of pickpocketing and petty theft.

7 accounts of wanton destruction and arson.

3 accounts of murder.

Accused of fraternising with a criminal organisation.

Considered to be an enemy of the Bronzebeard Clan and traitor to the Crown of Gnomeregan.