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Exactly what it says on the tin. Short stories of typical days of typical members of the given race.

Description Edit

Gnomes are short and squat like dwarves, their close relatives, but not as large. They have average lenth arms for their size and short legs that are thin, almost so to seem unbalanced. They have large eyes and otherwise normal faces.

Clothing Edit

It depends heavily on the role a gnome has in society to determine their clothes. Engineers and tinkers often wear clothes ranging from simple shirts and pants to highly advanced robotic suit. Wealthy gnomes usually have suits, monocles and other things like that on. Mages and warlocks normally wear robes, seemingly having a preference for red and blue. Normal gnomes wear average clothing, usually cloth and leather.

Grooming Edit

Male gnomes have a large amount of pride about their hair in particular. The exotic hairstyle known as a gnomefro was very popular, Gnoarn sporting one that he lost in the disaster. Since then he seeks revenge against Troggs. Their grooming of their beards may be something the gnomes picked up from the dwarves who also have great pride in their facial hair. Many exotic hairstyles exist among the gnomes.

Psychology Edit

Mentally, gnomes vary greatly in their manner. Most gnomes are highly active in their craft, wether it is magic, tinkering or other. Some are active to the point of crazy while some are rather lazy (Talvash is in mind). Gnomes don't hold grudges for long, save troggs and other things in Gnomeregan. Warriors tend to be more single minded in their pursuits while some hold many crafts and skills.

Life Edit

Leisure Edit

Gnomes often have a good sense of fun. They enjoy the craft of engineering and use their devices. Many gnomes enjoying engineering related hobbies such as piloting their vehicles, racing and blowing things up. Although the latter is fun to a lesser degree. Some gnomes have also adapted dwarven ideas of fun such as drinking, dancing and shooting. Many gnomes enjoy things most races enjoy and are not picky when it comes to entertainment.

Arts and Crafts Edit

The craft of gnomish culture, engineering, is what makes it so distinctive. Their city, Gnomeregan, was built out of engineering principles. Tinkering is seen as an art to several gnomes as well as a craft, an artistic craft. Gnomes take great pride in their devices and deplore the way goblins build their devices: cheaply and rickety. Money is of little importance to gnome artisans and craftsman as the work is the enjoyment they get. Arts and crafts run together with leisure to some gnomes, they are a hardworking race in that aspect of life.

Technology and Magic Edit

The entire gnomish culture centres around these two things. Technology is the main thing gnomes are known for and around Azeroth, the gnomes are renowned tinkers. Their technology is known for taking a long time to produce while a relatively short time to construct. The gnomes dislike rushed jobs, that being the main reason for the rivalry with the goblins. Magic is fairly unrestricted among their culture while demonic magic is often frowned upon by gnomes and their allies the dwarves. Druidism, shamanism and many schools of magic are not used by them though.


Love and romance among gnomes is not much different than humans. The social norm for gnome marriage is unknown although there are inter-race marriages such as Tamara and Marvin Wobblesprocket. Marvin being the gnome. Very little information is around on love in the gnomish society although it seems likely that it is similiar to love amongst humans. The majority of information is speculation though.

At War Edit

By their nature gnomes are not a warlike race. On those rare occasions they do go to war, it is very explosive. Gnomes use powerful technology and bombs to fight enemies. They also use more exotic weapons such as death rays, universal remotes and robots. Several mages also fight in battles, using spells to burn, freeze or polymorph enemies. A few gnomes, such as the holdout warriors in Gnomeregan, fight with swords and shields. The gnomish population was lowered to a massive degree in the gnomeregan disaster so they have less numbers to fight in wars. Although their technology is used along with dwarven designs to aid the Alliance, gnomes dislike war often. But there is no denying the use of their tinkers to the Alliance war effort.

Aging and Death Edit

Gnomes age very slowly, living to be over 200. Very few gnomes reach that age though, most of them dying beforehand in mechanical disasters or otherwise. Most gnomes however show no fear of aging or death. Many gnomes were killed in Gnomeregan though, several gnomes remain. Old gnomes are often tinkers or mages, the occasional one being a warlock. Aging often doesn't slow things down for the gnomes, their lives being very long and active.

Society and culture Edit

Roleplaying application: this section deals with the day-to-day aspects of the race's society, elements that are considered common knowledge and the basic assumptions members of the race makes about the world. Consider which of these assumptions your character accepts, which he does not, and how open he might be to alternate ways proposed by other races.

Relationships with other races Edit

Roleplaying application: The above generalisations represent how an average member of the race's society views someone from a given other race. Since there are no average members of society, only individuals, it's up to you to decide how these comments fit. Does your character adhere to the stereotypes presented below? If not, why not? Was there something in your character's past that changed his or her view of a given race from the status quo?

Humans: Gnomes are a generally peaceful, if somewhat explosive race, and have no grudge with humans. Humans are willing to use gnomish and dwarven technology in their wars against the Lich King and Horde. And the gnomes were accepted into the alliance. Overall, the alliance is strong and unlikely to fail at any time.

Dwarves: The closest friends of the gnomes are dwarves. These two races along with, to a lesser degree, forsaken are the technological pioneers of Azeroth. The dwarves are just as keen with technology although they find more pratical applications for it than the gnomes. Many dwarven tinkers exist to some people's surprise. Overall, the dwarves are the closest allies of the gnomes.

Night Elves: These two races have the most friction within the alliance, however it is very little. The night elves dislike arcane magic and technology while the gnomes use them as the basis for their society. The gnomes see technology as a way of defending the night elf lands so their intention is good while the night elves disagree on the means.

Draenei: A new race in the alliance and indeed in the world. Gnomes have a mild interest in the technology of the Exodar. In general, there is little reason for trouble between the races. The ruler of gnomes, Gelbin Mekkatorque has mentioned little of the draenei and has shown no interest in the Exodar. The ship still remains a curiosity to some gnomes though.

Religion Edit

Gnomes are not a particularly spiritual race, believing in science mostly. They do practise magic but not holy or shamanism, religious schools of magic. They are not skeptics about much, with their strange and sometimes mad technology. They are just not religious often. The upcoming gnome priests are religious though, but little information is available on the topic. Their religion would likely be the holy light, probably spread to them via the dwarves who worship it alongside the humans. Gnomes are usually open to new ideas.

How they worship Edit

Gnomes generally worship the holy light if they choose a religious path and worship the way most followers would. Still, gnomes following that faith are rare and gnomes following other faiths are rare to nonexistent. There are no recorded unique religious rituals to gnomes.

History and folklore Edit

Legends Edit

Heroes of old Edit

Erbag, first gnome in recorded history. Rather talkative and impatient plus a mage. Typical of many gnomes.

Language Edit

Gnomish is a rather strange tongue, having few speakers due to the gnomeregan incident. Many gnomes also speak the goblin language and common.

Phrasebook Edit

  • Warrior - Ferdosr
  • Mage - Rune
  • Rogue - Frend
  • Paladin - Havagun
  • Priest - Rugosh
  • Druid - Tiras
  • Hi - Um
  • Run - Gal
  • White - Angor
  • Chocolate rain - Moo.

Proverbs and sayings Edit

  • Alrighty then
  • I just love to tinker
  • I won't stand for that
  • Any news from gnomeregan.

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