Gorgrim Ironbrow Edit

Name Edit

Gorgrim Ironbrow, some have called him gor or grim in times of haste.

Physical Traits Edit

A stout dwarf , his most noticable features include his firey orange beard and hair , and a scar on his left arm, the origins of which it is rude to ask the origins of.

Race and Class Edit

Dwarf, paladin

Guild Edit

Blood Bound Crusaders (where he has achieved the rank of knight )

Occupation Edit

He is currently training in the classic dwarven art of mining, and is combining this with a smithing career along the armourer path to create works of armour to protect himself and those who are willnig to pay .He is also a fishermen in his spare time , only as a hobby but fish do taste good.

Family Edit

Alrik Ironbrow (father , dead)

Joesef Ironbrow (older brother , dead)

Helena Ironbrow (mother , missing)

Background. Edit

Born in Dun Modr in the wetlands before the fall Gorgrim's background is not feel known and is also one of great sorrow as he is the last of the Ironbrow family confirmed to be alive. During the first battles between the dwarves of Dun Modr and the tratiorous dark iron dwarves, Gorgrim's house was attacked and instead of fighting and being a noble dwarf , Gorgrim hid in the attic and watched as the dark iron dwarves slaughted his father and brother and took his mother away to a fate unknown. During a lul in the fighting Gorgrim ran away and spent many years wandering the less travelled paths around azeroth until he encountered and unnamed priest who he spent may days in the company of and told the old priest of his tale , the priest being a wise man saw a path of redemtion and retribution for the young dwarf , "by beocming a Paladin and taking becomnig of order of light you may find your mother you may not but you will find is a way to pay back those you have lost on your journey". From that day to this Gorgrim has travelled azeroth fighting for the order of light in the hope of one day finding a way to attone for the sins he commited all those years before.

Family Background

Alrik Ironbrow hails from the dwarven city of ironforge where he was a smith working in the great forge , after many years service for the king he was asked to help with the coloney of Dun modr where he met a young talior named Helena for became his wife, after he had completed his tasks he settle in Dun modr to get away from the hustle of the great city , here he raised a young family. Until the day the dark iron dwarves attack his town and home ,he was part of the defense force however he fell in battle at the doorstep of his house protecting his family.

His mother and older brothers history's are unknown to only Gorgrim who refuses to talk of his family, only seasoned companions of the dwarf may learn of his past.

Criminal Record Edit

He has a crimal record from before he became a Paladin, this record includes:

45 drunken asssults

14 assults

7 buglary convictions

13 mugging and pickpocketing charges

Personal Notes Edit

Gorgrim has a deep mistrust for many of the residents of azeroth , as with all dwarfs he has ancient grudge against Orcs of any clan and tribe, he also hates the traitor Dark Iron dwarves who killed his family .

Gorgrim likes all alcoholic drinks espically mead however be warned after many flagons of mead Gorgrim is known to be very short tempered.

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