Seer Gralnóth Spiritclaw
Seer Gralnóth
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Orc
Faction Horde
Health Very healthy
Level 40-50
Status Alive
Location Orgrimmar

A yellow skinned orc shaman with a bushy tail and an axe-like beard with a dull expression on his face. He has felt the loss of his family and now he seeks for the meaning for his life. He is a good man but can act a little careless sometimes, since the lonelines he has been living with his whole life.


Gralnóth was born into the fierce Spiritclaw clan and the former spiritual leader of the clan had a strong sense of great power within the newborn boy. One horrible night the clan was raided by some foreign clan of demons and other foul beasts. The whole clan was eliminated within few hours of bloodshed. The boy fled in the fear of death and he got away barely. Being the only survivor of his clan, he began training his spiritual powers and strengthen his soul for answers that he was seeking about his past. His lonelines has given him a cold attitude towards his own kind and only a few has access to his rough but strong heart. You can see him roaming alone in Orgrimmar sometimes.



In fight, He wields two weapons: Usually an axe and a mallet. He rushes at you full speed and tries to strike down with several crushing swings while keeping his guard. He has a tactical way of jumping out of a trap and casting lightning at the enemy, also healing himself if necessary.



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