Due to circumstances, this is the long overdue report on the activities of the mage Gravekill; Knight-Lord Bloodvalor reporting.

The tardiness of this report has heretofore escaped my attention, being occupied as I am, with training the many, many(, many..) new Blood Knight recruits. The report should have been produced years ago by the initiates of the Order, but apparently there were more pressing matters for the Order to attend. The many accounts of murder, rape, torture, pillaging and robbery in the streets during the light of day, the absolutely necessary inspections of the guard by Champion Vranesh and of course the many parades and practice sessions in full dress armor have understandably kept the Order's hands too full to worry about the ramblings and mischief of a single village idiot.

Let it be noted, however, that the reporting officer has indeed tried to find a Knight more suited to the task, but was unable to either disturb their day-long binges or find them altogether, since the Filthy Animal in Dalaran once more opened its door last month.

Pleasantries aside, the following is known about the subject.

Identity Edit

Gravekill - assumed name, "streetname" or tasteless reference to times past.

First name known to be Miles, last name unknown. No known relatives, certainly no one willing to put up the bail for his many nights in prison for disturbing the peace. Forsaken Mage, known to have had connections to Dalaran in life. Mage of little skill, with strong affinities to the Schools of Frost and Fire.

Reported to have died in Northrend, due to freezing. Physical appearance supports the claim; hair discolored and caked with ice that refuses to melt, overall tissue fairly well preserved.

Traits Edit

The subject is clearly mentally disabled. His experiences as part of the Scourge must have damaged him significantly, as he sees any source of cold as a conduit for the Lich King. His prime obsession seems to be the Fountain in Silvermoon's bazaar, which he has damaged many times over. He has actually addressed the edifice, as if it were a conscious being.

Temperature seems to have a direct effect upon his mental clarity; proximity to the Fountain and its water visibly reduces his sanity, causing violent outbursts, more often than not accompanied by streams of crazy-talk. Upon warming up, his clarity would return and his temper subside.

History Edit

Under investigation.

Criminal Record Edit

  • Disturbing the peace;
  • Carrying concealed weapons;
  • Detonating a large explosive device on a Blood Elf holiday;
  • Detonating a large explosive device;
  • Disturbing a national parade;
  • Disrespecting a Knight of the law;
  • Assault;
  • Harassment;
  • Damaging public property;
  • Appearing unsightly during a national parade;

Player's Notes and Comments Edit

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