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Here's a feeble and probably futile attempt to make guides to RPing WoW races. The catches are: one, the guides are supposed to be based on one single template, i.e. they will be standardised. Two, let us try to make these guides as complete as possible reaching into the areas of each race Blizzard did not bother to explore and elaborate upon: psychology; detailed descriptions of religious and magical practices and styles unique to each race (i.e. how each race worships and casts); folklore, stories, heroes of past and present.

This naturally means that the areas of character developement Blizzard conceals will have to be filled with fanon, a logical extension of existing lore and assumptions based on existing lore and common sense.

Community work! If you feel an aspect of RP of a certain race looks so-and-so, don't hesitate to edit accordingly. If there is something written about it already, expand and elaborate. If you don't agree with the view presented, put your point foward at the discussion page.

As always, those guides will by no means be fully exhaustive nor will they become some sort of official rules.

Basic Template



Guides from other websitesEdit class RP guides:Edit

Please don't treat these guides as an Alpha and Omega of roleplaying your class, more like suggestions it might be a good idea to adhere to.

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