Chieftain Gulgrim Duskbreaker
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Gulgrim is an Orc, which should be obvious to anyone looking at him, belonging to the Dagger and Totem clan. He is currently named as their Chieftain.

Gulgrim now stands at a point in his life where all but the driest of humours are lost upon him. His face is often pulled into a serious expression, lips tight and jaw set. His goal of disrupting the Twilight Hammer has taken a back seat to his dealing with Dagger and Totem as of him becoming their Chieftain.

Gulgrim at times slips in to the belief that he is a much better Shaman than he is, purely due to his strange method to approaching his worship. He still reveres more experienced Shamanistic and Druidic practitioners, but not to the same degree as he once did.

He recently took up a surname - Duskbreaker - in honour of his newfound loathing for the Twilight's Hammer.


Gulgrim is quite short as far as Orcs go, but extremely stocky and solid showing clear dedication to physical prowess - a trait prized in Orcish society. He has a number of scars, including a missing finger (his little finger on his left hand).

Attached to his belt by strong steel chains are four totems crafted from stone and wood, with the Orcish words for 'Earth', 'Fire' 'Water' and 'Air' carved into them.

Gulgrim has been a Shaman for quite some time now, having a full suit of mail combat armour. He has recently crafted himself a new suit of armour, after his last was so damaged that he could no longer wear it. This armour is usually clean, pleasant smelling and rust free, belying an obvious sense of pride in the gear. Gulgrim commonly carries twin axes on his person and appears fairly confident when wielding them, suggesting extensive training almost to the point of being almost as competent with these particular tools as a Warrior.

Gulgrim's eyes are a steely blue, which is fairly unusual for an Orc, but he's fairly certain that it doesn't mean a thing.

During the Stranglethorn campaign, Gulgrim was given Gremkarc of Orgrimmar's fist weapons - Greed and Pride, they are called, and the then-Chieftain gave them to Gulgrim specifically. Gulgrim is entirely convinced that this gesture speaks louder of his destiny than blue eyes and Orcish legend ever could. He is able to call upon their spirits during battle – they appear as two spectral wolves, and live up to their names.


He initially joined the Clan after following them to the barracks in Razor Hill, where he practically begged the Chieftain to help him in his quest to discover how best to serve the Elements and the Horde. Since that day, Gulgrim has been all over Kalimdor and Outland performing a variety of tasks for Clan, Faction or Spiritual Guides.

Eventually, he was promoted to Sergeant as a result of his readiness to take orders without compromising his initiative.

At one point, he had become almost single-minded in his purpose: he wants to destroy the Twilight’s Hammer cult in return for what they did to his mate. He still wished to serve the Horde, and was still loyal to his Clan, but he had a personal vendetta against the Twilights. This vendetta remains, but its expression is somewhat more rational than it once was.

After the Shattering, Gremkarc named Gulgrim as the official new Chieftain of Dagger and Totem. Gulgrim has introduced a somewhat unusual concept to the Clan - every member now has an equal say in the outcome of decisions, although the Chieftain still gets the ultimate say in the matter. He juggles his duties as Chieftain with his serving of the Earthen Ring in Deepholm, and satisfying the demands of his mate.



Gulgrim is now Chieftain of Dagger and Totem. Gremkarc named him as second a long time ago, back during the Stranglethorn Campaign when Gulgrim was given the fist weapons Greed and Pride. He has come far since the days of being a grunt and hopes to do the best that he can for Dagger and Totem.

Neither of them hoped that Gulgrim would become Chieftain so soon. The necessity for Gulgrim's promotion came out of Gremkarc's recent disappearance, coupled with the ultimatum that Oshu Kazil delivered - if the clan did not have a Chieftain soon, they would be disbanded and assimilated into the Horde. Gremkarc then named Gulgrim as the official Chieftain, despite the older shaman's return.

He is an Enhancement Shaman, preferring physical prowess backed by the Elements as opposed to any other method. He specializes in Leathercrafting, which he took up during his stint in Outland, and continues to craft the majority of his own armour and carry out his own repairs and enhancements.


"Dabu, Chieftain!"

"Nelai, if you die can I have your stuff?"

"Unacceptable losses!"

"Yes, Ryzarhn is a c*nt."

"I am said to be good at diplomacy. All I know is that I am well practiced at arguing with my mate."


Gulgrim earned his surname, Duskbreaker, as a result of fighting Twilights. Ursala gave it to him (as it was a name she had previously used as a pseudonym).

He was, until the Stranglethorn Campaign, scarless. This brought Gulgrim great shame.

His scars are as follows:

  • Missing little finger on his left hand.
  • A jagged white and purple line between his left bicep and tricep, three inches wide.
  • A large bleached-white spherical scar in the middle of his chest.
  • Twin scars in the shape of lightning bolts on the back of his right hand - a clear indicator of a Totem member of Dagger and Totem.
  • A long, thick, untidy scar running across his abdomen. It seems to have been made in a hurry, but nontheless with surgical precision.
  • An unkind blotch of burns on his chest, overlaying the other scars already existing there.

He is the mate of Ursala Earthwielder, a member of Dagger and Totem.

Gulgrim has some of the ugliest boots known to Azeroth when he is suited in full armour, but he seems to like them. Nobody else does! In fact, this is not the only such incident. He is noted by many, including his mate, for having a bad sense of fashion. However, even she concedes that he is very good at making comfortable boots.

Gulgrim is unaware of his birth date. For ease’s sake, he terms it to be the same as Ursala’s assumed birth date – 6th August. He also assumes that they are the same age (24 winters; 24 years).

Quickfire TriviaEdit

Name (Birth) Gulgrim
Name (Granted) Duskbreaker
Line None (unknown)
Clan Dagger and Totem (adoptive)
Mate Ursala Earthwielder
Rank (Horde) Grunt
Rank (Clan) Chieftain
Age (winters) Unknown - presumed 24
Birth date Unknown - presumed 6th August
Birth place Unknown - presumed Azeroth
Height 6 feet, 0 inches; 183 centimetres
Weight .
Eyes Steel blue
Hair Dark purple

Stories about GulgrimEdit

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