Gwienths face

A bad scan of a drawing of Gwineth's face done by user:Belnema


Officer/Firstmate Gwineth Stonebreaker

Personality Traits Edit

Or more correctly, info behind her personalities. Gwineth has a split personality due to a wound that slashed through her right eye, the eye socket and part of her brain. Her personality randomly changes without her realising and she remembers nothing of what she has done while in the last personality.

Officer of the Scarlet Crusade Edit

Before the wound was inflicted and Gwineth was separated from the Crusade she was an Officer who was mostly highly respected for her skill in combat. She is very nice in this personality. The Lawful Good alignment perfectly suits her (in the context that she believes in the ways of the Scarlet Crusade).

Pirate or First-Mate abored the Scorn Edit

The wound inflicted on Gwineth drew her in to a coma but when she woke up she was not the same person. Cruel and greedy she looked for adventure and found it in a passing pirate ship that was making a raid on the town she was recovering in. Joining these pirates she spent many years rising through the ranks and finally she became First-Mate abored the Scorn. However, the ship was sunk by a storm and Gwineth was washed a shore in Westfall. Cursing her bad luck she has made her way to Stormwind to begin her next adventure. Chaotic Evil is her alignment in this personality.

Physical TraitsEdit

Gwineth has short brown hair which partially flopes over her right eye. If this hair is pushed aside however, one can see a horrendous scar that has sealed her right eye shut. The shape of her head is also disfigured around that area. Her head between her cheek bone and temple looks as though it might have partly given way only leaving the scar to fill the space. Apart from that one disfigurement her face is rounded but not chubby and mostly looks quite friendly though the rings in her nose and and eyebrow can give the wrong (or right) impression.

Gwineth is of average height but is quite strong. She is in her early thirties. She is not a clumsy fighter since she only has one eye. As a pirate she can duel wield and as a crusader she can use a shield, mace/sword.

Race and ClassEdit

Female human warrior.




None at the moment. Formly a soldier of the Scarlet Crusade, then a pirate but since she got shipwrecked she's at a bit of a loss at what to do.


A Father, a mother and most probably a brother.


Summary of your personal history.

Family BackgroundEdit

Brief summary of family history.

Criminal RecordEdit

Gwineth is wanted for:

  • -Pillaging and raiding
  • -Murdering
  • -Stealing
  • -Causing public unrest and disorder
  • -Desertion

Personal NotesEdit

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