Haeseth Ephillipse Scarlet Zealot Valunteer

Physical TraitsEdit

Pre. Scarlet Zealot OutfitEdit

Haeseth is a tanned and relative bulky frame, he's wearing blackned scalemail set with a black hood attacted to the shoulders, mostly for hiding his idensity, he also has a one handed sword which is firmly made by a local blacksmith for a fair amount of golds, and a heavily looking shield across his back which signifies a cross.

His face is clean and has a scar across his frame of his face from his left ear till his chin, his beard his kept short and his hair share the color of his beard, bright blonde.

Scarlet OutfitEdit

a bright scarlet chainmail outfit, is covered the most of his body, his head is completely revealed and wears the tabard of the Scarlet flame, together with the shield which got the mark of the flame.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, Paladin.


Guildless at this moment.


Protector of the weaker, Enforcer.


His entire family deceased to the plague in Lordaeron, and is now carrying his family armor aswell as purpose.


Summary of your personal history.

Family BackgroundEdit

Brief summary of family history.

Criminal RecordEdit

Include or omit according to the case.

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff. Theme tunes?

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