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Hathanta earnt the title 'Legionnaire' on the 3rd of January 2010 by going with Agrammar to take Halaa back from the Draenei. After the fighting (and a short raid on Slyvannar) Warlord Agrabodak and Commander Joco decided she was ready to become a Legionnaire and so made her one.

Hathanta became a Sergeant of Agrammar on the 4th of April 2010.

Hathanta became Warbringer of Agrammar on the 29th of July 2010. "Apparentleh Ah can brin' War now."

Currently Hathanta has no titles, as she is no longer in Agrammar.



Hathanta is a Forest Troll and therefore taller than most trolls. Due to undeath her green skin has taken on a blue tint. It still feels mossy but no plant life will grow on it. Hathanta has very short, bright blue hair and glowing, lich-blue eyes. She looks to be around twenty five but looks can be deciving - she's been walking on Azeroth for 47 years.

Hathanta can normaly be seen wearing full plate armour, minus cloak and helm and carrying a large, heavy-looking backpack with two smaller pouches strapped to her belt.

Hathanta also wears a number of charms. Around her neck hangs a snake fang on a leather thong and a fine silver chain looped around a plain gold ring. Ffrom her belt hang the tip of a dragonhawk's wing and two eagle feathers, while three bear claws swing from the cross-guard of her right sword. On the back of her left wrist a piece of lynx fur is sewn into her skin, though this is normaly covered by bracers.


When meeting Hathanta, people can often be given the wrong impression. She is quick to judge, sarcastic and dismissive - only noticing she may have been rude after the error. But if you be a friend, then Hath will be making jokes, chattering away, sharing her veiws and listening to yours. As a friend Hath is fiercely loyall.

She likes to be in the know, and asks questions whenever she wants to know something. However when she doesn't know something and thinks she should she will feign knowledge. Unfortunatly she isn't a great lier. Hath is quite simple minded, her views are not deep but strong in her thinking.

Race and ClassEdit

Hathanta is a forest troll, originating from the Hinterlands. She is also a Death Knight and therefore undead. Before being taken by Arthas she was a warrior, nothing special and still, she is nothing special.


Hathanta is no longer part of any guild.


Hathanta doesn't practice any proffesions, she could easily whack a pick into a some rock, but she'd rather not. She could easily pick every flower she saw but she'd rather not.

The way Hath makes her money is being a mercenary. She works around Northrend lending a hand where she can, but not joining a particular battle group. She tends to take quick, strike-and-run jobs where she can take her pay and find another one. She doesn't mind who she works with, wether it be Goblins, Warsong, Argent or Ebon, she'll get the job done. Because of this Hath is quite well-known within the different factions, but scorned slightly for not taking a side.

Friends and FamilyEdit

Hathanta orgininated from Revantusk Village and that is where her once family resides. All her close family are long dead by now (as Hath should be) so she doesn't know of any living relatives. But due to the Revantusks' nature of everyone looks after everyone (including 'sharing' children) Hath would have known some of the present Reventusk trolls' Grand Parents/Parents.

When it comes to other races Hath is most trusting of other trolls. She'll be happy to go up to a troll she doesn't know and start a conversation in Zanzil.

In Hath's mind orcs seem to fall into two catagories; Stupid (peons) and Not-Stupid (Warlords). So if you're an orc be careful how you act, you will be judged and treated accordingly. Hathanta holds respect for Tauren to their faces (She's is slightly scared of some of them) but when no Tauren is around she'll happily joke about them. Forsaken also have respect from Hathanta - as she is undead herself. Blood elves, however, are not held in high regard by Hath. Here her roots show and her dislike for High Elves and therefore Blood Elves is strong. She will distrust and scorn High/Blood Elves without a thought unless a Troll friend trusts one, then she might think agian.

As for the Alliance, she hates all of them.


Hathanta once belonged to the Revantusk Tribe, a loyal Forest Troll fighting the Elves and Alliance alike for control of the Armani empire. Hathanta was born in the year -14. She grew up in The Hinterlands, becoming a strong warrior of her tribe and learning all the forest trolls' ethics and practices. When Hathanta was about 20 she made her first expedicion into the Plaugelands and while camping there was found by scourge scouts. Hathanta fought, was killed and raised as a Death Knight.

Her time under Arthas' control was nothing special. She was one of many, put to slaughtering innocents and plauging the land. Hath remembers some of her time there, not plesently. She's never gone back through it all and put it in order, she doesn't want to. Her memories are scramled messes full of screaming and blood, she remembers faces, all the faces. When she was released from Arthas' control she went to the Horde, like others in the ranks. She made her oath and went to Northrend.

In the first months that Hathanta spent in Northrend she took to wearing a hood or helm to hide the glow of her eyes. She sometimes would get from place to place on foot, not wanting to be seen on a Deathcharger. Those months were some of Hath's worst, when she tried to sleep she would have visions and dreams, she was shunned and didn't make it easy for herself. After some time, Hathanta decided to forget Northend and return to her Tribe. She made the long Journey back to The Hinterlands, seeing how things had changed, or were the same. Hathanta entered the village for the first time in many years. It had changed and it hadn't changed. She met with Primal Torntusk and asked to re-join the tribe, but was rejected, they would not accept an undead in their midst, not one that their ancestors had buried and morned.

So Hathanta went back to Northrend. She aquired a raptor and dyed her hair blue to be more like a Darkspear troll. She stopped wearing a hood and did all she could to fight the lich. Since there were now a lot of Death Knights joining the Horde she was accepted quickly. After a while Hathanta decieded to join one of the many guilds that were advertised around the place. She tried joining The Shadowtusk and Serpentfang Tribes but didn't stay with them for long. While in The Shadowtusk Tribe she met Agrammar and after leaving The Serpentfang Tribe sought out Agrabodak to ask to join Agrammar and was accepted. She stayed with Agrammar for just under 10 months, slowly working her way through the ranks until she was just below being an officer. She became well known throughout the clan and made some firm friends such as Tyac, Tirixian, Luggage and Joco.

During the late summer that year she started getting dreams from the Loa, telling her she had to journey to Zul'Aman. Considering this took Hath weeks, for it would be a long journey, one that she might never return from. But, with the dissapearence of Tirixian and Joco she decided it was time to move on. Since the 9th of September 2010 no-one has seen or heard from Hathanta.


Hathanta worships the Forest Loa, Ula-Tek, Nalorakk, Akil'zon, Jan'alai and Halazzi. She also belives in an assortment of other Loa but does not worship them.

Due to undeath Hath no-longer needs to eat or drink and doesn't. She also doesn't need to blink, but does so out of habit. She's never tried not breathing and doesn't want to stop long enough to find out. Hath does need sleep, but only to regenerate the magic that makes her body work.

Her blood is thick and green.

She can regenerate, but more slowly than live trolls.

She practices canabalism in ritual


"Dat's what friends do." (or variations of this) Hathanta will stand up for her friends, help them out in sticky situations and talk to them whenever they need a chat. Whenever asked why she does this she will give the answer Thats what friends are for.

"Curse you, Samedi!" Hathanta blames Samedi (loa of cemetaries and restful dead) for her becoming a death knight, and believes that Samedi hates her.

"Dat's bad... Dat's realleh bad..." Just something Hath mutters when something 'bad' happens.

Personal NotesEdit

nothing to see here, move along! >.>

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