The Heirs Of The North is an Human only guild on the Alliance. It's roleplay centers around the reclaiming of the Lordaeron lands, such as Tirisfal Glades and the Plaguelands, and the Northen Kingdom's heiritage.

A group of members during the Lordaeron meeting.

Guild ConceptEdit

The Heirs is a military style guild with the specific goal to retake the north lands (anything from Menethil Harbour upwards) for Alliance rule. It is made up entirely of human members, in the most part ex citizens of Lordaeron and the surrounding counties.

Unlike many organisations with a similar interest in the north, the Heirs is not aligned with any specific religion, nor is it a zealot organisation. Aside from the common northern background members are accepted from many walks of life, and their individual beliefs and indeed past actions are not held against them. All we ask is that you are able, and willing to aid the cause in whichever capacity you can.

Restrictions on MembershipEdit

Membership is limited to human characters only. Level restrictions also apply due to the requirement to be able to ride a mount (although members may be accepted at a lower level than 30 as long as they are willing to work towards that level asap. Unfortunately, on campaign, the ability to move quickly and keep up with the rest of the force will be a necessity).

A northern backgroundstory is also preferred for membership.


Guildie shotty thingy

Guild Tabard

As an addition, recruits will be required to have a horse mount of some description. Either standard or epic human racial mount, Deathsteed, Charger, Warhorse, Felsteed, Dreadsteed, or one of the special horse mounts. On campaign or on parade, a horse mount will be necessary. No sabres, mammoths, rams etc. for the sake of uniformity. </br>

The guild uniform consists of the guild tabard, plus armour of the following colours:-

  • Mid to dark blue in the main part with either:
  • Gold highlights
  • Black / grey lowlights


A sense of uniformity is very important for the Heirs of the North.

Certain sets / items which fit with this style include, but are not limited to:-




Scale mail Vender set


Cloak wise, anything of a suitably dark colour is acceptable though try to aim towards dark blues or the purples of the PvP style cloaks.

Roleplay Rules and RegulationsEdit

As stated, the guild is a strong Roleplay themed guild. As such, the servers RP rules and regulations should be adhered to at all times. In short: no lolling, Out Of Character chat or txter speak in /say, /yell or any other channel delegated as In Character. Furthermore no power emoting or god modding.

It is adviced to keep bracketed OOC talk in RP channels, such as /say, to a minimum. Any OOC issues with other guilds should be reported to the GM or an officer and dealt with by them alone.

Channels and CommunicationEdit

Upon recruitment, you will be given a “coms device” for in-character, long distance communication. The device is a method of silent, text based communication rather than a “buzzbox” talking device (think of it a bit like a mobile phone, with only texting capabilities). The device is capable of transmitting across the board to all members of the guild with similar devices - this is basically the guild chat channel /guild. It is also capable of transmitting to one selected member only, via the usual whisper command. It is appreciated if you tag any “private” coms messages with a prefix of [Coms] - so to contact Person X the command would be /w Person X [Coms] Followed by the text of the message.

Officer chat, /o, is the guild OOC channel, and everyone should now have access to this. You might want to join other channels associated with the guild or the RP community. The following two are recommended:

/evilRP - the evilRP community channel, basically where the concept for the guild was born. /rpadvice - an advice channel for new RPers.

Both of the above channels are OOC.

Official Guild StanceEdit

The following is the official guild responses regarding our attitudes to various other factions. This may differ from individual to individual (in fact, I hope it does as it makes for wonderful variety) but as a whole, the official responses stand. If, through in game events, the “official” guild response changes.


Any creature still under the Lich King’s control is considered an enemy to the guild, whether ghoul, Death Knight or abomination. Likewise with any cultists following his command.

As a sideline to this, Arthas himself may still be considered the rightful heir to the throne by many members, however in his incarnation as Lich King, he is also considered an enemy. If he cannot be cured, then he must be destroyed.


The guild accepts and understands that the Forsaken are freed from the Lich King’s scourge, and with that in mind, do not consider the Forsaken enemies per se (it would be hypocritical indeed to accept Death Knight’s into our number but yet hate the Forsaken). However, the guild does not recognise the right of Lady Sylvanas to rule Lordaeron. Therefore single non-aggressive members of the Forsaken will be tolerated, with due caution, but any member of this “race” which refuses the Heirs the right to return to their homelands will be treated with the same prejudice as the scourge itself. The general rule, for the time being, is do not attack unless attacked first.


As with the Forsaken. The Heirs hold no grudge against the Horde in the main part, but any seeking to prevent our return to the northern homelands will be treated with extreme prejudice.

Other Alliance RacesEdit

The official stance on other alliance races is that they are equal to and worthy of as much respect as humankind. The IC reasons for only recruiting human members are firstly that the northlands are in the main a human heritage, rather than lands belonging to the other races, and secondly (most importantly) the problems caused by Arthas are a human issue, and therefore should be resolved by humans.

The Argent DawnEdit

The Argents are considered an ally to the Heirs. In the case of Horde Argents, they are to be treated in a fairer manner than other members of the Horde, as our goals are similar. However in extreme circumstances only, the Heirs would be willing to take up arms against any Horde Argent that attempted to prevent our return to the north.

The Ebon BladeEdit

Much the same as the Argents. The Ebon Blade is considered an ally. Horde Ebon Blade members would be treated as Horde Argent members.

The Scarlet CrusadeEdit

Because of the zealous and extremist nature of the Scarlet Crusade, they are considered enemies to the guild. A problem almost as large as that of the scourge.

The Scarlet EnclaveEdit

At present the guilds attitude to the Scarlet Enclave section of the Scarlet Crusade is neutral bordering on wary. Any member should be approached with caution, until more is known of their ambitions.


Note: This has not been wikified yet. The rank and structure of the guild is still in the process of being defined. For now, all new recruits are started at the rank of Initiate, and liable to remain so until the first phase of recruitment is completed. I have given a few people the title of member, which basically allows them the ability to recruit. Initially I will have two officers in place as people to contact, aside from myself, regarding guild issues, but the plan is that once everything is up and running a full and fluid ranking system will be in place. Again, at the moment everything is a little up in the air until the initial recruitment drive is complete and I have a better idea of exactly how many members we have, who is active, and what people would be good at what job. One thing I will say is that promotions will be given according to level of activity, work within the guild, and performance on the field. The more you put into the guild, the more you will get out of it. *grins*

Also note I will be listing certain roles next to peoples name on the rota for the time being, notes for myself relating to preferred roles people have mentioned during recruitment. Please let me know if my note is inaccurate and I will endeavour to update it. Again, hopefully these will eventually translate into squadrons and roles for people within the guild.

Upcoming EventsEdit

  • 4th and 5th June - Continue recruitment in Stormwind and elsewhere. Keep up guild presence in Stormwind allowing us to be seen and become recognised
  • 6th June - Lordaeron Council event. This is being hosted by the Scarlet Enclave, and is a meeting of all the guilds interested in the Lordaeron Campaign. Anyone who would like to come along is welcome. There should be parading by various guilds prior to the meeting - so uniform is a must! At the council itself only Guild Leaders and Officers are allowed to speak, however other members may be present to witness the planning.
  • 7th June - Guild meeting to discuss the events of the council, and plan ahead
  • Week beginning 8th June - Move to Menethil harbour. Establish first base. Pick up supplies.

I am hoping after the council on the 6th things should become a lot clearer. Please see the “Retaking the North” post under the agenda section for information regarding plans for the future. Once the council is done, I should have a firmer idea of the timescale involved for the whole campaign, and be able to plan accordingly.

Also bear in mind the guild does not end with the campaign - we have plans to keep things RP active for a very long time indeed!


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