Heleane Rivergreen
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Kaldorei
Faction Alliance
Health Excellent
Level 74
Status Dreamy
Location Dragonblight

Name Edit

Heleane Rivergreen.

Sometimes called Verdantis, but only by those who have known her very long.

Physical Traits Edit

Heleane is a particularly delicately built Kaldorei of average height. Her hair is green, wild, tangled and of uneven length; she ties it in braids and knots when it gets in the way, and it tends to stay that way until braids become dreadlocks. Her skin is pale with a shade of green, and it can be hard to say whether it's decorated by wrinkles and veins or the lines of tree bark, and her old, faded scars fit seamlessly in the mesh. She dresses in whatever's handy and there, sometimes nothing. She tends to walk and talk slowly, and her gaze often wanders, which can be disturbing in a conversation; she is capable of very swift action, but the cause for such sprees seems to be random.

Her Darnassian is pure, soft and flowing; to say her Common is poor would be flattery.

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Druid

Guild Edit

None, IC or OOC.

Occupation Edit

She is a tender of all things living, a forest keeper, a druid so attuned with her treant form that she sometimes takes root herself. This leads to obvious faculty in herbalism, and through there, alchemy.

Family Edit

She had sisters, a long time ago. Then, she had a husband. And a lover. Or was it the other way around? And who fathered which child? They are all lost to time, and while she remembers them in great detail, she forgets the overtones, and the big picture.

Background Edit

She was born a Kaldorei, which means she was born after the Sundering. Or was she? She remembers Azshara as if she'd been there personally, but then she remembers a lot of things that occurred only in her dreams. Or the Emerald Dream. She's spent most of her life dreaming, one way or another, and her grasp on reality is faltering. Her sense of time is original to say the least. She's been somewhat convinced that she's needed awake right now, though, and that the Alliance is key to preserving her world, and her Dream; she's slowly learning to speak common, and most of the time remembers to be summarily polite to the other races. Some might argue that she's insane, but right on top of that, some others might argue that she's at least somewhat benevolent, and a vastly powerful healer.

Family Background Edit

Extensive, but largely unrecorded, and different every time she tells it.

Criminal Record Edit

Blank. Heleane Rivergreen has not committed a crime in her lifetime, at least not one anyone would have witnessed.

Personal Notes Edit

Largely a work in progress, and something of a roleplaying experiment.

Should someone be interested in being related to her, contact me. She has a huge, uncharted family tree.

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