Hoarclave: traitor, felon.
Identity & statistics
Aliases Hoarclave, William - family name unknown
Race Formerly Human, currently Undead
Classification Male Death Knight
Associations The Horde, Sanctuary
Age Unknown
Threat Level High; aware of our movements - evaded and killed three agents
Status Fugitive; in hiding
Location Mobile

SI:7 - Eyes Only; classified information

The following is an account of the activities, history, abilities, and trespasses of the criminal known as Hoarclave - classification: subject 888.

Compiled from information gathered from intelligence reports, census ledgers, security logs and witness accounts.

Case currently in progress.

Physical Traits Edit

Forsaken. Male. Short, gaunt frame, clad in heavy plate.

Eschewing anonymous Corpse Dust in favor of self-made or obtained foci, Hoarclave carries a veritable army with him; his person, apparel, mounts and equipment are adorned with dried blood, bones, bone fragments, skulls, sinew bindings, tusks, horns and other trophies. Each of these has been ritually treated or engraved to act as a reagent for the Knight's summoning of the Dead.

Being an accomplished Scribe as well as a Death Knight, the man's armor, weapons and equipment have been engraved with assorted runes for leisurely access to an arsenal of abilities.

Perhaps because of his status as a criminal wanted by the Alliance military, the fugitive known as Hoarclave has failed to summon his usual transportation; the unfortunate, no doubt enslaved steed and skeletal gryphon have not been sighted in weeks, and the suspect is reportedly employing an Ice Mammoth and Red Drake. The latter seemed notably free of engravings or talismans - the Red Dragonflight has been queried.

Occupation Edit

Soldier, master at arms, grave robber, scribe.

Formally in the employ of the Horde at this time, the suspect has been sighted at the Wintergrasp front, slaying our brave soldiers and defiling their corpses for personal gain. Notably absent on other fronts of the conflict, the criminal Hoarclave is known to seek fortune and income by mercenary means.

Not content with defiling a fresh kill, Hoarclave has been reported to scavenge the graves of our honorable dead, as well as committing atrocities of nature upon the fauna of Azeroth. The most notable instances of this would be his acquisition of the Dreadsteed and skeletal gryphon that carried him to further ill until recently. The latter appears to be the deceased steed of an esteemed Wildhammer captain, who was lost in Northrend.

Background Edit

Suspect identified by circumstantial witnesses; the following information is wanting at best.

Deceased soldier of the Alliance military, presumed to be from the Lordaeron region. No known (surviving) family, assumed deceased/Scourge. Witness statement implies a possible male sibling - status unknown. Detailed census records lost during the fall of Lordaeron, last name not recovered. Has an apparent history of collegial assault and insubordination. Witness accounts suggest a strong sense of justice, often clashing with established notions of law and order. Possible mental instability.

Known to have been a part of the Stratholme massacre and the subsequent Northrend campaign. Presumed to have turned traitor upon Arthas' defeat. No further records.

SI:7 reports from the Plaguelands offer the earliest mention of the suspect since his disappearance. Traitor status confirmed.

Consult reports of current activities for further information.

Recent Field Reports and Subsequent Psychological Profiling Edit

Case lead; the honorable Dr. Thadius Idflipper, Gh.d., Esq., on loan to SI:7 from the Gnomish Institute of Technology (GIT).

Transcripts of Field Logs in chronological order; timestamps and related situational information restricted - security clearance levels 5 or higher required.

Report #1: Edit

  • "Suspect triple eight spotted. Operative Shanks reporting. Time of sighting [...], [...] landing area. Commencing pursuit."
  • "Suspect entering the city, on foot. No social contact of note. No visible change in posture while in a crowd."
  • "Subject seems to have dropped something, and is walking into [...] Square non the wiser. Will pursue and attempt to retrieve the item at a later time."
  • At this point the operative is ambushed. Specialists have identified the sounds of a Gargoyle - unconfirmed, as the body of the operative has yet to be found.
  • "<terrified screaming>"
  • What follows next has had our specialists stumped for the longest time. The sound resembles a bucket of water being emptied, accompanied by bubbling and hissing. Ebon Hold contacts later identified the sounds as being the detonation of a Death and Decay spell. This correlates with the break in communications only seconds later; experts have concluded that the communicator device must have fallen out of the operative's hand and was decayed in a matter of moments by the corrosive spell.
  • The following was copied and stored in SI:7 archives as a magical sample; it contains the first sounds of the subject's voice:
  • "And who might you be?"

End of report.

Conclusions: Judging from the descriptions in the recordings, it can be surmised that the target is extremely aware of his surroundings, or at the very least intensely paranoid; the subject was aware of being tailed, although the operative was likely not spotted directly - this can be concluded from the subject's inquiry at the end of the report, which was done in a rather flat, matter-of-factly tone of voice. The item that fell to the ground can be concluded to have been a focus, deliberately dropped by the subject and intended to draw the Gargoyle to its master and subsequently ambushing whomever was trailing him from behind.

To summarize: the subject is either keenly aware of their surroundings or has a vast attention span to sustain high levels of paranoia. He is capable of thinking on his feet and is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Report #2: Edit

Case Lead's note: The following report was made after several attempts to track either the target or Operative Shanks via magical means had failed. The reporting Operative was finally successful after employing more traditional tracking methods.

  • "Target sighted entering the sewers. Shanks' K.I.A. status confirmed; is currently accompanying the target as its latest Ghoul."
  • "Target leaving the main pipeline, heading away from Cantrips & Crows. Am forced to follow closer to stay on target."
  • "...Target lost. Slick tunnel floor makes footprint tracking impossible. Unlikely the subject has left the Underbelly; exits are in opposite direction."
  • "Operative Shanks reacquired. Appears to be speeding in the direction of the Black Market. In pursuit."
  • "... withholding pursuit. Technique identified as a classic Divide and Conquer tactic. Assuming the target is aware of being followed. Switching to assassination protocols."
  • "Divide and Conquer confirmed. Target has just entered the tunnel towards the Black Market himself, armed and foci at the ready. Unaware of passing me on the way. Moving in."
  • " lost. The tunnel is empty."
  • "Entering the Black Mark--"
  • At this point our Operative is ambushed and audibly pulled underwater. Experts have concluded that the subject must has employed the Path of Frost to flank our Operative in an unexpected way. Communication is cut several long seconds later; the Operative is heard thrashing about in the water, leading our experts to believe the Ghoul must have done the deed, while the target himself took care of the equipment. Possibly to make a point.

End of report.

Addendum: After this unfortunate incident, several operatives were dispatched to the scene. This time, the victim's body could be retrieved, but it was reported to already be heavily vandalized and mutilated at the scene; the head, much of the blood, and several bones and internal organs were missing from the corpse, and a message was carved into the skin: "Leave me alone." The script of the message was laced with subtle glyphs, which caused the remains to explode the second a brash unit of the retrieval squad spoke the words out loud. He has been credited as the third victim of the subject among SI:7 personel. What remained of the body after the fact has been immediately prepared for proper burial, as it was unfit for conclusive research.

Conclusions: This operation marks the second and third Operative lost to the subject. This time, however, the subject outwitted his pursuer in an very precise way, and psychiatric reports of the late Operative Shanks suggest that a Divide and Conquer and/or Circleback tactic, as employed in this scenario, would have been his first choice, should he ever go rogue and suspect a tail. This, coupled with the macabre message that was left to be found by us specifically, leads us to some disturbing conclusions:

  • The subject is aware of and/or intimately familiar with SI:7 protocols;
  • The subject is aware of our interest in him, and likely of his status as a wanted criminal,

Which lead us to conclude that, either:

  • Operative Shanks broke under torture, and - as the soldiers would say - "sang like a tickbird", or;
  • The subject has access to a certain extent of a person's memories, experiences and acquired skills, either by raising them as a ghoul, or by accessing said memories through ritual and/or foci.

With these developments, the subject has taken the term "armed and extremely dangerous" to new heights, as we must assume that the subject has the knowledge of at least two trained SI:7 operatives.

Report #3:Edit

Case Lead's note: This report was filed upon reacquisition of the target after long weeks of silence. The target had been spotted all across the northern continent, but acquisition was hindered by magical travel and the difficulties presented by several treaties made between SI:7 and other factions where the subject found shelter.

It should be noted, however, that the bulk of this report will deal with certain conclusions made by the cross referencing division of SI:7. That said, the following are the recorded notes of the fourth agent put on the case of subject 888, the traitor Hoarclave.

  • "Target spotted in Venture Bay airspace, heading in the direction of Scalawag Point."
  • "Subject spotted on a small island, occupied by graves. Seems to be interring the remains of a Ghoul. Appears to be Operative Shanks, at first glance."
  • "Subject hasn't moved for hours. Distance hindering audible confirmation, but the subject appears to be mumbling to himself."
  • "A ship has docked on the island. Size of the vessel suggests this to be impossible, yet I have eyes-on confirmation. Ship appears to be unmanned... Subject boarding. Preparing to follow."
  • "Lost visual on the vessel. Large banks of mist obscuring vision, vessel's wake is diffused by the current."
  • "Vessel lost, the mist is empty."

End of report.

Addendum: While the above transpired, the archival cross reference division of SI:7 pieced together certain conclusions about the subject. Using voice recordings of previous encounters, the division was able to link the target to subject 666. Possibilities of a blood relation are high; birth records and census ledger entries on Miles Tallow correspond with the circumstantial information we have on subject 888. It appears both parties are unaware of this information.

conclusion: The report of the target's interring of Shanks' remains throws the profile constructed thus far into uncertainty. The vessel in question was later discovered, based on physical description, to have been the Sister Mercy, a pirating Destroyer class ship, known to have disappeared several months prior. There have been reports of it resurfacing, logged between its disappearance and the filing of this report. The subject gaining passage on what is considered a ghost ship effectively removes him from our sight for an unknown length of time. However, the startling conclusions discovered by the archival division may allow us an opportunity to reacquire the subject and perhaps even take him into custody. Efforts expended on the capture of subject 888 will now be redirected to the capture of subject 666, assumed at this time to be the traitor's brother.

At the discretion of the Operation Lead, this file has been suspended until such time when we have acquired subject 666, codenamed Gravekill, at which time we will commence a bait-the-hook operation.

Criminal Record Edit

  • Treason
  • Murder
  • Genocide
  • Torture
  • Grave robbery
  • Hunting endangered species
  • Harassment
  • Assault
  • Failure to obey orders
  • Disrespecting a senior officer
  • Vehicular gnomeslaughter.[[Category: Death Knight ]