Edanna's heart sank so much that she almost felt it stop near the geometric centre of the planet. It was carnage, bloodbath, butchery, slaughter... and she missed it all.

She wanted to scream and punch and kick. It happened right under my nose! And I was so bothered with a stupid potion that I missed it all! I should have been here--

“And have been killed alongside them?” a dry, detached and, considering the circumstances, insultingly reasonable voice in her head asked. She recognised it as her own and loathed herself for it.

“Don't go bananas” she told herself, “Get out of here, look for survivors, help them. Once the conditions are so-and-so stable, find out who did this to you and your kin, fall upon him like a ton of rectangular things used in human construction and then go as stark raving mad as you like. But with an Arcanist's precision.”

She noticed a marauding Ghoul nibbling on a nearby corpse. She looked at it and then killed it with a volley of arcane fire.

Edanna recounted the situation mentally. The terrain was familiar, but likely filled with things that would love to tear you to shreds if given the chance, like that ghoul, she thought. Most of the violence gad been done by mindless animals, she thought as she wandered through the square taking care not to step on any bodies, but some of it is clearly the work of intelligent beings. Some of the bodies have risen, she also noticed as he discovered an area full of blood but strangely devoid of corpses.

Edanna hated to admit it, but she was totally at sea. She knew looking for survivors was the thing to do, but where? How? Shouting would end in summoning a foe rather than friend.

Her gaze met the staff she was holding. Despite all the artistry of making it was not enchanted, just a sign of station. However... Her gaze went along the shaft to meet the crystal mounted on its top. The slender, discreet gem seemed to glow a little. Why not, a thought materialised in her brain, you trusted your arcane Art for so long, why not trust it now to guide you to safety? Edanna closed her eyes, entered, not without difficulty, a meditative state and let the implement fall on the ground. When she opened them, it pointed north-north-west. She picked it up and set out in that direction, sighing heavily.

She saw Alpheri Villegerd, dead.

She saw Sabina Stones, dead.

She saw Alia Mara, dead.

Vesemir Tala, dead.

Fazlo Getsafix, dead.

Talin Getsafix, dead.

Zilla Getsafix-Stonemason, dead.

And their children, dead.

Fadrilia Stonewater, dead.

Aelar Silvermoon... dead.

Death, death, death as she walked forward past the devastated mansions and corrupted gardens. She walked in a mural of death, destruction and despair and she saw parts of it.


There was a picture of a man, hanging from a tree by his wrists. Someone or something flayed his skin and muscles, piece by piece until much of his skeleton and internal organs were visible.

There was a picture of a unicorn with saddle and trappings. The beast whined softly as she snaked past the corpses, stumbling upon her own entrails. Edanna shortened her agony.

There was a picture of a Magister and several Spellswords. They died in a blaze of glory, having killed hundreds of attacking ghouls. Finally, they were overwhelmed and massacred.

There was a picture of a child, sitting, rocking back and forth over two bloody lumps that only vaguely resembled humanoids, his eyes staring into the distance with that kind of glassy gaze that showed there was no living soul behind them.

There were many more pictures, but Edanna did not remember them. She removed them from memory.

She stopped caring.

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