Hunger is an rp-focused guild, which also enjoys a little light raiding. Currently membership tally is at about 20 individual players and a little short of 40 different characters.

Guild Name Edit


Guild Leaders Edit

While there is no formal leadership, then certain members seem to hold some sway currently, including Drokk'thar Iceblood and Winterhide Stonestride.

Description (IC)

Hunger is not a guild in the traditional sense. This is not an organization of people with a common purpose, but a group of individuals tossed together by fate, and it shows. Coming from all walks of life, all the races, there is little holding this diverse bunch together other than the riddle posed to all of them. For they have been chosen, be it by design or pure chance, to carry a strange sort of illness. A spiritual malady, forcing each of them into a strong and insatiable addiction. Perhaps one lusts for power, another for drugs, a third for food, sex, learning or whatever sort of need a person can have. The target of the desire might vary, but in the end it is all the same.

More recently, the members have discovered themselves the keepers of a small child, carrying strange powers and an unforseeable future. This little girl has proven to be the link uniting at least some of the many different members, perhaps indicating the beginning of an organization to come?

Description (OOC)

Hunger is a medium-rp guild, a light raid guild, and at heart, a social guild. There is both an IC and an OOC channel, available to all. The roleplaying is centred around a semi-epic storyline involving powerful forces fighting a rather subtle battle on Azerothian turf. Most collective activities are done ICly, but exceptions are made. Hunger does heroics, light raiding, and rarely even a bit of PvP.

The guild is democratically organized, and it is the intention of the guild that no individual should have the final say.


Hunger is open for recruitment. The only requirement is that you possess maturity, a friendly attitude, and a willingness to join us in having fun. Take a look at the Hunger website for the application form.

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