Tel'dorei Family is fictional family of Tom Ignatius' characters (though it may change) characters on The Sha'tar EU European realm. The members of family are:

  • Ignatius, druid, grand restorer
  • Ignafir, missing hunter
  • Artnar, adopted human child, now so-be-evil warlock
  • Ceonadore, warrior, also known as Huntress of Dead
  • Ceo, fallen priestess


Ignafir is a member of Tel'dorei family. His passion was hunting. However, many years ago he dissapeared without a trace. For years, he's been looked for, but now he is formally classified as dead. Only his sister, Ceonadore, still have not given up hope and travels trough the vast world to found out what might have happened of him. As Ignafir was found nowhere in Azeroth and Outland, Ceonadore fears that he might got into frozen wastes of Northrend and met Lich King.

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