Name Edit

Sister Illayne Shatterstar, Priestess of the Moonlit Temple

Physical Traits Edit

Illayne is the epitome of her race, tall and graceful, beautiful and inhuman, but most of all, distant, even more so than most Kaldorei, even to her own kind. This detachment, and emotional caginess is reflected in her appearance; her long white hair is pulled back tight and tied into a braid that hangs over her shoulder. She rarely smiles, and her silver eyes flash with displeasure when she is spoken to without invitation. She might be attractive, though her hips are somewhat narrower than is ideal, but it is an icy, wholly irrelevant beauty.

By human standards her clothing would be considered revealing, her pale gray skin open to the moonlight, but it is perfectly proper to her station considering Kaldorei norms, and that is all she ever considers. These days a mace or stave might be seen in her possession, but it clearly hangs uneasily off her hips, she is not used to weapons and they are clumsy in her grip. Her skin is unlined and smooth - devoid of the laugh lines that mark a life full of humour.

Race and Class Edit

Night Elf Priest

Guild Edit

Illayne is guildless

Occupation Edit

In order to make a living in her travels in the human holdings, Illayne has recently taken up the art of jewelcrafting. It is a skill she does not excel at, and that is a source of constant, silent frustration. As a Priestess of Elune, Illayne is a proficient healer - though only through the divine grace, her knowledge of mudane healing is sadly lacking. She is also more than capable of performing any rites and rituals associated with the worship of the Lady.

Family Edit

Iyokus Shatterstar; Twin brother, warrior of some uncertain reputation

Velemketri Shatterstar; Father, Druid of the Talon [Deceased]

Marimahta Shatterstar; Mother, Once-Sentinal [Recently Deceased]

Background Edit

Illayne Shatterstar was born as one of a pair of twins to the coupling of Velemketri and Marimahta Shatterstar, the first and only offspring produced by the relationship. She spent her youth in relative happiness, the distance of her father producing only a deep and abiding respect for him and the system of living that he had so readily accepted and defended. After some carefree years spent in the forests of Ashenvale, she joined the Temple as a initiate, much to her father's approval. She remained close to Iyokus, who had begun his years as a scholar researching the past - her own studies on the lore and creed of Elune bringing her into close contact with him and his circle of friends. An incident with one of these very 'friends' - Valaenar - sent the already shy girl reeling even further into her shell, and over time, the shyness twisted into detachment and coldness, which persists to this day. She threw herself completely into the Temple and remains a fervent servant of the Goddess.

When Iyokus suddenly left his home and family it caused a rift between the two siblings [as well as between father and son] that lead to them ceasing all communication for many thousands of years, meeting every now and then to continue the argument without conclusion. Illayne continued to serve in the Temple, doing her duties and rising to the position of fully initiated Sister [as Kaldorei were effectively immortal, rising through the ranks was a matter of waiting for retirement, not death, and was thus, to human eyes, mind-bogglingly slow], helping in the various war efforts with healing and moral support.

With the opening of the world with the Third War, Illayne has traveled to the east in search of Iyokus, hoping to bring their disagreement to an end. What she has seen of man and their ways has only reinforced her belief in the superiority of the Elven way, and she has made few allies amongst the New Races. Recently, she has been once again seen in Darnassus, so presumably her search has come to an end, but whether or not a resolution was found between the two Shatterstar twins remains unknown.

Family Background Edit

The history of the family Shatterstar is short indeed. Not in terms of mere time, for both the patriarch, Velemketri, and the matriarch, Marimahta, originate from a time well before the Sundering, but in terms of size. The family begun with Velemketri, a Highborne 'refugee' if you will, given the name 'Shatterstar' by his Kaldorei caretakers, and at the present date consists only of his twin children, Illayne and Iyokus [though the chances are good that there exist illegitimate children bearing resemblence to the male heir]. Marimahta's own name, before she took on the Shatterstar mantle was Darksoil [in it's full Darnassian understanding it would transliterate more as: 'Deep-dark-rich-soil-feeds-tallest-tree'] and the family is well established in Kaldorei society, with much-lauded Druids [which perhaps influenced Velemketri's own delvings into the Tending?]. To this day, we understand that Illayne retains links to her Darksoil cousins.

If one were to try and dig beyond the Shattestar name, one would soon find the path littered with obstacles. The Highborne were not interested in keeping records of the events that lead to Velemketri's orphaning and the man himself did not talk of his time before he became Kaldorei [a society he worked tirelessly to preserve in all it's traditions and strengths], prefering to believe he was born on the day he took the name Shatterstar.

The circumstances surrounding Velemketri's death are not entirely clear, though what has been determined is that he died in battle, doing his duty as a Druid should. Marimahta passed soon after the fall of the World-Tree, like many old Kaldorei she was unable to endure the loss of her immortality and moved peacefully into Elune's embrace.

Criminal Record Edit

Illayne believes very strongly in the rule of law, and rigidly stays within it's bounds. She has no criminal record in the Kaldorei lands, and though she has little more than disdain for human sovereignty, has committed no criminal acts within their lands.

Personal Notes Edit

Mainly an alt for roleplay purposes, Illayne sits at level 30ish until I can find a use for her. Her background and the family background is not widely known, unless you play a Night Elf with links to them or the events. Feel free to do so :P

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