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After Thrall issued the order to go to war in Northrend everyone went. They keep needing reinforcements so people keep going. Unfortunatly this means that Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are left generaly unprotected from more basic threats, but threats all the same. Thrall ((well, not Thrall in person but someone under him)) sent out a request for a group of loyal horde associates to deal with these threats.

Autumnhoof, hearing of the request, decided to take it on himself to organise this group. He gathered together a group including Thunderstar, his deputy, and called it Illuminae Nocti. They went on like this for a time, going round Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms and dealing with any group that got too big.

Autumnhoof, by then, was a powerful and experienced hunter and was called upon to go to Northrend and fight. He went but still controlled when and where Illuminae Nocti went. After a time he stopped contacting the Thunderstar and, as more of them were called to Northrend, the group drifted apart.


Lately, Thunderstar has been contacted by 'the person who told them to organise this group' and was ordered, as deputy, to take control and start doing their job again. To Thunderstar this came as a slight shock as she had never thought about a time when she would have to take control. But all the same she started recruiting under the new name of The Dawn Guard.

Members Edit

Lunar Patriarch - Maur Autumnhoof (presumed dead)


Lunar Patriarch - the leader

Moonrunner - the Deputy

Cresent Watch - officers

Embraced - Ranged or healing classes (this can depend on Talent points)

Moon Child - Tanks and melee dps (this can depend on Talent points)

Acolyte of Dusk - New members that have not been officialy 'acepted' yet. (members get given a guild tabard and promoted in their first meeting)

Notes Edit

Illuminae Nocti means 'The Enlightenment in the Darkness'.

When we (Autumnhoof and Thunderstar) created the guild we didn't have anything in mind for the Rp or anything at all. seriously! nothing! After a while Autumnhoof stopped comming online and I decided to make the new guild The Dawn Guard

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