Illyxia Rykia Darklight
Illyxia - The Sha'tar
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race High Elf
Faction No allegiances
Health Undead
Level 80
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Location Azeroth/Great Sea

Illyxia Rykia Darklight Edit

Illi-xia Rai-key-ah Dark-light)

lllyxia is a varied person; her reaction to things is totally unpredictable, and unexpected. She likes to have something new to say every day, and usually lets the first thought that pops into her head be the words she speaks, regardless of how ridiculous or uncouth it is. She is a morally ambiguos character, for a Death Knight she is surprisingly passive in some situations, having often taken a punch to the face with a pinch of salt and saying "Oh well." this passiveness leads to a false illusion of Illyxia's persona, and she often surprises others whom do not know her when she acts on her own selfish impulses, greed or cruelty. She's quick to assess situations, in a sense of "on a scale of 1 to 10, what're my chances of surviving this?" which is probably why she's still walking around with a head on her shoulders, to this day.

  • "The Fading Light" was her title when serving in theramore, soon after being imprisoned for serial murder.
  • "Notorious Pirate" is self proclaimed.
  • "First-Mate, Illyxia Rykia Darklight" of The Wreck
  • "Captain Illyxia Darklight" of the Blue Sparrow, her own ship.

    Illyxia by me.

Physical Traits Edit

"So this is Illyxia Darklight... Pretty. For a Death Knight." - Sariella Sunblossom

Illyxia is of an average build for a elven woman. With slender hips and a thin waist. Her build is not as scrawny as game mechanics, her limbs are slightly inflated with muscle, but other than that she is still fairly thin. The only oddity is her breasts are a few sizes larger than the defult elven size. Her most distinguishing feature other than her voluptious form, would be her electrical, long blue hair which falls down to her lower back. Illyxia sports a very unusual choice of style for a hair-do, most of her hair falls long and straight, with various accessories tangled through out it. These accessories consisting of beads, shells and braids. Around the first layer of her hair is several dread-locks, tied into a sloppy style at the back. Her thick blue bangs that fall over her brow, conceal her ethereal cobalt eyes.

Through the glow of her gaze, deep blue pupils are visable, however this would only be seen on one eye as Illyxia covers the other with an eyepatch, but beneath it her eye is entirely white; as if blind. On the eyelid of her right eye there is a ritualistic symbol; voodoo.

Around her large oval eyes, sprouts a thick set of black, long lashes. Around her eye is the shadow of faded make-up, eyeliner specifically. Along her cheek bones are visable black dots - some kind of tribal tattoo's. Circling around the eye-socket. She has several other tattoo's on her body; a large tribal symbol on her upper back, which forms with several shapes of animals - insinuating it's either druidic or trollish. She has a small circular voodoo symbol on her right thigh and a thalassian vined design snaking around her left fore-arm, and a grey sparrow over a colour-less sunset on her left fore-arm, it's faded and turning slightly blue, as it was her first tattoo. She also as a small, scrawled signature on her right buttock which would read in crude writing "Susan".

Illyxia's smell is rather prominant from meeting her. A strong smell of salt-water is about her person, aswell as a sickly, overly-sweet smell, possibly perfume. Her breath almost always reeks of rum, this is also an indication of her lack of hygiene, which she seems to be blissfully unaware of, and shows surprise when others comment on it.

Illyxia sports sharp, symmetrical features, which relate to her Quel'doreian history. Her skin is so white it is almost illuminous, in the sun or candle light, lines of scar tissue are visable over the majority of Illyxia's body; and a few on her face. When channeling runic energy, various rune symbols appear over Illyxia's skin, however when not charging the energy the symbols aren't visable.

Illyxia emmits a specifically prominant aura, a feeling of attraction mingled with the natural instinct to stay away - Illyxia looks likes the type of person you'd not want to meet alone in an alley. On the blade of her right shoulder there is a perfect crescent moon birthmark to match with Dareneth's. Illyxia's differs from her brothers' because of the white slice of a scar going through it. She also seems to be missing the tip of her left ear and always has a bandage wrapped around it.

Illyxia almost always has a cocky grin on her face. Her gums are dark-blue, sporting bone-white teeth. On her upper set on the left side a large silver-tooth resides. Visable on the corner of her smile when she does.

Illyxia's sports attire common to pirates of Azeroth, but adopts a more flamboyant style, with her preffereance for more revealing and strange outfits.

The soul blade

Illyxia's Soul blade

Weaponry: Edit

Illyxia's main weapons, in which she always has weilded would be her large sword, propped over her back, attatched by a leather strap. She -always- has her signature rapier blade by her left side. Naming it her "Soul Blade". The blade is double-sided, with pale-blue runes carved into the shaft of the blade, on the end closest to the hilt. The language the runes are written in is Thalassian, reading "Mother" the most noticible thing about this rapier would be the small wisp orb circling the blade; which is infact the soul of Illyxia's mother. Bound to her blade, in order to look after her daughter. Illyxia discovered her mothers spirit after being held captive by the naga sea-witch, Aerilza.

Her belt is quite alot to look at. Several leather straps hang from it, in which a long set of round iron bombs are attatched, smoke bombs, which come in most handy when trying to escape. Beneath her left sword a small pouch is visable where Illyxia keeps a flimsy pistol. Her luck with guns is rather non existant, her pistol often never fires and gets jammed alot and breaks easily. Comically adding to her distress. Beneath her right sword is a small leather flask. Bulging and filled with rum. And of-course, some small satchels hang from her belt.

Jewellry: Edit

Almost every finger has a ring, and her ears are loaded with small hooped rings. Aswell as her commuinicator, which is altered to fit the casing of an earring, which resides pierced through her left ear-lobe. A very long necklace made from the pincers of crabs, crab legs and coral hangs down to about her waist, she made this herself.


Illyxia's locket

The most noticible of Illyxia's jewellry would be the large pendant that hangs down past her breasts (Probably why it's so noticible?). A silver design of a crab creating a heart-shape. It also opens and plays a sad melody.

Personality TraitsEdit

It's obvious even to people who don't even know Illyxia, that mentally she's unstable. Most of her behaviour is just deluded and strange.

She has an odd twitching habbit. Often swaying on her feet and widening her eye at the slightest occourance - possibly atixic. Atixic, or ataxia is a neurological sign and symptom consisting of gross lack of coordination of muscle movements. Ataxia is a non-specific clinical manifestation implying dysfunction of parts of the nervous system that coordinate movement, such as the cerebellum. Several possible causes exist for these patterns of neurological dysfunction.

Despite few of her heroics, Illyxia is a pirate, and a morally amgibious character. Selfish, self-absorbed and completely obsessed with treasure. When in a situation of danger, Illyxia only thinks of herself. Arrogant with a beastly unpredictable temper. She can also be a very petulent person, used to getting her own way, and not afraid to throw a tantrum, or break a few things to aquire it; to Síon, and other members of the crew she is living proof of the phrase "Hell hath no fury, than a scorned woman." On the posetive climax, Illyxia is spontaneous, clever and witty; fiesty and vivacious, and a has a somewhat skill for strategy.

Illyxia can be described as wanton, and promiscuos; she can come across strongly as flirtacious and loose, however, Illyxia is not one to be described, informally as such "easy" infact, the reason that the majority of her previous flames have a sour memory of her is due to her scoundrelish flirting, and giving off "mixed signals." The flirting is however, a tool of manipulation to Illyxia; which can prove usefull when she's in need of information ect.

Although, for a death-knight, Illyxia only fights if she feels totally obliged, negotiating in non-violent terms "Why fight when you can negotiate?". If faced with many opponants she'd rather make a comical, dramatic escape than stay and fight with honour. But when heartily in combat, Illyxia is cruel and rutheless, sadistic and evil. Using all means to harm and torture her opponant until they call for mercy. As for her usual mood, Illyxia is almost always quite reserved, however don't let this fool you. Illyxia is one big fat conotation with the sea, in-which... Her moods can be described "as unpredictable as the sea"

Fighting Style Edit

Being a melee based combatant, Illyxia -always- fights with her sword, and quite skillfully at that; or any other form of weaponry (She once fought off a naga with an oar). Her offensive and defensive blocks and blows are that of a clumsy fashion, which would be through heavy intake of rum. It wouldn't be uncommon for her to almost barely escape a fatal slice by the skin of her teeth, or take a tumble to avoid a tackle. Although being a death-knight, Illyxia uses her abilities in her own unique fashion, straying from the usage of diseases and infectious blows alot. Relying on speed: Illyxia is extremely quick in combat, this adds up, as her sword strikes may not be very powerful, but she applies hefty damage through speed alone.

Training under the way of Unholy teachings, one of Illyxia's signature moves involves the swamring of an unholy blight of insects, aswell as that; the usage of animating corpses, and using them in a puppeteer style. Speaking of which, Illyxia is commonly seen with her rum guzzling ghoul; Gibbs. Who also aids her in battle. Gibbs is derived from the word "gibbering" as when Illyxia first raised Gibbs from the grave, he wouldn't stay quiet and would constantly natter in an uncomprehensible series of grunts.


Illyxia by me! (Eipuriru-chan on Deviant Art. Ask me if you want to use an image).

Race and Class Edit

(Simply because she still considers herself one, after choosing not to follow Kael'thas and tap fel and such.)

Guild Edit

The Wreck

Occupation: Edit

Her occupations is relevant to the crew she's in.

Illyxia is a pirate. A complete scoundrel, a lying and decieteful scally-wag. She makes her money by robbing, mugging, pillaging and plundering.

Background/Family Background Edit

Taelsra Darklight, a beautiful young high elf, whom sported luscious black tumbling locks of hair, noticibly pale skinned but not sheet white, was born in the enchanting city of Dalaran. She grew up with her grandmother, her mother dying while giving birth, and her father killed in battle. She trained as a battle-mage for the Kirin'Tor like many others. She moved to Brill to work with the Silverhand during her training, where she met a strange, shifty man. A sailor, he grew up in Lordaeron and had no specific magical origin, other than he was skilled with some powers of the light which a paladin of a sister had briefly taught him; Captain Teague Darklight; But his expertise lay in the grasp of a sword, he was one of many extremely skilled swords men, aswell as other weapons. He was thin in the face, with a shapely jaw and fairly tall, they met at a dock in Silverpine, on a day his ship came into bay to collect more trading goods. He was the Captain of Horizon Dancer, an explorer. He was witty and charming, she was fiesty and loud, a smart match. The two fell head over-heels and became betrothed, despite his repetetive absenses in sailing. Although, it was always a joyous day when they were reunited again. Everything was running smoothly as their small family began to piece together. Even more so when the couple found out of Taelsra's pregnancy to her first child, a baby boy; to be named Dareneth, after Teague's father before him. He left on a month voyage 3 years after Dareneth was born; he promised the boy a treasure, and his wife jewellery. Giving them both a kiss and leaving to set sail.

Greed and ConsequencesEdit

As they were sailing they discovered flames on the surface of the water in the foggy distance. As they neared they realised it was the wreck of a completely obliterated ship. They manned the row boats and set out to see if there were any survivors; they soon learned from the black jolly roger strewn and torn over splinters of the crows nest that this was a pirate ship. Teague's men came across a woman laying apon driftwood, shaking and trembling, they pulled the young woman aboard and she flopped onto the deck whilst hyperventilating, and staring at Teague, she desperately beckoned him closer and grabbed onto his shirt as he knelt before her.

"Please, relieve me of this nightmare." whimpered the woman, in her hand was a locket; the pearl-chain wrapped around her hand and between her fingers like a rosary. She sauntered towards the Captain, "Take it. Take all of it, you can have it all, it's yours, keep the foul creatures away, it will come for you!" she reached for a small dagger she had strapped to her arm, before she was dragged from the captain by the crew, she then suddenly died on the spot. After the commotion was over, Teague took the locket from the corpse as it was examined; the medic found no luck and tossed the woman over-board, and Teague kept his new trinket. It'd fit nicely for jewellery for Taelsra.

He didn't sleep the next few nights, always tired but could never drift off. He took the sudden lack of sleeping as home-sickness, and was happy to be reunited with his new wife. They were married and he presented Taelsra with her locket, as a wedding gift. Many months past and still no sleep, until eventually one night he dropped off into a deep slumber simply by exhaustion. Confronted by a nightmare that night, he was drowning and being pulled under deeper, the light of day on the surface of the water growing darker, he could taste the bitterness of the salt water stinging his throat; he kicked and flailed in the crushing black of the sea, before he noticed somone watching him, a naga woman; she pointed at him through the black, with a hiss only to awake in a splutter to find his mouth was actually filled with salt water. Something was terribly wrong. Despite the sleepless nights and the strange dreams, Teague was happy for his wife when they discovered of a second pregnancy. The news was good, but Taelsra took a bad turn on ill luck; and fell lame. She spent most of her time at home.

Six months past and Teague's nights began to improve, he could sleep soundlessly, without any dreams or any sea water invading his throat, and things started to look up; all except for Taelsra who's condition seemed to worsen, she grew thinner, paler, and too weak to look after Dareneth, so much so a nanny had to be hired, a human female named Nelly Linton. Being with child seemed to make her condition worse, even to the point where Teague suggested terminating the pregnancy. The woman fiercly declined, angered that he could conclude to such a suggestion. In result she tore the door asunder and went for a stroll to clear her head. She had to be acompanied by Nelly, to ensure her safety. The pair reached the small harbour in Silverpine, the night was misty and the visability nill; quiet until a distance boom was heard, the sea yonder lit up briefly in the fog, and a cannon ball tore into a docked ship; connecting with it's gun-powder and exploding instantly. Debris was sent flying as the two women attempted to flee. They escaped the harbour, only to pass a house which connected with an airborne cannon-ball, Taelsra tripped and fell to her knees. The chimmney collapsed and boulders toppled towards the woman on her hands and knees; they battered down on her back, but Taelsra summoned all the strength she could muster for her stomach to remain un-crushed to protect her child. Nelly ran to alert Teague of Taelsra's entrapment; Teague was already in combat with the attacking invaders, Pirates. But left abruptly to help his wife. When he arrived; she had managed to crawl crippled from the debris. Her limbs were broken and her pretty face was caved in at the jaw. She lay bleeding, her stomach miraculously still un-harmed. In his distress, Teague abandoned the town with Dareneth, Nelly and the dying Taelsra.

Aerilza, Witch of the Sea Edit

The town was crushed and ran-sacked from every treasure and jewel. The rested on the beach, a mile from where the town was and Teague carried Tealsra to the shore. Bathing her in the shallows of the salt water in hope of cleaning her wounds. He sobbed as she lay limp, her breathing slow and weak; Nelly tried to comfort the crying Dareneth

Tealsra's blood inked into the clear water, tinting it red: the red water washing over the locket rested on her chest in the gentle tide; a loud pulse was audible, which ceased Dareneth's crying, and the child stared out at the ocean vacantly. Suddenly a rip-tide formed large whirl-pool a little further out from where Teage sat with Taelsra in the shallows, carressing her bruised features in her last minutes. He held her tightly to his chest in a possessive manner, staring ahead at the whirlpool in astonishment. A towering naga women, decorated in coral trinkets and lustrous accessories descended from the angry water; her expression was neutral as she slithered towards the man and the dying woman; followed by a school of trident wielding male naga, smaller in comparison to the female - quite clearly of a high ranking. Nelly lifted Dareneth and fled. "How nice of you to find my locket, I wass beginning to think that I had lossst it forever on dry land." hissed the naga. She pointed a webbed finger towards Taelsra's torso, where the locket seemed to chime like a naaru. The slit pupils of the naga woman darted up from her locket to the bleeding Taelsra. "Oh! Obssssserve my children." She gestured to the dying woman. "It baresss resssemblence myself, once apon a time... Ssssssuch a sssshame... Sssssso young, ssssso.. pretty..." Teague seemed lost for words, simply staring at the naga woman in a stupuor. The naga glanced down at Taelsra's swollen stomach, inhaling sharply and holding a taloned, webbed hand over her lips in uncaring astonishment. "And with child? Sssssuch a tragedy for a young father; my heart bleedssss for you: now, my locket?"

The man's bleak eyes, streaming tears; suddenly glinted as he was graced with an idea. He began, trying not to choke. "My wife... she is dying. O, Siren. You know of wicked sorccery; and I beg of ye, please: it is too late for my wife, but save our child. You must understand, your are a parent yourself, aren't you, Siren?" it was a long shot, but the naga woman's unphased expression retorted into a look of contemplation; having once herself experianced loss. But the venemous scowl soon returned, her lip curling back in anger that she were to ever think of such a suggestion. She could simply take the locket from the man regardless. But what if she were to save the child? Perhaps Aerilza could use the land-walker to her advantage.

"I shall give you her locket, anything, even myself as a slave. Please!" Aerilza smirked slyly. "Very well, elf. I sssshall tend to your repulssssive offssssspring. I have two demandssss, however." Teague smiled ecstatically, her couldn't believe his luck. "My firssst, is that you name her Illyxia." The man nodded enthusiastically. "And the second, S-Siren?.." Aerilza's smirk expanded into an evil grin; she licked her teeth and murmured -

"Your soul."

Young Illyxia

Childhood Illy


In her childhood Illyxia grew up with various matrons looking after her, aswell as for many other orphaned children. She was found on the beach Teague had taken Taelsra to. Found crying next to her dead mother in the shallow of a rock-pool, by a nurse in the orphanage who was collecting shells - Teague was no-where to be found. Naturally, the matron took the baby in, and cared for her in the orphanage, despite the fact that she was creeped out by Illyxia, as was all the other orphaned children. As a child Illyxia kept herself to herself. She was quiet and hardly spoke. She sported long, and lovely loose curls of blue hair, with wide radiant blue eyes to match. She was also abnormally pale. She seemed almost emotionless, making no effort to make friends, as a consequence of her apprehensive demanour. She never played, only sat by herself, day in day out watching the sea. Illyxia's strangeness encouraged bad behaviour from the children, which lead to Illyxia being bullied.

Illyxia didn't react to the bullying in any way. She remained silent as she was pushed around, she never seemed happy but she never seemed sad. The only reaction that spurred a hysterical tantrum from her was when a matron tried to remove Illyxia's locket to clean it. The woman required twelve stitches afterwards. On a night when Illyxia was ill with a cold, one of the younger matrons' put her to bed. She didn't share a room with anyone else because the other children were too frightened of her. She over heard the matrons' speaking, they spoke of how Illyxia's odd features freaked them out; slowly she slid from bed to meet her mirror, staring back at the reflection before her. Her usualy pale cheeks flushed with red, contrasting against her aquatic curls. With a snarl, she reached for her bedside drawer, pulling free large iron scissors. Pieces of blue, coiled hair fell around her feet soundlessly over the quiet snips she applied to her locks. Placing the scissors down and staring at her work in the mirror; her hair was choppy, and cut in a short and unkempt, neck-length.&nbsp She sneaked out her window after her fever worsened; the air was content and cool on her skin. Venturing down to her usual spot; the high rocks beside the shore, she heard a wailing and ran to inspect. A puppy had fallen down between the rocks and was trapped. She managed to lift it to safety and decided to keep her new special friend; she named him Zio. Bianca was another girl at the orphan house, a human with brown eyes and dark hair. She, above others felt pity for young Illyxia and eventually be-friended her despite Illy's hesitation. Illyxia eventually told Bianca of her puppy, which she was hiding from the matrons. "Don't tell anyone! They might kick him out." "Don't worry Illyxia, I'll keep your secret." The next day when the bullies returned to provoke Illyxia again, it was different; they emerged holding the small puppy by the scruff of its neck, jeering and taunting Illy. She reacted infront of them for the first time "No!! Let him go! Please!" her surprised tormentors never expected such a reaction from the once quiet girl; one boy held her back and they proceeded to torture the small dog, beating it with a large rock. As the creature howled in pain after every deep smacking-thud, Illy trembled uncontrollably... Bianca darted into the room. "What've you done?! I never wanted -this- to happen!" the girl only just noticed Illyxia; who was staring at her, wide eyed and open mouthed in morbid disbelief; Bianca covered her mouth as if what she said was meant kept secret. "Huh, it's stopped yelping already? That was quick." the three evil boys laughed. She spotted the growing pool of blood around the bloodied animal; at that moment something snapped in the child; her lips curled into a grin and there was silence as her breathy laughter grew louder. Her skin felt like it was on fire as a menacing energy escaped from her body, the strange unatural energy developed into hands and throttled the other children, as this alien force met with them, they garggled uncontrollably, and clutched their throats, liquid was spilling from their mouths: clear water, which eventually turned red as the harsh energy tore them apart from the inside; they were drowning. As the bullies dropped one by one, Illyxia could only watch in bewilderment. But she felt no fear or regret; for once in her life, she felt in charge, felt like she was boss and now the people who hurt her were afraid. The queer energy she controlled was tainted with witch magic, most likely the reason of her fathers' disdain, and the cause of the warning in his dream. She murdered the 3 children who consistently upset her, aswell as Bianca. She left and wandered along the beaches of the marsh that night, carrying with her, her special friend in a linen cloth bundle; critters fleeing from her as she passed by.

The sun was setting and it was a warm night, she burried her friend and then bathed in the water of the shores nearby. It was a secluded area, she sat nude on the sand, enjoying the breeze on her pale skin. She loved the sea, and always felt drawn to it. As she sat alone beside the shore she could see the faint shape of distant islands from across the sea, hurling pebbles towards it. She soon realised she wasn't alone. There was an elf boy watching her, his expression fuelled with annoyance. At first Illyxia was surprised then she frowned, her lip curling over her teeth, covering herself with her hands. She felt the energy building under her skin, at her finger-tips. "So you've come to annoy me too?"

The boy scowled and approached her, seemingly unphased by her nakedness, he then exclaimed how she was throwing interesting pebbles away to the deeps. Orisi Dawnwalker was the boys' name, and the two of them became friends. His dimpled face was always grinning, his ashen blonde hair spiking in every direction. As the two friends grew older, they partook in paladin training. Illy struggled; before she met Ixchel. Ixchel was a troll woman, who was neutral with the alliance forces, and had turned her back on the horde. She was ill treated, naturally; but joined the alliance through wanting peace. She was interested by Illyxia, despite the "bad mojo" vibes she recieved from the young girl, never being able to root Illyxia's aura, she befriended her. Ixchel taught Illyxia orcish, but as a result of her trollish accent, Illyxia picked up the tone of it when speaking the language, which she now commenly uses, with the accent still in place. The troll woman became like an older sister to Illy; the pair both being outcasts for their differences, and thus making them similar. She provided her teachings to Illyxia, which was the art of "The Unseen" in other words, a rogue. Ixchel was the only one Illyxia told of her gift, the troll promised to keep it a secret.

Orisi grew into a handsome young elf, he had many admirers, Illyxia included. But Orisi turned them all down. Illyxia was unsure as to why but dared never to ask him. Orisi was in-love with Illyxia, but remained silent. The reports of murder still baffled the local authority, but of course, no-one suspected Illyxia.

Theramore Onwards... Edit

Jaina Proudmoore now held the small operational docking city known as Theramore; and as soldiers of the alliance, Illyxia and Orisi were ordered to leave the city to aid the forces held on the isle. The consequence of the move would leave Ixchel and Illyxia assunder; leaving Illyxia in low-spirits, but soon cheered up as the regiment set sail to Theramore, to start a new. She would spend her time working in the marsh, hidden in the shadows for any horde outrunners, liable to attack, or to send the message back to the city if so.

The boat trip to Theramore was one of Illyxia's happiest moments. She'd always wanted to sail on a boat, her only memory of boats was helping a man shift a stubborn goat onto a dingy for a gold piece. It took several hours, but the whole time Illyxia spent looking over the sides with erratic interest. Since Illyxia was as much of a soldier as Orisi was, they shared the same dorm building in the fort. There was a rule of no male and females in the same room, but eventually the authorities gave up on punishing Orisi and Illyxia for sneaking into one anothers' room, and they eventually stayed together, however the occassion where the fooling around was too loud wasn't taken too lightly. This was the happiest Illyxia had ever been in her life. She was essentially living with the man she wanted to spend forever with, and the feeling was mutual with him... or so she thought.


The young elf was changed for the better. With Orisi as a friend, Illyxia seemed to emerge from her shell; and become more confident, but her love towards Orisi seemed to be forever mute, despite the physical side of it, Orisi and Illyxia never vocally shared their affection. But as a person, Illyxia developed into a bright, effervescent, and beautiful young woman. Illyxia was still partial to her crimes, but when with Orisi she felt no need to kill. She was deeply in-love with Orisi. Illyxia's assumption of him staying single as a fervent young man were that he was more interested in his training than other women. On Orisi's birthday, Illyxia unfortunately had to spend an evening inn the marshes. She returned disheartened that evening at twilight, she was tired and looking forward to seeing Orisi, which was sooner than she thought; as she turned the corner, she quickly stepped back behind it, peeking around. She had spotted Orisi with a pretty young woman. He was smiling at her, the way he smiled to Illyxia. He then placed a kiss on her cheek and they shared a gentle embrace.



Downfall Edit

Illyxia's guts wrenched together, she dropped to her knees as she gripped either side of her ribcage as if it were going to fall apart. Her long silken blue hair fell all around her as she was reduced lower to the ground.

"Why?..." She uttered. This wasn't fair. Orisi was hers, he belonged to her. Why was he with this other girl? Illyxia was the only one for Orisi. This woman had to be illiminated. Illyxia felt the rage tingle along her skin. Her body jerked as she stood, she felt out of place, as if she was no longer in control. For the first time, Illyxia was frightened of herself. But jealousy over-came the fear as she went on a killing spree through out the city; this time not concealing who she was. She was driven by rage; mutilating, and errupting the lungs of any nearby random citizen, some ran in terror and alerted guards just as Illyxia shattered through the doors of Orisi's home.

His father automatically tried to fight off the blood-soaked teenager. Injured, Illyxia eventually managed to over-power and throttle him. She was looking for the nameless girl. Just as Illyxia had brutally murdered Orisi's mother, she turned to hear a horrified scream. Orisi stood in the doorway. He trembled uncontrollably as he attempted to take in the sight before him. The love of his life covered in the blood of his parents. Illyxia looked at the frightened elf through her hair. She stepped towards him slowly, and simply passed by, quietly with a voice that didn't quite sound like her own.

"Next is that girl."

She heard Orisi defiantly scream "NO!" and she was knocked to the ground by something heavy. She toppled and rolled across the ground as Orisi lay ontop of her, his face streaming with tears.

"Why?! Why did you do this?! Why Illxyia! We're supposed to be friends! Just stop it! Stop it!" He slammed her back and forth against the ground repeatedly, it was only then Illyxia had realised what she had done. Her eyes clouded with tears and the weight shifted from her. She felt a painful pressure of a plated boot slamming down on her temple as she was surrounded by theramore knights.

"Illyxia Darklight, you are under arrest for murder."

As if losing Orisi was bad enough, Jaina was alerted of Illyxia's gift, through courtesy of Ixchel. Illyxia of course found out, which led her to insanity, after the betrayal of her teacher.


Illyxia spent her next few years then on in a heavily guarded cell. She was restrained by shackles from the ceiling. They were only slack enough to allow her to sit down. She was blindfolded to prevent attacking anyone with her energies. She cried often, haunted by love and guilt. Ocassionally she was tested on what caused her to posses such a murderous ability. On Illyxia's 23rd birthday (Human years) she had a visitor. A nostalgic, deeper voice of Orisi Dawnwalker echoed in the cell, guilt crippled Illyxia to a point of agony.

"I will be present at your death sentance... Hell will welcome you with open arms, Illyxia Darklight."

She heard the echo of his footsteps and the clang of the heavy door as he departed.

"Goodbye, my one..." A faint smile came across her lips; ovals of moisture gathering on her blind fold as the material absorbed her stream of tears. She let out a brief, faint chuckle as her sanity disintegrated; her heckling turned into bawlling mad cackling, echoing her containment cell, the laughter drew the attention of those whome guarded the prison; Illyxia's chuckles were cut off by a choking gurgle as her lungs began to slowly fill with water; not enough to kill her instantly; the pain seconded in the act; she felt the water spilling out from her mouth as her lungs expanded painfully.

Now I understand why they squirm so much...

She thought, as she felt herself getting lighter. "Somone stop her! She's killi--" was the last thing she heard. Insanity left her blind to the genuine reality, and she was floating. Or so she thought, Illyxia had just sealed her fate, and killed herself.

New Awakening Edit

A while past after Illyxia's death. And Arthas had taken his worst turn, as naming himself the Lich King; ruler of the scourge. Before hand, the prince knew of the cause of disturb in Theramore through Jaina - Illyxia.

Thus making the elf woman compulsory soldier in Arthas' reign. As a corpse she was taken to acherus; and awoke before the others to find herself confined in a tank, as a Death Knight; the rush of the new awakening and the situation, caused a somewhat adreneline surge through the grave fresh woman; she shattered the boundries of her tank, spilling the embalming fluid everywhere; and falling before Arthas and his minions; she lay nude, covered in the substance before blacking out again; where she was under Arthas' control, like the thousand other death knights.

After Illyxia was eligible to join with the horde as a "blood-elf" she ventured, with curiosity through the Silvermoon she once knew, of course alot was different. The woman kept her head down for the time being; she seemed changed, in an odd fashion. Despite her attempts to stay low, her behaviour often drew attention to her, due to her insanity, she wobbled around, walking in an odd fashion with her elbows raised high, fingers flexing; as if walking along a tight-rope. Also speaking only in orcish, with her trollish spice.

During the months of her new awakening, Illyxia was bereaved of her previous "gift" and thus combed azeroth until she found a particular art which bloomed in her satisfaction; Voodoo.

She spent some-time in the lands of Durotar, learning from the trolls; particuarly on echo isles; where she flourished in the art of voodoo, the dark magic cooperated nicely with her new abilities as a Death Knight also in some trollish culture; like others the trolls took interest in Illyxia's very long hair and spindelled some dread-locks through it, enough for her to fashion it. She then added trinkets to her hair, shells, braids, and accessories, as small reminders of places she's been or what she's done. She sacrificed her initial sight in her right eye using a voodoo ritual, draining it of all pigment, in order to see beneath the surface and read beyond the lines; hiding it beneath an eyepatch; the sight in her right eye see's beyond reality and allows her to view the few spirits that roam around in hope of finding a relation, and admittedly, Orisi. Her eyes' power is still in depth, and not truely known, not even by Illyxia. People who look directly into her pupil report of feeling, sharp, uncomfortable pain in the centre of their skull, aswell as an overwhelming sense of discomfort. The woman had been away from her troubles, as she was abundant in her trollish culture, but decided she'd strayed from Silvermoon enough; this time she made an entrance. Swanning into the city, bearing her dread-locks and loose fitting attire for all to see. That night she discovered her love for rum, and made her way through eversong woods with a load of bottles.

She lay on the beach of the golden strand, sprawled out and drank until she couldn't see straight(a -great- deal of alcohol) before she was startled by a simple - "You, there." The voice was devilishly deep, Thalassian and familiar. She turned to look up to the handsome face of Orisi, shrouded with heavy black and red Blood Knight armour; his scowling eyes once beautiful and blue now burned with the ever taintfull fel. Illyxia's skin crawled and she was instantly sober; paralysed to the spot as the burst of her past errupted in a fall of remembrence and washed over her like acid; her hood fell as she clutched her self as if fearing she'd fall apart. As her blue hair burst out from the safety of her shawl, Orisi went under the same sudden expulsion of pain of the past, he cascaded under the waterfall of memories and hurtled himself at Illyxia as he was drowned with rage; he repeatedy smashed his fist into where ever he could hit on her body and face; drawing force-full breaths as he ripped his hand backwards only to strike her once more.

Continiously he pummeled his fist to connect with her body until he slowed with exhaustion, laying ontop of her and holding his arm bent and ready; blue blood dripping from his gauntlet. He looked down into Illyxia's gaze; her beautiful face bruised and bloodied and errupted into sobs of tears... The woman watched him, her eyes also welling up globules of moisture.

"Kill me." uttered she, and Orisi closed his eyes tightly, moving his bloodied hand up to grasp the hilt of his sword and slowly unsheath it. He lift himself fromt he ground, and pulled her up by her torso; holding the sword in between them, neck level, readying to slice her jugular open horizontally.

"I can't." he sobbed, dropping his sword on the ground with a dull thud, and pulling Illyxia close to him in a tight embrace, smearing blue blood over his armour. This was what she wanted all along... For only Orisi to hold her as he was now, and with that she lifted her head, crushing her lips against his; her blood wetting his skin. They spent the rest of the night together; re-living their once apon a time passion on the sand, one of which neither of them could repel any longer. They had a somewhat turbulent relationship, which lead Illyxia to another break down. She soon realised Orisi wasn't the same Orisi she fell in-love with. He was a monster, he was ruthless cruel and cold, even to her. He also beat her on several occassions after not getting his way. And then she knew, it was her fault: Orisi led a lovely life and it was corrupted by Illyxia, she had made him this creature that was completely parallel to who he once was. She couldn't leave him, and she couldn't leave him like this: it was time for Orisi to pass over... In the night as he slept she took strands of his hair for a spell in voodoo; she hexed her lover and cursed him with weakness and ill fortune.

That morning when Orisi set out to defend the horde from the scourge, he never returned. Illyxia became afraid, if not terrified of the forces of love. For it could be a destructive force that has the ability to destroy and deteriorate ones self. As it had done to Orisi.

For Illyxia life went on after that, she recovered from her turbulant romance with Orisi; and stuck her interests only to lust, it was only what she was used to. She delved deeper into voodoo and dark arts until she announced herself as a private mystic; rumours surrounded and Illyxia decided to keep herself from trouble for once, and tried to regain a bit of honour.

With that, Illyxia visited the silk traders, in order to restore a supply to Silvermoon - requested by Solarias Ash'dan - in which there was a harvest of former criminals, reduced to slavery. She was ordered to assist in the the flitting of the slaves, but instead refused and set them free, due to her strong beliefs in freedom. She was then stripped of her loyalty to the city and branded as a pirate with the scold mark of a "P" on her right lower arm, courtesy of Solarias Ash'dan. She escaped victoriously before arrest, returning to Booty Bay, where she created a reputation of a beautiful scoundrel, who seduced men then stole from them. And she also carelessly ran up debts with several of the visitors and locals to the sea-town, which she still is yet to repay till this day.

A Pirates' Life for Me! Edit

Illyxia became more involved in the city of Booty Bay, and Scallawag Point. It was then that she strengthened her bond the Blood Sail Admiral, Quincy Lyon. They noticed one another at first but never actually exchanged pleasantries. It was only after Illyxia defeated Drendil Bloodstorm in a punch up infront of Quincy in his spot in undercity, was when they began talking. He nick-named her "Breasts" and still does she also learned of his position in a pirate crew; and that he was a known criminal, intruiged, Illyxia decided to find out more about The Bloodsail Elite...

After asking around she became more interested from the replies she was recieving and eventually joined Quincy and his band of Pirates. The crew was tough and hostile. Illyxia generally kept herself to herself, only mainly speaking to the admiral and going about her duty as a swabbie. She couldn't stand cleaning up. Especially when others deliberately made a mess, this resulted in her landing in alot of fights, particuarly with Xuu Ravenheart. The two formed a bitter and bitchy rivalry. "I'd rather soon choose a short drop n' a quick stop than t'work wiv' that spoiled bimbo." -Illyxia to Quincy and Xuu. Illyxia had respect for Quincy despite her abhorrance of being told what to do; however, she couldn't trust him as far as she could throw him, and was always carefull with what she said and did when on board, or in his company.

Captain Síon D'Coleus... Edit

8 Months had passed since Illyxia had officially joined the Sails. After a long day of attacking a small village she pulled into Silvermoon City and headed through murder row, following her insatiable thirst for alcohol. As she approached the entrance, she felt eyes on her, and heard the ruffle of clothing. She spun and pulled free her sword, holding it out at arms length to the shadows where the noise was heard. Through the shade she watched, a large grin slowly widened; the gold ores between the other pearly teeth glinted in the dim light; as well as the fel-green glow of an eye, only one. The figure stepped from the shadows with his hands behind his back. Still retaining the same smile, watching Illyxia. As the low light washed over, bringing him into view, Illyxia could see his hair was jet black; but unusually tinted with faded colours, like oil or petrol; his skin was a rustic, golden brown with a dirty burgindy and black attire. She lowered her sword hesitantly. Lifting her brows and smiling only slightly. "Evenin'" his voice was deep and husky, with a salty accent. Which was unusual to find in Silvermoon. "Ahoy." replied she. She learned his name was Sion D'Coleus, or prefferably with the title -Captain- Sion D'Coleus. They spoke for the rest of the evening and had a long night of drinking. The night ended in the strangers sharing a passionate kiss (or a few

Sion in Booty Bay

Sion in Booty Bay

Their drinking sessions became more frequent three times every few weeks, Illyxia was simply intruiged by this sly man, they were similar, and she had found a degree of respect for him; and vice versa. The same night, Illyxia ran into Nomair and Xuu; they told her of Sion, who he really was, and what his intentions were. She learned of his attempt to once comandeer the Majis Tiras, Quincy's ship. Also that his plans were to desecrate the blood sails entirely.

Nomair, the giant, muscular elf he was drew nearer and leaned closer and closer to Illyxia with every hostile word: "By all means, spend time with the weasel; but know this. If I ever find out you're responsible for any slip of information... I'll crush your bones to fine dust and have your head on a spike. Are we clear?" Illy leaned back as he moved closer, smiling appolegetically. "... Inescapabley."

Her time spent with Sion was strange now, knowing the truth. And knowing that he'd openly back-stab her at any moment, despite their friendship. But she swallowed down the hard truth of not only being a pirate but life: trust no-body but yourself - and decided to take the rest of her evening with a pinch of salt. Countless rum bottles later... The pair spent the night in the Stranglethorn jungle, where things heated up...


They lay together on the sand under a blanket of stars, and the moon as a light, nothing but their clothes lain over them. Sion slid out from under the clothe-pile and waded into the ocean slightly, placing his hands on his hips and staring out at the horizon. "Tha' horizon shall no longer be a stranger t'me once I get me 'ands on a ship, I'll tell ye' tha' miss Illyxia." She pushed herself onto her elbows, several locks of blue silk spilling over her shoulder, and rather mechanically replied, "I know ye be wantin' t'destroy the Bloodsails, Sion." The man flinched, turning his head slightly to look at her from the corner of his eye. She pulled his shirt - alot too big for her - over her head and stood; holding the red tabard in her hand. She tightened her hand into a fist and watched the skull and cross-bones on the dirty satin design crumple. "An' I can help." she said darkly. The tabard she held burst into a bottle-green, unholy flame, charring the blood-red design black. She watches the pattern wither with a wry grin on her face.

From then on out Illyxia became a member of The Wreck. It was small, the crew consisted of the Navigator Elisandra, and various other crew-mates; Lidien, Fyusha, Naare, Shi'fon, Hallows and Vorrox. In comparison to the Blood Sails, Illyxia got on rather easily with the crew, but still held her cards close to her chest, she'd felt the sting of betrayal before, and wasn't prepared to go through it again. Illyxia got on best with Elisandra, Shi'fon and Lidien. (Lidien the least). She began to feel content in her position, she could often flounder out of duties discreetly, due to her previous relations to Sion, which still commonly occoured. She gained a reputation for being rather frightening, not hesitating to start a fist fight, or place a headbutt on the nose to anyone who opposed. It might've been fear that landed her place of first-mate, most believed it was because of her large chest, or being Sion's favour, an idea Illyxia isn't particuarly too fond of. But she became First-Mate to the Captain, and it wasn't long before Sion followed up his words; they soon came by a boat through sheer violence and swindelling.

Screenshot 100 copy

"I don't know where your wallet went, I swear!"


Family Edit

Friends Edit

The list of scally-wags goes on...

Relationship Edit

"Relationships? Marriage? It's all a wager t'see who falls out of love first, really."

Illyxia is too unfaithfull to take part in a serious relationship, aswell as her fear of commitment and love deprive her of the oppertuinity, and thus concludes her interest to lust and often has the occasional fling. She uses her winesomeness and lust as a weapon to those whom posses what she desires; may it be revenge, or information; she has also previously used seduction to charm men enough to rob them. Having a big ego, Illy claims to have "tremendous initiative of the male creature" although her conquests are often left with a sour memory of her, Lor'ante continiously announces his un-dying love for her, to her discomfort, and phrasing that her only true love is the sea.

The one she'd only seem to have real interest in is her captain Síon D'Coleus. Ce'arius, and other crew members often tease Illyxia, saying that she "'As th' hots" for the captain, which she denies and simply concludes her interest to lust. The pair are not serious, and often partake together in lustfull flings, and flirtacious remarks; but she is partial to call him "M'love" or "My one" and vice versa.

"It's all fun and games now, Illy. But soon you will face the bitterness of mortality. Síon will die, one day of what ever cause - and you'll live on, forsaken to haunt the world, crippled by your grief until your own sour end." - Orromis

Despite declining, Illyxia does bare significant adoration towards Sion; she has never said "I love Síon" but "I am Síon" which suggests she views him as herself; as a mirror reflection, or soul-mate. Illyxia and Sion are more or less duplicates of one another, the only difference being gender. Enclosed in Illyxia's mind, she and Síon are soul-mates, but she and he alike, will never admit their feelings: they each will never officially own one another, but own a part of one another, as they have both reffered to each other as "My favourite." She is also the only one who can get away with calling him by his name only, without recieving punishment.


The Gorloc:Edit

Occasionally lagging behind Illyxia, is a miniature gorloc which stowed away in her bag to escape predators in Sholazar Basin, which in result caused Illy to be captured by the Frenyheart Tribe. She was to be cooked and eaten, but her scaley companion fled to seek help from its own tribe. It ended in a horrific and pointless battle to save Illyxia, who ran away anyway, but took with her the unamed gorloc, because it was cute. Despite it being an amphibian, it acts alot like a kitten or a puppy, making for a pleasant companion. The creature is simply reffered to as "The Gorloc" or "M'gorloc" which it seems to answer to; the creature also seems to be a living bag-pack, Illy feeding it several items which it can store and regurgitate when she needs it.


Illyxia's ebon hold charger; despite it being an ethereal creature which can be summoned, Illyxia grew quite attatched to her bony-pony and named it. Despite it's attitude and biting problem. Now however, she seldom uses Tyrantis, unless she really needs to pluck him from the realm of shadows.


The venomhide raptor responsible for many bite wounds on Illyxia's hands when she raised it from a hatchling. She decided to name it a common name in comparison to the complicated names trolls name their mounts, so Simon it was. Simon's skin is covered in a strong-scented poison which has weakening effects, that can cause hallucinations, sickness and diarrhoea.

Criminal Record Edit

Too much to mention, but here's the main ones.

  • Serial murder
  • Vandalism
  • Public assault
  • Destruction of city property
  • Piracy
  • Pillaging
  • Indecent exposure
  • Assaulting authority
  • Thievery
  • Armed robbery
  • Arson
  • Impersonating authority; specifically an Argent Dawn Clerk, A Blood Knight.

She's also wanted by a number of civilians and criminals, due to owing them money, which she "promised" to pay.

Split identities


Tia Dalma

Tia Dalma

Pirates Of The Carribean - Tia Dalma

Theme Tunes, Quotes & FactsEdit

  • Theme tunes

Death From Above 1998 - Little Girl

Hans Zimmer - Tia Dalma

Spiderbait - Black Betty

Wolfmother - Woman&nbsp

Pink - trouble lyrics

Pink - trouble lyrics

Pink - Trouble

  • Quotes

"I have every faith in your reconilliatory navigational skills, Miss Elisandra. Now where's that penguin, I want to shoot something."

- Illyxia to Elisandra

"For somone 'oo 'ates pirates, you're quite on your way t'becoming one. You're selfish, self absorbed. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. An act of selfish impulse... savvy?"

- Illyxia to Blood Knight, Zero.

"Would I lie to you?"

- Illyxia to Keelo

"Can't rely on either of you, honestly. I leave you people alone for one moment and everything's gone t'pot."

- Illyxia to Ce'arius and Síon

"Why would he do that? Because he's a lummox isn't he? We shall have a magnificent garden party and not invite him!"

- Illyxia talking to herself

"Worry not m'love! I'm bad at dying. I mean, look at me: I died once and I even still managed to come back, adjectent is it not?"

- Illyxia to Síon  

"I didn't steal it, I just borrowed it without asking."

- Illyxia to Lurhan

"You are neither loyal nor honourable. A pirate, an undead one at that. You, Darklight. Are more or less scourge." "Well, you smell funny."

-Illyxia to Sariella Sunblossom

"Our destinies were entwined, Orísi; but never one...We are so different, you and I. Like frost to fire; I don't know wha' souls are made of... but what ever it is, Sion an' mines' is the same. 'e is more myself than I am; Orisi, I am Sion. Our bond resembles th' thick rocks beneath us, while as yours and mine is the weak foilage in th' woodland floors. 'E is always, always in my mind: not as a pleasure, anymore than I am a pleasure to myself, but as my own being."

- Illyxia to Orísi

"'Ave you ever 'eard of th' story about th' Scorpian an' the Tortoise? Unlikely friends they were, an' one day they came across a river. The Tortoise said to th' Scorpian, "I'll carry you on my back across th' water, but you 'ave to promise not to sting me." So th' Scorpian promised and they floated across th' river. When they reached th' shallow bank on th' other side, the Scorpian stung th' tortoise an' jumped onto th' land. In 'is last dying moments the Tortoise asked "Why?" ... an' th' Scorpian replied "It's just my nature." ... Orisi, you're th' Tortoise in this story."

- Illyxia to Orísi

  • Things you should or might know about Illyxia.
  • Illyxia is a death-knight.
  • She suffers from a few delusional mental illnesses.
  • Illyxia is a pirate.
  • She is first-mate of the Wreck.
  • She has her own ship named "The Blue Sparrow" commonly reffered to as "The Sparrah"
  • Illyxia is a liar, a cheat and utterly unfaithfull.
  • She is currently involved in some sort of on-off fling with her captain, Síon D'Coleus.
  • Illyxia is very seldom sober.
  • She is a known criminal in the city of Silvermoon and Booty-Bay.
  • Illyxia has very big breasts. (Doy?)
  • She is afraid of owls.
  • She has a terrible temper, and a big ego.
  • She was once in the Bloodsail Elite
  • Illyxia doesn't have to eat, drink or sleep to survive.
  • She is fluent in orcish, thalassian and common. Claims to know trollish, but it's really jibberish.
  • She's terrible at singing.
  • Things you shouldn't or might not know about Illyxia.
  • Illyxia is terrified of love.
  • Her favourite food is ice-cream.
  • She committed a degree of mutiny against the Bloodsail Elite when joining Sion D'Coleus
  • She is infertile.
  • Her most treasured possesion is her cursed locket.
  • She has a temporary tracking device around her neck, courtesy of Ylanda Kroueneth.
  • As a child, she killed up to 16 children in 10 minutes.
  • She is still technically a Quel'dorei. But passes off as a Sin'dorei to avoid arrest.
  • She had brief training as a paladin, but then took up the skills of a rogue.
  • She still has both feasible eyes despite her eye-patch.
  • Her hair is naturally blue, yes she was born with the hair colour.
  • Her guild commuinicator is an earring on her left ear-lobe.
  • It takes 2 days of drinking alcohol of Illyxia to pass out
  • Illyxia is partly a spirit being, saved from the womb and crafted by a naga sea-witch using a split of her fathers' soul.

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Other neglected Characters belonging to me; Aurielle Starwhisper, Neave Cadogen, Idrill Amaranth Moonfeather, Zyxia

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Illyxia poses!

Illyxia poses!

Illyxia pose

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Illyxia's salty-wench attire.

Sion and Illyxia

Captain Síon D'Coleus and Illyxia Darklight! ..Canoodling.