Imithriel Shadowstrider
Imithriel the Death Knight
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Quel'Dorei(High Elf)
Faction Born into the Horde.

Now she follows the Lich King.

Health  ?
Level  ?
Status Alive
Location Icecrown

A former Quel'Dorei Assassin, now in the hands of the Lich King. She will always only be truly loyal to herself though.
Related to Mailinya and Zil'Qanaz Shadowstrider.

Name Edit

Miss Imithriel Ika Shadowstrider.
Sometimes called Devyn (pronounsed as 'Devine')
Her name was given by her father, and mean 'Once currupted, now purified'.
The middlename is from her mothers tradition with the three-letter middlename.

Physical Traits Edit

Imi was only a girl when she died, and she still looks so. Her body has matured though, and she trains alot to keep it fit.
Her hair is short and blond, and easy to cover her face with. She has the eyes of a Quel'dorei - bright blue - as when she was alive, and she often try to hide this rare trait.
Only her darkened skin and her emotionless expression would tell anyone who gazes upon her, that she have seen death.
The way she walks shows her extreme agility and balance.

Race and Class Edit

Quel'dorei Assassin.
(Blood Elf, Death Knight)

Guild Edit

Your Guild Here

Occupation Edit

Imi serves no one. She would call herself an assassin or even a bounty hunter, as that is how she earn her money.

Family Edit

Mother - Mailinya Shadowstrider
Father - Zil'qanaz Shadowstrider (dead)
Younger twin siblings - Adrastos and Elina Shadowstrider
Godfather - Verdauga

Background Edit

A green light filled the open room in the barracks of the Blood Knights. Open but filled with knights of all ranks. One person stood out in this mess of people though. Definitely not one of the Knights. Her pose was strong, with her chin in the air. She had been checked for hidden weapons many times, and bear only little of her armour.
"I will tell you." Her voice was hard and cold, but her eyes showed an uncontrolled liveliness. "You shall know it all, and I will not spare you any detail. It is all the truth."
She blinked at the Master in front of her, who slowly lead his sword back to its sheath. He nodded back without removing his hand from the hilt. Years of practice had taught him not to trust anyone easily, and he would stay on his guard.
This didn't seem to bother the girl abit, who grinned up at him as she took a seat without permission. She saw him open his mouth to object. This is where she started her story:
"I was born in The Barrens on any other day on one of my mothers journeys. I was expected of both of my parents for a long time. So long for the young girl, who was suposed to become my mother, that she had grown tired of waiting." A slim but strong hand rushed through the blonde hair covering this Quel'Dorei head. She didn't seem to be bothered the slightest that she was going to fill in people she had never met before with a story, that she had never fully trusted any person with before.
"They both wanted a child. My mother was convinced that her end was near, but she wanted a way for her and what she had achieved to always be remembered. And when my dad came along with that terrible and sad story, she saw she had to give him a family and make him happy. I was their first born, I mean sure my mum had tried before but lost both of the unborn children before they were born because of her 'wild surroundings'.
As I said, my mother hadn't been able to wait anymore and had started studying a new subject and she couldn't let this subject go when I finally came out. You see she was an incredibly bad mother to me. She always cared more for her 'Druidism' and this new tutor on it." Something changed in the blue eyes and her hand closed itself in a fist. She disliked her mother and the Druid, anyone could see that and this amused the Master Knight, who only a few hours ago had been fighting this wreck of a former Elf. A smile grew on her thin lips as she went on though:
"So my father took care of me. Or at least when he had time for it. He taught me some tricks as the well-trained assassin he was. The rest I learned from my personal teacher. Here. In Silvermoon. Did you like it?" She laughed shamelessly at one of the Adepts in the corner whos condition seemed alot worse than the others. A big black eye - still growing - and a heavily bleeding wound on the side of the head which another Knight was tending to. The Master in front of her pulled out his sword so quick the hilt colided with her grinning head. A small opening on the girl in questions forehead showed where it had hit, but instead of a warm red stream of blood, a few black drops showed and slowly made its way down along her nose. Out of her peripheral vision she saw a few of the Knights turning away in disgust by this sight. The rage quickly built up inside of her and she measured the time it would take to draw one of the Knights swords and cleave the good Masters head with it. As if he read her mind, he placed his big warm hand on top of her head. He leaned forward until his finely cut face was close to hers. His smell filled her nose and she looked straight into his green eyes.
"Are you done, or shall we go on to the execution?" He asked in a low voice, to let her keep some of her dignity she thought angrily. She needed noone to care for her feelings. She never had.
"Mostly I lived with a Troll and his family. A friend of my father." She continued as if nothing had happened although her voice abit darker. The Master let go of her when he felt it safe to. "He made sure I got enough to eat and clothes on my body. He taught me how to read and write. All the things my mother should have done.." She was interrupted by one of the Knights in the room. Probably a Master judging by his armour. His long thin face was pale and framed by the long white hair.
"We couldn't care less about your whore of a mother. Give us a better reason to why we shouldn't procede to the execution." Something in his words, his voice and the look in his eyes told her that he knew her mother, and perhaps even been with the 'whore'. To everyone else in the room it was just a question they all now seemed to have wanted to ask.
"In Silvermoon City there was a rumour about a man who enslaved others." She knew this information most likely would make these slow Blood Knights listen. Her thin black sleeve was run over the black substance oozing from the gap on her forehead. She could smell it. It reminded her of rot and people long dead, but she didn't seem to care. She continued talking with a smelling dried-up shadow of blood on her dark skin.
"As I investigated this, I found out it was not just a mere rumour. And I found out who did it and I punished him as I found best. After this I don't remember much though. Only a darkness surrounding me. They, my friends, said I was turning corrupt. Wanting more and more power and I do remember clutching a sword as dark as my soul. It fit my deepest and darkest wish. That's of course when the Lich King robbed me of my dear soul."
"Abominating." This time it was a woman who interrupted her. The female Knights eyebrows were drawn close together and her mouth just a thin line in her face. She looked most of all like she had just tasted something horrid.
The Death Knight finally felt as usual. Hated. She continued with a smile:
"When my good father heard of this, my death, he left home for a battle. Some pirates he had fought with for a long time. The odds were immensely against him. My father was murdered that night. Carelessly thrown away. I swore revenge. It lead to several assaults and interrogations until I found the one. The man behind it all." She held her breath, taking a look on each face. Every pair of eyes in the room were fixed on her. How could she have gotten herself into this trouble? Behind her cold mask she was thinking of an escape.
"Unfortunately he got me first. He took me to the basement at the inn in Brill to torture me. Apparently he knows the innkeeper there well." A sound emerged from her, that woke everyone up. She laughed, but it sounded more horrible than heartily. "They were about to rip out my eye.." She continued, moving her hand quickly, dramatically forward as to steal an invisible enemys eye. "That was when one of their own started to share some love with the others, punching their faces in. He was a good man. A long time ago at least.
Well, we got away. And secretly we fell in love. How strange a thing it is to look back at so many horrors, happening because of a single judgement." Her eyes turned distant for a moment before she continued: "For a long time we were on the run. He even got me pregnant and we swore, some day we would get away from everything. Finally I had something to care for and run away for. And now dangers were closing in more and more." Her voice slowly turned more passionate, without she noticed it. "One day he was gone. He did not come back and I waited for so long. I gave birth to a dead child. I.." She paused. "Death Knights who were still in allegiance with the Lich King asked for my help. They convinced me I shouldn't waste my time waiting for a man who didn't even care for me or our stillborn son."
Angry muttering and hateful whispers spread out quickly. Among the words were ' traitor ', ' judgement ', ' Undercity ' and ' execution ' repeated several times. Everyone knew about the little pay-back the Death Knights had got on Undercity and the unprepared Forsaken as a result of Putress' fun at the Wrathgate.
"I wasn't by the gates!" She bellowed out to be heard over the mumbling and discussions. "Ask my mother, she was there, with the Dark Rangers. I wasn't there. I only scouted and..stuff." She looked around on the faces now bought to silence. If there was something she didn't want, then it was to be judged as guilty in something she was innocent in. She knew she 'deserved' that execution, maybe a million times over, but she would be judged on her true sins.
"I met him months later. He was changed forever and so was I. Our plans of marriage and of a happy life. Gone." She sat up straight, clearing her throat. She really shouldn't be so sentimental. "My mother had for a long time declined our wishes of marriage. She told him that he was wasting his time on a girl who'd kill for anything. But now when she saw that it was killing me. He wouldn't talk to me, so my mother went to him instead. He assaulted her." Her voice turned darker for each word spoken.
"Her naked body was found in the Sewers of Undercity. He even bragged about this in broad day-light! On the streets of Silvermoon! It was a miracle that she didn't die."
Suddenly the ground started to shake. Dust fell from the roof and the walls threatened to break and throw the building on top of all of them. Burying one and all alive. But as sudden as the earthquake had started, it stopped again. Knights nearest the exit ran out to see if anything had caused this, or if anyone was hurt. Shortly after they heard shouting and screaming. A Knight covered completely in black smudge exclaimed that explosives had been set alight at The Royal Exchange. He looked as though he was about to break into tears as he bought them the terrible news.
It took a few seconds for the Knights to realize what had happened and before they had shouted out orders for the lower ranks of Blood Knights. Masters aswell prepared for a cleaning of the city to find the responsible. All Imithriel could hope was that her old master was far away by now, and safe from this place.
Midst the chaos she disappeared as though she had never been there.

Family Background Edit

As Imi's mother didn't have much time, or love due to her young age, for her daughter, Imi grew up with her father. He was a master assassin, and Imi learned alot from him. She wanted to be just like him, and very early she started her training.
She always disliked her mother, and only spoke with her if very she was forced to.
When Imithriel died, it turned her father mad and he couldn't control his enemies and was eventually killed. This obviously upset Imi alot, and she is now after his murderer for revenge.

Criminal Record Edit

Despite her being an assassin, she has never been caught by the Blood Knights or any of the guards.

Personal Notes Edit

Craft Of War - Blind
Be sure to watch in HD!
I didn't make this video or own any rights.
(leather FTW!)

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