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Inifay Marabon


Height: 5ft 2 Inches
Hair: Dark with an almost blueish hue.
Eyes: Green
It could be said that Inifay looks like a work of art. As if time was taken to sculpt and mold each delicate feature to perfection. You would, quite literaly, be correct.


Remic Marabon was a Rogue. A pretty good rogue by all accounts, but not necessarily as good as he thought he was. Therein would be his downfall.

Having made his livlihood through theft and double speak, Remic rarely, if ever, turned down a high paying job. So when his friend, a young rogue named Pyx Dawnstrider, approached him for help with a high paying heist, he couldn't say no.

The task set before him was simple. Break in, retreive an Orb of unknown magical properties from the home of an Arch Mage, get out, profit.

The plan however, though simple as it was, did not go according to his ideal. Upon reaching the Orb, Remic was confronted by the Arch Mage who was none too appreciative of his fine work at making it that far. With a flick of her wrists and a flash of arcane energies, everything went dark for Remic.

Two weeks later a young girl would wake up in Silvermoons Murder Row, quite dazed and confused and wondering why she was suddenly so short. The mage, knowing that no conventional prison could hold a rogue, had crafted a prison of her own for the wiley Remic. A body of magical clay, crafted flawlessly into the image of a young Sin'Dori female which would hold Remic's soul. Trapped. Paniced at first, and with obvious reason, Remic went to find Pyx to whom he instantly explained the situation.

Pyx, after she had finished laughing, felt partly responsible and offered to do all she could to aid Remic, whom she then dubbed 'Inifay', so as to not draw too much attention to his former identity and thusly make 'her' an easy target to any old enemies or guards with a score to settle. Pyx though, with a price on her head and a heavy heart, had to leave Silvermoon and thusly Inifay was left to fend for herself.

Peniless and alone the young Inifay knew she had to find work. Initially she turned to her former path as a rogue, but soon found that the thoughts of facing her former collegues in her current state too much and thusly sought out a different route. Faith would once again take an odd turn upon meeting with a Lady Raith, a Blood Knight friend of Pyx. Seeing the power Raith could weild, Inifay was inspired and soon took up the path of the sword and light. The path of the Paladin.

Things where far from easy for Inifay as being a knight went against every instinct she had known as a rogue.
A life time of reflex and knowledge would have to be disreguarded for her to make her way through the Blood Knights ranks.

Thankfully however, Inifays time alone in Silvermoon was realitively short lived. One Caliopé Markaneth took pity on the young Paladin and cast a watchful eye over her and the mayhem she tended to bring upon herself, often pulling her out of the proverbial fire when things got too much. Since that point Inifay has made many good friends and even gained a family and through a powerful spell from Xierria Fenri, the clay body became flesh and blood.

Recently however a dark discovery has been made on what became of Remics old Body.

Whilst the soul was trapped in clay, the body was sent to the north to keep it from it's original owner. In a twist of fate however, the transport holding it was attacked and the body was taken and later caught in a resurection.

What was Remic arose. A pawn of the Lich. Souless. A mere shell filled with hatred and anger. His only true desire, to retake the soul he was now missing. By any means necessary.
Until recently, Inifays every step had been haunted by the Death Knight and every day her fears for her new family grew, pushing her to train harder and harder so that she may one day face her former self in battle and end the constant air of fear.

The Remic Knight, however, was defeated in battle by a member of Inifay's adopted family after an attempt to find Inifay and retrive their collective soul.

This has ultimately condemed her to stay Inifay forever, but, the fact the Remic Knight can no longer hurt any of her new family makes it worth the price.

The Remic knight , she felt, still held part of her, and with him dead, part of herself died as well.

She had mourned her own passing.

She had also been struggling with a choice whether to remain flesh or return to Clay, but this choice has been taken straight out of her hands as a spell was issued to remove her Remic conciousness.
This seems to have taken Inifay's 'edge' and left her with only Nine months of very patchy memory, and a naging feeling she's forgotten something very important.

Recently she's had some odd moments, both in magical use and physical ability. Each time it happens, her eyes glow Violet, the same colour as the large body of magical energy that kept her clay body alive.

Inifay has recently left Silvermoon, attempting a trip of self discovery. Whilst she is unaware of her previous life as Remic and will, presumably, never discover such things again, she is now aware she was a constuct. This leading her to wonder where her place is in the world and what purpose she could possibly have.


Whilst Remic's family are dead, Inifay has gained an adopted family, all of which mean the world to her.

A. Aunts:


Knight of Silvermoon
Blacksmith: With a fascination for blades this was the perfect profession to begin with.
Engineering: Initially this profession was taken to make repairs on her own clay body, but since turning to living flesh, she has let it lapse considerably.


"You tell tales of monsters to scare children. You tell tales of me to scare monsters." - So sure of herself at times.

"This is too complicated. Life was easier when people just paid me to kill things..." -The Facts.
"Those are all terrible choices!" -It's true, they where.
"I will destroy you so completely, it'll scorch the ground you walk upon..." -Always quick to anger.
"Inifay the Magnificent! Pleasure to meet you!...... Probably." -Probably.
"You probably want to get some water to put that fire out....or some marshmellows. Depends where you're going with this.'" -Would have liked the marshmellows.
"Looks like a demon, smells like a demon and kills like a's probably a demon...'" -No truer words.
"Does a nightelf poop in the forest?" -Yes.
"There are more things in the heavens and hells than any mind can imagine." -Ini the philosiphor.
"Violence isn't the answer. Violence is the question. The answer is YES." -A life rule.
"You have to sleep sometime. I advise it not to be sometime soon."- Sweet dreams.
"I will end you..."-A little bit of Remic still in there.

"I refuse to acknowledge the giant turtle behind life is weird enough as it is."-Denial

"If I kill you...will that make me a god? Or something better?"- On godhood.

"If you plan on killing me, you had better make sure I stay dead. I'm developing a habit of coming back, and it's getting hard to break."- On death.

"For a brief moment....there it was.... Happyness...then once again the master theif steals it away...even in death..."-Upon thinking of her life now.

"I -AM- that fast."-She is that fast.

"We'll dance again, you and I, and I'll be keeping your hat."-She wants that hat.

"Life isn't easy... but thats the point. The struggle makes it all worth it. It's because it's hard that we get to appreciate the little things....The Important things... Like Silver's smile and Cali's hugs...So...Remember that ok? I won't be around to remind you forever and always...."-The truth on life.

"No! Cali logic..." -Logic. The enemy.

"I got to hug a mammoth!"-She did.

"It's like playing three level chess...I make a move, then look up and realise I've been checkmated on two other boards..."-Damn chess.

"It doesn't matter what's in your's what's in your heart that's important."-Ini, disreguarding the circulatory system entirely since 2009.

"You have to fight for yourself... How could you be trusted to fight for others if you can't even fight for yourself...?"-The right to fight.


Inifay enjoys alcohol a little too much. This has led to her adopted family holding an intervention of sorts and making her go 'cold turkey'. When not causing trouble she occasionally likes to draw and loves an adventure.

Note Worthy FactsEdit


  • Dispises being told she can't do anything, no matter how reasonable the person telling her might be and this often drives her into situations beyond her current capabilities.
  • Still has a certain amount of knowledge from being Remic, which, while sometimes useful can also make her forget she's not as powerful and skilled as he was and most certainally no longer a rogue. This knowledge seems to be slowly slipping away though as time passes.
  • Loves mana biscuits and spice bread.
  • Is quick to anger but also easy to defuse by the right people.

The more tired she becomes is directly proportionate to how cranky she becomes.

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