Name Edit

Innia Frostwhisper

Physical Traits Edit

Innia looks very much like the average Sin'dorei and there's nothing outstanding about her, except her brilliant smile she wears towards anyone. Only her fel green eyes shows she's up to something.
Where ever she walks follows a strong scent of herbs. She's also very talkative.
She wears one of the Wizarding Council badges, that changes appearence by will.

Race and Class Edit

Sin'dorei mage apprentice.

Guild Edit

The Bloodsail Elite

Occupation Edit

Apart from being a pirate she works as a messenger for the Dalaran Arch mages and the magisters of Silvermoon city. Sometimes her errands send her to other capitals of the Horde.
When in Silvermoon she would sell -or enjoy herself- some of the herbs she find on her way.

Family Background Edit

Innia has a sort of split background.
Her father is a Human pirate called Crazy Bill, an outlaw living in Scallawag. From who she learned about piracy and how to manage aboard a ship.
Her mother on the other hand was a beautiful and well respected Arcanist. She had the good influence on Innia.
They got their daughter at the time of the Lordaeron Alliance, and the couple wouldn't be any strange.

Background Edit

She grew up with her mother in Quel'thalas, in a safe home until the day her mother died. At that time her father contacted her and let her stay with him until she was too old and considered a woman. (the pirates wouldn't want a woman aboard their ship.) She then traveled to Dalaran to find herself something to do, and the Arch Mages took her in because of her mother.

Criminal Record Edit

Except from piracy, she has been caught selling the wrong kinds of herbs alongside Silverleaf and Peacebloom by the Silvermoon Guardians.

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