InquisitionRP or The Inquisition is a RP project set up by Eyel on the Alliance. The project promotes and supports roleplay and in particular roleplaying hatred against the Death Knight and Warlock classes aswell as benevolent roleplay such as donating to the orphanage and helping those in need. The project uses the appropriately named InquisitionRP channel, which can be joined by typing /join InquisitionRP in the chatbar. The project finds it roots in the EvilRP community

Background Story Edit

Joalan Tarmikos, the leading character for the project, is a veteran of the Alliance army. He and his battelion have fought in many offensives against both the Burning Legion aswell as the undead hordes of the Scourge. After taking many causalties at the Northrend front he and the remnants of battelion are relieved and send back home by the Alliance army command, who want to show that they care about their veterans. Joalan sets sail to Stormwind, his hometown. He remembers the place as an idyllic place of peace and quiet. However when he arrives he is shocked to see that enslaved demons with dubious masters and undead knights are wandering freely through the streets. Accepting that these former enemies are now allies of the Alliance is hard for Joalan but he tries to make the best of it. After an unfortunate incident however he cannot see the right side of letting these abominations running loose around his beloved city. He starts a vindictive crusade, an inquisition, against the dark wizards and undead and spreads his word of truth on the streets hoping to get sympathisers for his cause.

Project Concept Edit

InquisitionRP will contain several things, most obvious the battle against the unwanted classes. There's also a less violent aspect where the inquisition concearns itself with malfunctions of the Stormwind society. Events like fundraisings for the poor or blessing the noble adventurers fighting for a just cause are some examples of this. Along side these two major aspects there will be some minor things such as:

  • Debates regarding the Light and Arcane
  • Instructing interested persons in the handling the Light
  • Protecting outlying villages against threats
  • Develop and maintain good relations with various guilds/orders

Who can join Edit

 A important aspect of the project is that it does not rely on members. Essentially the basic concept of InquisitionRP could be carried by one person. However with more members the project would become much bigger and could become more advanced and focussed on certain areas.

Any character can join, there's no race discrimination, however Death Knights and Warlocks aswell as Shadow are not allowed (although the last can be discussed).

Current Members Edit

Joalan Tarmikos

Contact Information Edit

Questions regarding more information or joining the project can be send to:

  • Eyel, Alliance player.
  • Joalan, Alliance player

By joining the InquisitionRP channel or by replying to the thread on the realmforum

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