Invher Deirdre ni Llynneght is a reawakened ancient mummified corpse back from the high time of the kingdom od Arathor.She is now the leader of the Windrunner Vanguard.


To the unknowing eye, Invher looks like a slightly dried out, well preserved corpse. She doesn't show any visible signs of rot or exposed skeleton other Forsaken do. You can see bandages covering her body below the neck. Otherwise she appears like a beautiful 17 year old teenage girl. Her hairdo is a bit out of date, as well as her taste in clothings. Being born a noble and educated to act as one she always keeps a regal posture, moving with the grace of youth and years of dancing training.

History Edit

Invher lived in the Kingdom of Arathor some 1086 years before. Lordaeron was just founded by the Arathori nobility that were leaving Strom for the lush forests north. Her father was a small Baron, Owain ap Llynneght of the House of Llynneght, who had his lands at the small village Gwernabwye near the Llynn Barfogg. The hamlet of Tarren Mill now stands on the buried ruins of that village. Though his lands were small, his riches and his ambition were not. The Llynneght family still had some power in Arathor's politics, due to past deeds they did during the rise of the Arathi tribe. Soon he himself purchased a splendorous villa in Lordaeron and moved there entirely a short while later, leaving his land in the hands of trusted stewards. Invher was brought up in this new, vibrant city, the pearl of the north, Lordaeron. She spent her days socialising with her so called friends, all sons and daughters of minor nobles, who wished to better their social status by beeing seen in the wake of the small but rich and influential Llynneght family. Her daily occupations included going to parties and festivals, hunting after the latest fashion and, when Invher got old enough, being wooed by many a young and charming cavalier.

Then disaster struck. Most of the citizentry left in Arathor became rebellious, unhappy with their fate to be left behind. Under the leadership of the Thoradin family (the last noble family which stayed back in Strom), they began a trek past the Dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan to the south, where they eventually would build Stormwind city. This departure of a major part of his workforce made a dent in Baron Owain's income. Adverse to the fact that he had now to save money instead spending it, he hatched a plan. He promised his daughter to the son of Earl Douglas Stormguard, a very minor but very rich noble. From the bridal price, he thought, he could live in splendor till things on the land turned to normal.

But Invher, shy, coy and shallow Invher, proved to be more headstrong than he thought. Unknown to him, she had surrounded herself with a circle of philosophers and free-thinkers and she developed some very strict morals and ethics along with a good basic knowledge and self assurance. She knew that after her marriage, she was condemned to the life of a noble housewife. Added to that she found her fiancée, though a solid and loyal boy, totally lacking in spirit and culture. He was just plain boring. She took all means to stall the engagement. Her last plot was to feign an illness by swallowing some herbs she got from a wise woman. But she took to high a dose. The fevers wrecked her body, and more importantly, her mind. Under its influence she saw her only exit from this engagement in her death. So she took poison and died.

After her death, her father was a broken man. Impoverished, he now lost his most treasured possession as he now recognized. Equally devastated was young Jhoran Stormguard, the boy who should have married her. He had loved Invher from the second he saw her the first time and was headstrong enough not to be deterred by her defiance. He would have even complied to her slightest wish to change himself, only to make her happy. Now she was dead. On his initiative, her body was embalmed and buried in a lavish crypt in Lordaeron instead of being burned as was the custom in these days. He even supported Baron Owain, so that the man would not fall to his depression. Young Jhoran was somehow sure, he would meet Invher in a better life.

Centuries later. The plague of the scourge awoke many dead to enlarge their ever growing army. This plague slowly leaked into the crypt Invher was lying in. Slowly her embalmed body began to be changed by the magic of the plague. After a while it rose. Invher was born again.

She made her way from the crypt only to find her beloved homeland to be a land of constant battle against undead forces and human fanatics. She did not understand but went with the flow until she reached Lordaeron. Seeing the city lying in ruins she now acknowledged that she has to make a new place in society for herself. Fortunately her awakening has gifted her with an ability to harness arcane energy. So she went on and tried to do her part in restoring the glamour of Lordaeron.

After she delivered a pendant to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, whose ancestors had been commercial partners of Invher's father, the two talked a while, the Dark Lady intrigued by talking to someone who saw a sprawling Lordaeron. The contents of this dialogue have not been told, but as a result, Invher was ordered to gather a group of like-minded followers and form the Windrunner Vanguard


Invher's behaviour is based upon her upbringing and education. She is polite to everyone and always acts in a courtly manner. Since she was only 17 years old at the time of her death, she possesses a kind of youthful exuberance and naivity. She surely is very emotional and compassionate. But that should not fool anyone. Being an intelligent child, Incher was aware of the political intrigue and machinations of the Arathor nobility from an early age. And while she does not like these machinations she sees their worth and is willing to be as ruthless in utilising them as necessary. Also Invher never experienced any other war time than the distant first troll war. She is somehow ignorant to the Horde/Alliance conflict and has still to cope with the history of the Scourge invasions. That lleads her to sometimes misjudge a situation or to express compassion in unfitting situatios.

Family, Friends & Relatives Edit

Invher was the last of the Llynneght family. Though her father took a new wife, he was unable to foster any offspring. Her legacy lives on in the family traditions of the Stormguard clan. This human family, residing in Lakeshire, has some distinct ancient traditions which are bound to Invher. Such as the oldest son of the main bloodline has to be named Jhoran. They believe that someday the promised wife of the original Jhoran will come back, a maiden of exquisite beauty and riches. Also the Stormguard family keeps an ancient chest, decorated with seals depicting an unknown heraldry, among its heirlooms. The chest is said to hold the last will of a Baron, who owed his life to the Stormguards.


Invher was or is part of the following organisations:

  • Knights of Tirisfall (not existent anymore)
  • Windrunner Vanguard

Quotes & HabitsEdit

  • Invher is known to have regular fits of loneliness.
  • She always utters a prayer before she eats.

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